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Zombie Clothing

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Nudefoodtees Zombie Pinup Skinny T Shirt (Black)
If you’re someone who doesn’t get frightened very easily, or you embrace the undead, the unkempt and the lost souls that haunt this earth, then you’ll need to get yourself some cool zombie gear. Zombie clothing will help you to show off your gruesome attitude to life after death. Whether it’s a zombie body suit, zombie pyjamas, a zombie hoodie or t shirts with zombie designs, wearing horror gear can really liven up your dreary corpse.

The world has shared a fascination for undead creatures for quite some time. Their hunger for human flesh has seen zombies referenced in literature, films, video games and more recently zombie walks across the globe. They’re one of the most celebrated fantasies for when October the 31st swings by, tonnes of people dress up as zombies more than any other freaky monsters. However, there are crowds out there who love to express their alternative style by wearing zombie fashion 24/7, or should we say 24 days later?

Walk Like The Undead With Some Horror Clothing And Zombie Gear

There was a time where zombies weren’t so well received and the concept of the dead awakening sent shivers down people’s spines. Although it’s still a frightening thought, the zombie has recently been embraced, filtering through the strict horror ranks into a much more general genre. Before recent times the zombie was a bad thing and nothing but a curse, this conception was backed up by classic movies such as Night of the Living Dead. Yet the zombie character has since shifted, society has somewhat accepted them and films like Shaun of the Dead gave zombies a comical make over and transformed them into something more likeable.

It is this transition from eurgh to wow which has helped people celebrate zombie styles in the form of merchandise including clothing. Zombie gear including gory zombie print T Shirts, hoodies and even trainers are a fashionable way to express the horror image. People recognise that wearing zombie clothes means that you’re a down to earth person who is at ease with death and fright.

Zombie Nations Wear Zombie Gear

Some alternative clothing brands specialise in zombie fashion, the likes of Banned, Cosmic, Goodie Two Sleeves, Flip Flop & Fangs, Spiral Direct, Sullen and Iron Fist all use zombie inspired gear to present an alternative to cute fashion scenes. Horror clothing can actually give you a cool and stylish image depending on the other clothing you select. A vibrant zombie hoodie and some smart jeans and trainers can happily fit you into any scene regardless of your intentions.

If you’re looking to pay respect to the undead then wearing clothing with zombie designs is probably your best bet. Why not organise a vintage zombie film night and get dressed up in zombie clobber with all your gruesome friends.