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Mod Clothing

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Amplified The Who T Shirt (White)
Whether youíre a fan of the original Mod movement in the mid-60s or the Mod music revival in the late-70s there are loads of cool Mod clothing to suit your smart retro styles. The Mod subculture infused great music and fashion to create a unique and stylish character. Known for their tailor made suits, long green Parka coats and smart loafers the Modís looked to bring a sophisticated swagger to the greasy routine rockers.

The smooth and sophisticated look of Modís fashion attracted many lost youngsters who previously shared no identity. From the early slick appearance of the Teddy Boys right through to the short hair and flat shoes found on female Modís, they brought a whole new style to the United Kingdom, a style that is still explored, embraced and celebrated today.

Show Respect To The Mod Scene By Buying Top Quality Mod Clothing

You only have to listen to popular music and view fashionable dressers on city streets to notice the Mod influence. Brands such as Lambretta, Ben Sherman and Fred Perry are still consistent contributors to Mod fashion, as well as an array of other brands such as Liam Gallagherís Pretty Green label carrying the flame for contemporary Mod fashion.

Mod retro clothing contains clear references to scoots, suits and boots. Many Mod T Shirts use apt references to all the Mod eras, be it Vespa Scooter designs or a cool picture of the Modfather himself Paul Weller. Bohemian, Retro and Indie clothing also steals the charm from Mod fashion and culture, with many stores selling 1960s and 1970s clothing. If you enjoy listening to Northern Soul, Ska or bands like The Jam then why not indulge in dressing like a true fan with some amazing Mod clothing.

Smart Mod Clothing Will Have You Pulling Off A Sophisticated Retro Style

Men's Mod clothes include neat polo shirts, checked shirts and tight trousers, usually finished off with a sweet pair of Chelsea boots or loafers. As for Womenís Mod fashion retro dotty dresses, smart vintage cardigans and relaxed deck shoes are the female choice of attire. Mod accessories are also a great way to complete that stylish edge with Trilby and Pork Pie hats still remaining key headwear decorations for new age Mods. Small and shiny scooter earrings or black and white two toned checked cufflinks will represent witty retro bling for modern day Mods who love to roll back the years.

Mod fashion would look a bit lost without the inclusion of the famous blue, white and red target sign. Mod target logo clothing is also easy to come by, the target design acts as a subtle, simple and perfect reminder to the vintage fabrication of Mod culture. Paying homage to the Mod scene with brilliant vintage fashion and Mod designed clothing has never been easier. Get on your scooter, drive to Brighton, fight a rocker and listen to some Northern Soul whilst wearing your brand new Mod attire!