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Blue Banana Rose Ring Style Necklace
Blue Banana Rose Ring Style Necklace

Blue Banana Rose Ring Style Necklace

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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  • Style: Ring Necklace
  • Chain Material: Metal
  • Pedant Material: Metal
  • Chain Colour: Silver
  • Pendant Colour: Silver
  • Brand: Blue Banana
The Blue Banana Rose Ring Style Necklace is a great looking oversized ring pendant with pink rhinestone detail and a large crystal gemstone. This unique looking pendant is ideal for wearing day to day or on a night out and we’re certain you’ll see nothing else like it for our great price!

Bring A Twist To Your Accessories With This Ring That's A Necklace

This Blue Banana Rose Ring Style Necklace is perfect for lovers of bling culture or just those who like to wear oversized jewellery.  Colourful and eye-catching, you’re certain to be noticed when wearing this pendant necklace and the metal design means that you’ll be able to enjoy this accessory for years to come.

The Blue Banana Rose Ring Style Necklace comes with Blue Banana’s service and delivery guarantee. This means that you can rest assured that your pendant necklace will arrive to you in perfect condition and as quickly as possible. With our range of delivery options, one of these necklaces could be heading for your door sooner than you might think and at an excellent price, there’s no excuse not to get a necklace you’ll love!
SHORT 50.8cm
LONG 61cm
VERY LONG 76.2cm
LONG 24"

Choosing The Correct Necklace Size

We know that purchasing jewellery on the internet means you sometimes don’t get the size you’re expecting, but not at Blue Banana. We aim to deliver you the perfect size every time!

In order to understand the size of this necklace and where it’s likely to hang on your body, take a look at our helpful size guide image. These measurements are only a guide and how far a necklace actually hangs down may vary from person to person.
  • 16” Length – The shortest length, hanging just below your collar bone.
  • 20” Length – Hangs two or three inches below your collar bone.
  • 24” Length – Hangs around your breastbone.
  • 30” Length – The longest length, hangs below your bust line.
Sizeguide Image