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Spiderman Badge Pack
Spiderman Badge Pack

Spiderman Badge Pack

by Spiderman
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  • Style: Badge Pack/Set
  • Finish: Spider-Man Designs
  • Contents: 4 x 38mm Button Badges
Add a little Spider-man to your bag or coat today with this mini batch of 4 badges. 

Each design captures a different aspect of the web-slinging hero.  Two feature the hero in typical respective acts of web-slinging, and wall-crawling with a yellow web background. Another features his blue spider logo. 

The last of the bunch depicts his struggle with the alien symbiote that also created super-villains Venom and Carnage. Spidey is compared with the passive Yin, while the alien parasite that gives him both power and a dark-minded influence represents the active Yang in this blend of superhero lore and Chinese philosophy, with eyes replacing the opposite-colour dots from the Tao symbol.

So pay tribute to the wall-crawling hero and also to the dual-nature and symbiotic conflict of all things with these cool Spiderman button badges.