Two Heads Are Better Than One Seriously Sleepy Mood Mug

by Two Heads Are Better Than One (THABTO)
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for delivery on 28th April 2015

  • Style: Seriously Sleepy Mood Mug / THABTO Mood Mugs Range
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: Max Capacity 200ml / 12cm x 7.5cm
  • Colour: White
  • Care Instructions: Dishwasher Safe / Easy To Clean
If youíre always tired or you know someone who is constantly yawning then the Two Heads Are Better Than One Seriously Sleepy Mood Mug is the perfect piece of novelty drinkware. THABTO cups use a collection of emotional mugs to help friends, families and colleagues adopt funny drinkware to their chosen personís mood.

Not only are these fun and comical drinking mugs but they use top notch technology to make the drinking experience that bit easier.

If you get told off because youíre always nodding off in class or at work then this Seriously Sleepy mood mug is your dream cup. You can now sip to the sound of bellowing yawns with this sleepy faced mug. Not only does it include a simplistic yet funny depiction of a tired face but this Two Heads Are Better Than One mug is highly advanced.

Replacing traditional handles youíll be receiving a grooved section enabling you to pick up the mug with ease. Sometimes picking up mugs can be hot, especially ones lacking a handle, but this Seriously Sleepy cup is a bit different. By using double insulated ceramics your contents inside will remain hot but when you pick it up the outer surface will stay cool for comfortable drinking.

If youíre finding it hard to stay awake whilst shopping for tiring friends and itís all becoming a bit of a nightmare then why not rest your head with this Two Heads Are Better Than One Seriously Sleepy Mood Mug. It looks great, feels great and is sure to make drinking light work no matter how sleepy the head is.