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Alchemy Holmes-Baker Patent Kinetic Nargile Pendant

by Alchemy Gothic
Alchemy Gothic
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  • Style: Unisex Steampunk Pendant Necklace / Vintage Gothic Jewellery / Sherlock Holmes Kinetic Nargile Design
  • Materials: Pewter / Crystal / Glass /
The Alchemy Holmes-Baker Patent Kinetic Nargile Pendant is a unique piece of Steampunk jewellery that pays homage to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. This unisex hookah necklace uses a small nargile as its main decoration, similar to the one perfected by Holmes and Henry Baker.

The Kinetic Nargile has been reproduced into a stunning piece of Steampunk jewellery for both women and men to wear. After Holmes returned from his Middle Eastern travels he looked to implement his experiences of smoking with a water pipe. It is here were Holmes and Baker created the Kinetic Nargile.

This delicate necklace has been hand crafted in the Alchemy Studios and uses a pewter and crystal combination. The rubber hose is attached to the glass centre of the nargile, creating a great reconstruction of the original Holmes Kinetic Shisha.

This Gothic and Steampunk pendant is sure to attract attention and create talking points amongst other people dedicated to Steampunk fashion and culture. This is a symbolic piece of jewellery that shares both a story as well as undeniable beauty and charm for those who wear it.