Star Wars Chewie Surf Poster
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Star Wars Chewie Surf Poster

Star Wars Chewie Surf Poster

by Star Wars
Star Wars
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  • Style: Chewbacca Surf Poster / Funny Star Wars Print
  • Material: Paper
If you’ve ever wondered what Chewbacca would look like on a beach well the Star Wars Chewie Surf Poster can help you come face to face with your weird fantasy every day. This funny Star Wars poster uses the tall, dark and hairy wookie soaking in the sun and waves, living the dream on his beach holiday. Even if someone hasn’t watched Star Wars they’re sure to ogle at this Chewie Surf Poster, the hairy beast in his swim shorts and shades is enough to make anyone laugh. If you’re a fan of Star Wars then why not pick up this funny Chewie Surf Poster and add to your range of Star Wars merchandise.
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