Manic Panic Classic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye 118ml (Venus Envy)

by Manic Panic Hair Dye
Manic Panic Hair Dye
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  • Style: Classic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
  • Colour: Venus Envy Green
  • Volume: 118ml
  • Ingredients: Vegan Friendly, PPD Free
  • Duration: 4-6 Weeks
Give your hair a glorious green makeover and make all your friends green with envy with Manic Panic Classic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye & Tint Brush in their unique shade of green called Venus Envy. This bright alternative hair dye has a long lasting vibrancy that everybody has come to expect from Manic Panic.

New Yorkís Tish and Snooky founded Manic Panic in 1977 and first provided brightly coloured hair dye for punks, but today their humble hair dye is used all over the world by alternative subcultures. If you want great hair dye that really accentuates your unique individuality and personality, then Manic Panic is the brand that helps you realise that. Get in control of your wicked look with this Manic Panic Venus Envy dye.

Green hair is closer than you might think and with this unique shade of Venus Envy, youíll really stand out from everybody else and their dull hairstyles. Itís not easy being green, but with Manic Panic is certainly is easy to get green hair!