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Tint Brush & 4 Gloves
Tint Brush & 4 Gloves Tint Brush & 4 Gloves Tint Brush & 4 Gloves Tint Brush & 4 Gloves

Tint Brush & 4 Gloves

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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  • Style: Hair Dye Application Set
  • Contents: Tint Brush, 4 Vinyl Gloves
  • Glove Material: Vinyl (Latex Free)
  • Brush Brand: Blue Banana

Are You a Hair Dye Maniac? Then Why Donít You Have This Set Yet?

The Tint Brush and 4 Gloves set is the ideal accessories for the colouring enthusiast, as you are guaranteed to need it for every procedure. With a set of 4 Vinyl Gloves and a Blue Banana tint brush you can pick up the items you need in just one purchase!  With an array of colours making up todayís cosmetic industry, itís practically impossible to only stick with one colour, so youíll need the tint brush in your collection for future use!

Essential for the dyeing process, the Tint Brush and 4 Gloves are here to make your job that much easier. The tint brush is used to help evenly apply the dye substance across your head of hair. This helps to ensure you receive an awesome colour that canít be overlooked, so what are you waiting for?

Prepare for Every Colouring Session with a Tint Brush and 4 Gloves Set

With the demand in hair colour constantly rising, we thought it would be wise to invest in the Tint Brush and 4 Gloves set to help our fans out with their colouring endeavours. The vinyl gloves that come with every purchase are designed to protect your hands from suffering any damage or from changing into a different colour.

If you only need one of the items in our Tint Brush and 4 Gloves set, youíll be happy to know that we sell them separately to match your convenience. Todayís industry is overflowing with hair dye brands that want to provide colours that people have never seen before, so it would be wise to search around if youíre struggling to find the colour youíre after.