Angry Birds Premium Shoulder Bag (Red)

by Angry Birds
Angry Birds
£28.99   was £30.99

  • Style: Angry Birds Shoulder Bag / Gaming Messenger Bag
  • Fabric Composition: Splash Proof Material
  • Colour: Red
  • Trims: Adjustable Shoulder Straps / Zip Fastening
  • Size: 36cm x 26cm x 10cm
  • Care Instructions: Easy To Clean And Maintain
If you’ve spent hours of your time playing the Angry Birds game and you’re looking to celebrate in the form of Angry Birds accessories then this red Angry Birds Premium Shoulder Bag will make you a bright birdie beacon. This Angry Birds shoulder bag uses the bold design of the red bird who displays his famous angry frown. This red bird Angry Birds messenger bag is easy to maintain and hosts generous storage space for a cartoon shoulder bag. If you see yourself as a massive fan of Angry Birds then why not make travelling to school, uni or college that bit brighter with this bright red Angry Birds Premium Shoulder Bag.