Vamplets Hector Vampyre Bat
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Vamplets Hector Vampyre Bat Vamplets Hector Vampyre Bat Vamplets Hector Vampyre Bat

Vamplets Hector Vampyre Bat

by Vamplets
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  • Style: Stuffed Vampyre  Doll
  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Height: 17.8cm
  • Trims: Embroidered Features, Bat Bow, Black Wings
  • Brand Name: Vamplets
Adding this VamPET Hector Vampyre Bat to your home will not only make you nocturnal but also keep you in fear every evening. He may appear cute and snuggly but this creature is more terrifying than your worst dream. As soon as the sun goes down this Vampletís sharp teeth will come out and his blood thirst will hunt for anything that will cure the hunger and that might even be you! The only way you can protect yourself is with a bite resistant helmet and these are very hard to get hold of. Unless you can stay awake through these dark times you will not be able to survive this VamPET Vampyre Batís ferocious appetite.

Purchase With Caution, This VamPET Vampyre Will Control Your Nights

Designed to be a hunter, this super-fast and overpowering VamPET Hector Vampyre Bat has the strength to take on any one who stands in his way, which means as soon as you purchase this tiny VamPET you wonít be able to get away from him. Only 17.8cm tall, you would think that this cute animal was sweet but be warned; as soon as it hits night time he will make your life unbearable. We beg you to think about it before you purchase this VamPET Hector Vampyre Bat or else you might end up being a midnight snack.

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