Vamplets Abominable Snow Baby Roari Snow
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Vamplets Abominable Snow Baby Roari Snow Vamplets Abominable Snow Baby Roari Snow Vamplets Abominable Snow Baby Roari Snow

Vamplets Abominable Snow Baby Roari Snow

by Vamplets
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  • Style: Stuffed Abominable Snow Baby Doll
  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Height: 21.6cm
  • Trims: Embroidered Features, Black Bows, Contrasting Fur Colour
  • Brand Name: Vamplets
This Vamplets Roari Snow Abominable Snowbaby may seem cute at first but even if you love being on your feet, this unstoppable animal will make your life a living hell. Now, before inviting this frightening animal into your home you need to basically turn your house into a jungle gym, which means, treat this Vamplet to whatever she wants. When this cuddly creature starts there is no stopping her, she wants to be the centre of attention and you will give her that. She may seem so tiny and adorable but when this Snowbaby turns you will have nowhere to go, so we warn you, only get this Vamplet if you can truly handle the strength of an overactive doll.

This Fidgety Vamplet Will Never Let You Rest So Be Prepared For A Lifetime Of Running

Never underestimate this Vamplets Roari Snow Abominable Snowbaby, she has the strength you wonít be able to understand. You can tell that the master behind this creation never wanted Roari Snow to fail, which is why you will never be able to overpower this incredible beast. The loving gaze she has is fake, donít trust it, she wants to trick you so youíll do as she pleases, which you really donít want to do. Unless you enjoy running for an eternity, this Abominable Snowbaby will definitely make your life a nightmare.

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