Vamplets Baby Lily Rose Vampyre
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Vamplets Baby Lily Rose Vampyre Vamplets Baby Lily Rose Vampyre Vamplets Baby Lily Rose Vampyre

Vamplets Baby Lily Rose Vampyre

by Vamplets
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  • Style: Stuffed Vampire Doll
  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Height: 25.4cm
  • Trims: Black And Pink Polka Dot Nappy, Pink Bat Bows, Embroidered Features, Black Wristband With "Bad" Written
  • Brand Name: Vamplets
You may think Vamplets Baby Lily Rose Vampyre is sweet but once you stop paying her attention she will attack. Turning at any moment, be wary when close to this creature, her temper is short and easy to start off. There is one way that you can prevent the fits of anger and that is with an unsweetened jar of black apple sauce, it is her favourite and the only thing that will stop her from raging. But if you donít have this handy be warned, no quick movements, donít stop cuddles until she does and definitely never reject her when she wants a vampire kiss! She is a Vamplets that will strike without caring, so make sure you give Lily rose all of the love she asks for.

Craving Attention, Lily Rose Vampyre Will Stop At Nothing to Get What She Wants

Always hungry for blood, Vamplets Baby Lily Rose Vampyre has been created with a set of skills you will be afraid of. Her incredible strength allows her to pray on animals larger than her, this could be you! Her super speed can out run any human and even moving vehicles. Also she has quick reactions that will destroy you if you are not clever enough to see it coming. This is why we warn you, if you want this Vamplets Baby Lily Rose Vampyre as a part of your family make sure you are prepared!

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