Shottle Bop Cure All Bottle Necklace (Clear)
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Shottle Bop Cure All Bottle Necklace (Clear) Shottle Bop Cure All Bottle Necklace (Clear) Shottle Bop Cure All Bottle Necklace (Clear) Shottle Bop Cure All Bottle Necklace (Clear)

Shottle Bop Cure All Bottle Necklace (Clear)

by Shottle Bop
Shottle Bop
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  • Style: Cure All Bottle Necklace
  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: 2.5cm
  • Trims: Cork is Glued Into Position to Prevent Falling Out, Contents May be Toxic
  • Bottle Material: Glass
  • Chain: Black Ball Chain
  • Chain Size: 18 inches
  • Brand: Shottle Bop

Warning: Although these necklaces are made with hardwearing materials, they are made with glass and may shatter under strain.

This awesome Shottle Bop Cure All bottle necklace has been handmade with extreme care and a fantastic design that will never go amiss. Brought to you with a clear liquid inside named ‘Cure All’ this jewellery has several meanings and can be interpreted in your own way. The small 2.5cm glass bottle filled with liquid has been sealed shut with a miniature cork which has also been glued in to prevent the secret contents splashing out!  Hung on a silver tone ball chain to ensure your Cure All bottle necklace from the incredible Shottle Bop never breaks, this gothic jewellery is something you don’t want to avoid!

Cure All Your Ailments With This Shottle Bop Bottle Necklace!

Manufactured with extreme attention to detail and care, this fabulous Shottle Bop Cure All bottle necklace will never fail to get your style noticed by any who walks by. Complete with its own unique bottle label reading ‘Caution: For all Pestilence Scourge and Corruption’ this jewellery is simply a work of art, and something any girl would be mad to miss out on. Contents in these super cute bottle necklaces may be toxic and not suitable for consumption, so please don’t try and get your mitts into it! Filled with mysterious clear liquid, this Shottle Bop Cure All bottle necklace will never leave your outfits unnoticed, so grab yours today.

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SHORT 50.8cm
LONG 61cm
VERY LONG 76.2cm
LONG 24"

Choosing The Correct Necklace Size

We know that purchasing jewellery on the internet means you sometimes don’t get the size you’re expecting, but not at Blue Banana. We aim to deliver you the perfect size every time!

In order to understand the size of this necklace and where it’s likely to hang on your body, take a look at our helpful size guide image. These measurements are only a guide and how far a necklace actually hangs down may vary from person to person.
  • 16” Length – The shortest length, hanging just below your collar bone.
  • 20” Length – Hangs two or three inches below your collar bone.
  • 24” Length – Hangs around your breastbone.
  • 30” Length – The longest length, hangs below your bust line.
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