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EDIT 1 Year Coloured Contact Lenses (AC/DC)
EDIT 1 Year Coloured Contact Lenses (AC/DC) EDIT 1 Year Coloured Contact Lenses (AC/DC) EDIT 1 Year Coloured Contact Lenses (AC/DC) EDIT 1 Year Coloured Contact Lenses (AC/DC)

EDIT 1 Year Coloured Contact Lenses (AC/DC)

by Edit Coloured Contact Lenses
Edit Coloured Contact Lenses
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  • Style: AC/DC Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Colour: Black & White - Covers Pupil Completely
  • Finish: Male/Female Symbol Effect
  • Material: 38% Water, 62% Methafilcon A
  • Use: Stored in Preserving Solution. Must be Soaked in Normal Lens Solution Before Use.
  • Features: 1 Year Of Usage, Reusable
  • Note: For Cosmetic Use Only
Fashion these Edit AC/DC coloured contact lenses and we are certain you will have everyone intrigued in your unique style. Finished with a mixture of the male and female symbols, these fashion inserts have an unusual image that will never fail to impress on the alternative scene. Bringing an unusual twist to eye fashion, these incredible Edit Contact lenses ensure that you can add that extra darkness to your look.

Look Deep Into Our Eyes With These Awesome Edit 1 Year AC DC Coloured Contact Lenses

Lasting for 1 year after opened, these Edit AC/DC coloured contact lenses have a long lasting design that ensures you can fashion them to every event you have this year. Made up with 38% water, these fashion inserts have a hydrated design that will ensure that your eyes donít become dry whilst you are using them. Simple to look after, if you leave these AC/DC contact lenses in solution when not in use then you can be certain that they will be ready all of the time.

Mostly black, these Edit AC-DC coloured contact lenses have an instant effect on any one who sees you, so you can be sure they are the perfect emo accessories. Produced under ISO International Standard quality control, you can be sure to rely on these funky inserts. Featuring a brilliant male and female design, there is no doubting that these Edit Contact lenses are unique to even your style.

Edit Contact Lenses Essential Info:
  • For Cosmetic Use Only
  • Covers Pupil
  • Doesn't Impair Visibility
  • Sold As A pair
  • Not Suitable For Driving
  • Lasts for 1 Year Once Opened
  • 38% Water
  • Packaged in Sterile Buffered Isotonic Saline
  • Manufactured in Accordance with EU Cosmetics Directive
  • Produced under ISO International Standards Quality Control
  • Manufactured in UK