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Blue Banana Cupcake Necklace (Blue)
Blue Banana Cupcake Necklace (Blue) Blue Banana Cupcake Necklace (Blue)

Blue Banana Cupcake Necklace (Blue)

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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  • Style: Pendant Necklace
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Blue
  • Features: Blue Cupcake Pendant With Coloured Crystal Details
  • Brand Name: Blue Banana
Wearing this funky Blue Banana Cupcake necklace will dramatically brighten up your look and bring a twist to your usual style. Its vibrant cupcake design has an alternative edge that will not only add that something extra to your style but also bring a whole outfit together, this gives you the chance to explore your style and find the ultimate emo image. Created to the highest quality, this Blue Banana Cupcake necklace has been manufactured to make sure that the chain always keeps that metallic shine and the cupcake’s colour doesn’t chip away.

Bring Something Sweet To Your Style With This Blue Banana Cupcake Necklace!

Giving you a chance to brighten up your image every day, this Blue Banana Cupcake necklace has been made with long lasting durability, so you can be confident that it’s strong enough to last throughout the year. Its metal manufacture has been brilliantly designed to ensure that you don’t get any unwanted green marks on your neck, so you always have an expensive, first class image. Designed to liven up your look, this Blue Banana Cupcake necklace has been made to give you an eye catching image that is perfect for all events.

Complete your look with this Blue Banana Cupcake necklace and you will instantly notice all heads turning in your direction. Its quality design and high trend look are all you need to give yourself the finishing touch to your whole style. Order through Blue Banana and we are certain you will be more than impressed with our high quality service and speedy, sufficient delivery that will get your Blue Banana Cupcake necklace to you in perfect condition and in only a matter of days.
SHORT 50.8cm
LONG 61cm
VERY LONG 76.2cm
LONG 24"

Choosing The Correct Necklace Size

We know that purchasing jewellery on the internet means you sometimes don’t get the size you’re expecting, but not at Blue Banana. We aim to deliver you the perfect size every time!

In order to understand the size of this necklace and where it’s likely to hang on your body, take a look at our helpful size guide image. These measurements are only a guide and how far a necklace actually hangs down may vary from person to person.
  • 16” Length – The shortest length, hanging just below your collar bone.
  • 20” Length – Hangs two or three inches below your collar bone.
  • 24” Length – Hangs around your breastbone.
  • 30” Length – The longest length, hangs below your bust line.
Sizeguide Image