Slipknot Iowa 10th Anniversary CD + DVD
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Slipknot Iowa 10th Anniversary CD + DVD Slipknot Iowa 10th Anniversary CD + DVD

Slipknot Iowa 10th Anniversary CD + DVD

by Slipknot
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  • Album: Iowa 10th Anniveresary
  • Year Of Release: 2011
  • Total Run Time: Disc 1 66:18, Disc 2 77:54, Bonus Track 3:02
  • Tracks: 33
  • Features: Bonus Track (My Plague), Bonus CD (Live At London Arena) See Product Description For Full Track List
  • Band Name: Slipknot
Add this Slipknot Iowa 10th Anniversary CD to your collection and give yourself a dose of the inspiring rock music that has been hitting our shelves for sixteen years. This awesome CD is a celebration for Slipknot’s second album that was released in 2001 and got itself in the top ten charts in nine different countries. The Slipknot Iowa 10th Anniversary CD has all of the songs from the first album release, which were all written and composed by Slipknot, with the extra of a DVD and a bonus track that you will want to listen to over and over again.

Listen To Those Favourite Tunes All Over Again With This 10th Anniversary Iowa CD

With a huge 38 songs on this Slipknot Iowa 10th Anniversary CD you will be able to enjoy their music every day, all day and never get bored of their range of exciting songs. Giving all Slipknot fans a chance to indulge in some of their favourite songs whilst experiencing some new killer tunes from the immense band, this CD has everything you need to get ready for their next concert. Complete with four music videos, this Slipknot Iowa 10th Anniversary CD has a complete selection of Slipknot tunes that you can indulge in whenever you want.

If you love this insane band then the Slipknot Iowa 10th Anniversary CD is definitely for you, it will keep you in the rock mood every day. Its range of Slipknot songs have been written and composed by the band members themselves, so you can get a taste of their raw talent that makes them such inspirational artists. Order through Blue Banana and we are certain you will be more than impressed with our high quality service and speedy, sufficient delivery that will get your Slipknot Iowa 10th Anniversary CD to you in perfect condition and in only a matter of days.

Disc 1:
  1. (515)
  2. People = S***
  3. Disaterpiece
  4. My Plague
  5. Everything Ends
  6. The Heretic Anthem
  7. Gently
  8. Left Behind
  9. The Shape
  10. I Am Hated
  11. Skin Ticket
  12. New Abortion
  13. Metabolic
  14. Iowa
Disc 2 - Disasterpieces (Live, London 2002):
  1. (515)
  2. People = S***
  3. Liberate
  4. Left Behind
  5. Eeyore
  6. Disasterpiece
  7. Purity
  8. Gently
  9. Eyeless
  10. Drum Solo
  11. My Plague
  12. New Abortion
  13. The Heretic Anthem
  14. Spit It Out
  15. Wait And Bleed
  16. 742617000027
  17. (sic)
  18. Surfacing
Disc 3 - DVD
  1. ‘Goat’ - A full-length film directed by M.Shawn Crahan documenting the entire ‘Iowa’ album cycle
  2. Left Behind - Music Videos
  3. My Plague - Music Videos
  4. People = S*** (Live) - Music Videos
  5. The Heretic Anthem (Live) - Music Videos
Bonus Track:
  1. My Plague (New Abuse Mix)

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