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Mastodon The Hunter CD
Mastodon The Hunter CD Mastodon The Hunter CD

Mastodon The Hunter CD

by Mastodon
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  • Album Name: The Hunter
  • Year of Release: 2011
  • Total Run Time: 52:54
  • Tracks: 13
  • Features: See Product Description For Full Track List
  • Band Name: Mastodon
This Mastodon The Hunter album is perfect if you are a fan of the band already. Even if you have never heard of the group, if you love sludge metal music then this album is sure to impress!  This album is the bands first release with producer Mike Elizondo so if you purchase this disc you are sure to hear something completely new. After just one week of release Mastodon the Hunter climbed its way to number 19 on Radio 1ís Official UK Album Chart, so you are guaranteed to love it!

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This awesome Mastodon the Hunter CD features a range of clean cut vocals and harsh screams, so if you have never tried listening to this kind of music, why not ease yourself in with a mix of both? The album cover was designed by artist AJ Fosik who is a well known wood carver and has incorporated this into the design. Featuring 13 full length tracks, you will never get bored of this awesome Mastodon the Hunter album!

The album Mastodon the Hunter was well received and got a score of 4 out of 5 by ĎAllMusicí and added that the band progress is well underway gaining them higher places on the chart. So if you canít wait any longer for this truly awesome CD then why not order yours from us here at Blue Banana? With are awesome delivery service which is guaranteed to get your album to you in record time you wonít have to wait much longer for this fantastic album Ė Mastodon The Hunter when you order from us.

The Hunter CD Track List:

  1. Black Tongue
  2. Curl of the Burl
  3. Blasteroid
  4. Stargasm
  5. Octopus Has No Friends
  6. All the Heavy Lifting  
  7. The Hunter
  8. Dry Bone Valley
  9. Thickening
  10. Creature Lives
  11.  Spectrelight
  12.  Bedazzled Fingernails
  13.  The Sparrow