Staind Staind Special Edition CD DVD

by Staind
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  • Album Name: Staind
  • Year of Release: 2011
  • Total Run Time: 50:30
  • Tracks: 12
  • Features: Bonus Track and DVD, See Product Description For Full Track List
  • Band Name: Staind
This Staind Staind Special Edition CD DVD is the latest instalment in the band Staind’s series of astounding albums that have helped give them a big name in the alternative metal industry. This album is one of their most successful albums to date as it helps to show off the band’s heavier sound that helps to bring them back to their original sound that made them as popular as they are today. This Staind Staind Special Edition CD DVD comes with a DVD that features a making of the album documentary that shows off each of the band members character.

Love The Staind CD, Well Then This Special Edition CD Is Perfect

Each song that is featured on this Staind Staind Special Edition CD DVD is as better as the last as it helps to showcase the artistic ability that the band possesses. The album artwork featured on the cover consists of a white background with a person sat on the floor with numerous legs and arms coming out of the body as well as two horns underneath the eponymous album title. One of the more successful songs featured on the Staind Staind Special Edition CD DVD is the song ‘The Bottom’ as it was chosen to appear on the soundtrack of one of 2011’s most popular action features ‘Transformers Dark of the Moon’.

The Staind Staind Special Edition CD DVD was released on September 2011 and since then has had a number one single with the song ‘Not Again’ and has debuted at number 5 on the Billboard 200. This album is accompanied by two live tracks that showcase the bands ability to perform outstanding live persormances. So be sure to order yourself a Staind Staind Special Edition CD DVD today and you will see yourself listening to it every single day.

Staind Special Edition CD DVD Track Listing:

  1. Eyes Wide Open
  2. Not Again
  3. Failing
  4. Wannabe
  5. Throw It All Away
  6. Take a Breath
  7. The Bottom
  8. Now
  9. Paper Wings
  10. Something to Remind You
  11. Spleen (Live)
  12. For You (Live)