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Blue Banana 1.6mm Labret Retainer (Clear)
Blue Banana 1.6mm Labret Retainer (Clear)

Blue Banana 1.6mm Labret Retainer (Clear)

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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Size Guide

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Gauge: 1.2mm
  • Colour: Clear

Conceal Your Piercing easily For School With this Clear Labret Retainer!

A labret retainer can give piercings a far more discreet appearance, which can be great if you don’t particularly want to draw attention to your piercing. Suitable for wearing in a variety of lip piercings, this labret retainer is made out of a clear acrylic. Comfortable and easy to wear, we’re certain you’ll be impressed by how less noticeable your piercing will be whilst you’re wearing this.

Gauge / Thickness Conversions
Diameter Conversions
Length Conversions
Gauge Millimeters Inches Millimeters Inches Millimeters Inches
18g 1.0mm 0.040" 10.0mm 0.400" 6.0mm 0.236"
16g 1.2mm 0.047" 12.0mm 0.472" 8.0mm 0.314"
14g 1.6mm 0.062" 14.0mm 0.551" 10.0mm 0.400"
12g 2.0mm 0.078" 16.0mm 0.630" 11.0mm 0.433"
10g 2.5mm 0.098" 18.0mm 0.708" 12.0mm 0.472"
8g 3.0mm
0.118" 20.0mm 0.787" 14.0mm 0.551"
6g 4.0mm 0.157" 22.0mm 0.866" 16.0mm 0.630"
4g 5.0mm 0.196" 24.0mm 0.944" 18.0mm 0.708"
2g 6.0mm 0.236" 26.0mm 1.023" 19.0mm 0.748"
0g 8.0mm 0.314" 28.0mm 1.102" 20.0mm 0.787"
00g 10.0mm 0.400" 30.0mm 1.181" 22.0mm 0.866"