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Hip Hop Skull Necklace (Gold)
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Hip Hop Skull Necklace (Gold)

Hip Hop Skull Necklace (Gold)

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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  • Style: Hip Hop Skull Necklace
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Gold
  • Brand: Blue Banana
With this Hip Hop Skull necklace you are guaranteed to get a number of compliments off of everyone who sees it ensuring that your style gets recognition. With a cool and shiny design, this necklace will show everyone your style and make your image relevant in today’s fashion industry. The chain used on this Hip Hop Skull necklace is extremely durable ensuring that you have the opportunity to enjoy its awesome design for a long time.

Give Your Look An Alternative Edge With This Skull Necklace

Featuring a cool and stylish design, this Hip Hop Skull necklace will give your image a hip hop feel that is guaranteed to give you a boost to your confidence. The design on this accessory consists of a gold skull with numerous black tribal designs on its head and crystal gems all over it. The skull on this Hip Hop Skull necklace is smiling to give off the impression that you have a great sense of humour and find most things funny.

Manufactured from strong durable materials, the pendant on this Hip Hop Skull necklace is able to withstand any bumps and grazes that it may face on a daily basis. The size of the pendant ensures that it will fit comfortable against your chest without any discomfort making this accessory a worthwhile purchase. So be sure to order yourself a Hip Hop Skull necklace today and you can start enjoying its awesome design right away.

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SHORT 50.8cm
LONG 61cm
VERY LONG 76.2cm
LONG 24"

Choosing The Correct Necklace Size

We know that purchasing jewellery on the internet means you sometimes don’t get the size you’re expecting, but not at Blue Banana. We aim to deliver you the perfect size every time!

In order to understand the size of this necklace and where it’s likely to hang on your body, take a look at our helpful size guide image. These measurements are only a guide and how far a necklace actually hangs down may vary from person to person.
  • 16” Length – The shortest length, hanging just below your collar bone.
  • 20” Length – Hangs two or three inches below your collar bone.
  • 24” Length – Hangs around your breastbone.
  • 30” Length – The longest length, hangs below your bust line.
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