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How To Make Your Own Gothic Accessories

A huge part of gothic fashion is having great accessories that add a dark edge to any outfit, and no look is really ever complete without them. However, in these cash strapped times it can be difficult to get hold of those exclusive and beautiful little additions to your attire. Good gothic accessories don’t come cheap, unfortunately.

But there’s a way around shelling out for highly priced pendants and other jewellery, and its been a core part of gothic fashion for decades – making your own gothic accessories. DIY clothing and added outfit components have been the lifeblood of the gothic lifestyle, and there’s nothing more alternative and individual than creating your own look all by yourself. Fans of the gothic look have been stitching and sticking together their own accessories and recycling bits and pieces for years – especially since its the only way to get an authentic look you rarely find in shops.

And so, because we don’t like to forget our gothic roots at Blue Banana, we’ve made this handy guide so that you too can make your own DIY gothic fashion accessories if you find yourself short of money. So, lets get creative!


Studded Accessories

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Studs can add an instant gothic style to any accessory.

Studs and spikes can be bought cheaply in packs from most textile or home stores and can add an instant alternative edge to everything you own. Choose the style of stud you want to go for and then you should be ready to go, although you may need some glue and a tool such as a screwdriver to make holes for the studs to attach themselves to your accessories – just be careful! Studs can be added to clothes, belts, bags, jackets, shoes, gloves – whatever needs an extra level of awesomeness.

Hair Ornaments & Veils

A goth is only as cool as their hairstyle and little added bonuses such as hair ornaments and veils can add a glamorous dark edge to an outfit. These don’t have to make a sizable dent on your bank balance either. Hair ornaments can be made easily with cheap old hairbands and clips as the base and then by super gluing on little jewels, objects and even ribbons and bows to give them a gothic makeover. A corpse bride-like veil can also be made with a little initiative. Using another old hairband and basic sewing skills, you can attach netting to create a simple veil. Wrapping a ribbon around the band or attaching a bow or jewel can add more flair to your veil if you make the effort. All the parts you need for these can be easily bought in fabric stores, although you could recycle old materials such as net curtains.

Making gothic accessories really isn’t that difficult or expensive if you use a little bit of imagination, but we hope our guide sets you on the right path to an awesome new gothic look. But if you do have a bit of spare cash, or are just plain lazy (we don’t judge!), then you can always check out Blue Banana’s amazing selection of gothic accessories and clothing from brands such as Alchemy and Hell Bunny.

Written by Laura Swift

Laura Swift

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