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On January 27, 2014
Last modified:January 29, 2014


Black Converse shoes are one of the most famous Converse trainers to come out of Converse's long and impressive reign as shoe manufacturers.

Converse Chuck Taylor Badge

Converse Chuck Taylor Badge

Black shoes can sometimes be boring, subjected to work arenas or formal events, but with black Converse All Stars it’s all a little bit different. Wearing black trainers with jeans can sometimes be a garish contrast and a look that’s hard to achieve, but the All Stars designs are so special that they manage to compliment even the darkest of shades.

The All Star boot has been around since the 1920s. Chuck Taylor who was an up and coming Basketball player decided to give Marquiz Mills Converse a helping hand in terms of developing the original All Star. They began to modify the All Star boot for the pleasure and performance of professional basketball players. With its popularity on the court hitting full force other icons away from sport chose to adopt the All Stars style.

Black Converse All Stars Danced To The Tune Of Rock, Punk & Grunge Music

Once people were wearing Converse trainers for more of a statement, rather than for performance benefits, the footwear company explored elaborate designs and colours. Converse footwear started to tailor their trade for not only basketball players but flourishing subcultures that craved the fashionable side of Converse. Black Converse shoes were noticeably embraced by Rock n Roll bands and their fans, Punk rockers and years on by Kurt Cobain who helped to bring back the rebellious nature of Converse in the early 90s with Grunge pioneers Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain Converse Collection Black All Stars

Kurt Cobain Converse Collection Black All Stars

Cobain was often snapped wearing a pair of Black Converse All Stars. His black low-cut Converse trainers became a memorable and powerful look for Nirvana’s front man, with many Grunge and Indie fans replicating his style and rekindling the connection of Converse with hard hitting music. To pay homage to Kurt Cobain’s infatuation with the brand, Converse footwear celebrated the music icon by creating the Kurt Cobain Converse Collection in black.

Whichever decade you’re gazing back at, Converse All Stars helped to aid many fractious followers of music and popular culture. They enabled people to create their very own identity and style, a character they could celebrate and indulge in together. The relationship between alternative music and black Converse All Stars was just one of the many reasons why Blue Banana felt the need to write a review on Converse All Stars in black. Odds on that many of you have searched the web to try and buy black All Stars or other iconic colours such as red and blue. Rest assured if you’re still looking you’ve landed on the right site.


Years on and Converse trainers are still going strong, perhaps the bond with rebellion and anarchic music has faded, but with this change Converse shoes have opened up the door to a wider audience. Although Converse trainers continue to be worn by alternative crowds and Indie cultures in recent times they have struck a chord with everyone and anyone – high end celebrities can be spotted wearing all black Converse All Stars on red carpet events as well as other fashion conscious dressers adopting the Chuck Taylor All Stars style.

How Demands For Fashionable Footwear Changed Black Chuck Taylor All Stars

Black Suede All Stars

Black Suede All Stars

Black Converse All Stars come in a variety of models from hi top trainers to the casual low-cut shoes. Converse black leather hi tops offer a great balance between style, comfort and durability. They still incorporate those iconic Converse designs but black leather All Stars are a modest, smart and sophisticated option in comparison to some of the brighter colourways available. Black leather All Stars also appear tough and luxurious, delivering a smooth shine and a dominating arrangement. If it isn’t leather it’s other fabrications, such as Black Converse All Stars High Top Suede Boots which provide wearers with beautiful suede textures, a stylish depth and added integrity to standard Converse boots.

Black low cut Converse All Stars are perfect to wear on smarter and semi-formal events. You can still find the classic Chuck Taylor design on low cuts but its slick and sleek build makes the trainers much more adaptable. It’s streamline structure and the mixture of black and white presents a quick witted approach to dealing with smartly dressed events. Meaning you don’t have to fully go outside of your comfort zone to look the part.

Black / Lime Converse Double Tongue All Stars

Black / Lime Converse Double Tongue All Stars

Extra trims such as fur decorations on the Converse All Stars Climber boots help to bolster Converse’s chemistry with trend setters. Fur trims and other decorations are for those people who embed themselves within fashion, and find image expressionism an extremely important factor of their life. Ranges such as Converse All Stars Double Tongues still deliver the low-cut mission but they’ve engrained a funky double tongue to attract contemporary tastes and put forward bolder more colourful designs. Double Tongue All Stars in black can still remain smart and practical but they fuse wilder colours on rubber piping and lace ups to help them stand out with a modern edge and extra fashionable appeal.

Wondering Where To Buy Black Converse All Stars?

Chuck Taylor All Stars have certainly stood the test of time, and Blue Banana hopes that this black All Stars review can somewhat continue contributing to Converse’s successful lengthy reign as an iconic piece of footwear. Whether you’re wearing black Converse All Stars to make a statement about your identity or you simply love the reliability of the All Star shoe, keep on stepping with Converse because they’ll never let you down!

If you’ve been wondering where to buy black Converse All Stars, or maybe this blog has enlightened you to its important rich history and you now want a piece of the action, then hold on, because Blue Banana stocks Converse All Stars in black and many other colours. Simply browse through our selection of Converse trainers and you’re sure to find a range that suits your style.

Written by Laura Swift

Laura Swift

Black Converse shoes are one of the most famous Converse trainers to come out of Converse's long and impressive reign as shoe manufacturers.

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