Global Gathering

Global Gathering

Long Marston Airfield, Stratford Upon Avon
25th July 2014

Festival Information
An annual dance and music festival by the UK based Angel Music Group, the record label behind the Godskitchen and Polysexual brands, Global Gathering has fast established itself as one of the biggest in the world. The festival was conceived in 2001 after the management realized that there was a surge in demand following the opening of its latest club Code (renamed Air) itself the home of Godskitchen.

It was aimed at filling the market gap and also to move from club scene to outdoor dance music festival. In the United Kingdom, the hugely popular Global Gathering festival takes place on last weekend of July at Long Marston Airfield in Stratford-upon-Avon. Leading electronica artists perform on its many stages, terraces and arena where acts such as trance live, house and dub step are included. This has seen the annual festival win several awards for Best UK Festival.

Global Gathering: The Ultimate Dance Festival

The two day Global Gathering event features meticulously planned production operation that goes to great lengths to keep the partygoers thoroughly entertained by hosting top notch DJs and live talent from around the globe. Camping areas are designate for the tens of thousand of guests in attending the mammoth event every year. They are divide into the main and the VIP sites with the latter having separate amenities.

Following its great success in the UK, Global Gathering decided that it was time to venture into the international market to cater to its increased fan base. The first international debut was in Miami, Florida on March 8, 2006 where acts such as John Digweed, Deep Dish, Avenged Sevenfold, Nine Inch Nails, Adam Freeland, Sasha, Coheed and Cambria featured. The event was a hit and to make the event truly global, the show has been hosted in Turkey, Australia Malaysia, Poland, Belarus Ukraine, Russia and South Korea.

Since its inception, the Global Gathering has been keen to make each event greater than the preceding year. Here are some of the highlights of the festival since its creation.

2001 Long Marston Airfield was the venue of the very first Global Gathering. Despite the stiff competition from other dance music festivals that year, this event was a runaway success with an attendance of more than 20,000. The line up featured for the first time Godskitchen Session, Babooshka, Tidy Trax, Helter Skelter & Club Sidewinder Presents Accelerated Culture, Club Sidewinder UK Garage, VIP Arenas.

2010 The event marked its 10th anniversary two-day pulsating marathon. It featured SBTRKT, Markus Schulz and DJ Supreme among others.

The Global Gathering festival 2014 is set to follow the script of past events with its array of thrilling dance music acts. Though the stages and line up are yet to be revealed, it is expected to repeat the pattern of previous events with stages such as: Bora Bora Beach Arena, Carl Cox Global Arena, Bedrock Arena, Sundissential Arena, Helter Skelter and Club Sidewinder presents Accelerated Culture Arena, The Gallery Arena, Godskitchen Arena, Babooshka Arena among others.

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Festival Information

Ticket Prices

Global Gathering is organised by Angel Music Group, a music company that has reigned the world of music for years. These are the leaders in the world music market offer a limited number of Global Gathering tickets and the main aim of this community festival is to gather music lovers from various parts of the world to enjoy the flavours of global music.

Global Gathering Tickets: Prices & Types

When considering attending Global Gathering festival there are many Global Gathering tickets types and prices you have the choice from. Depending on the money you are happy to spend you could have yourself in a bog standard tent or even in a portable luxury hotel!

There are even VIP packages you can choose from where you will get the chance to experience luxury festival bars, showers and you will also get to avoid the dreaded loos! With tons of Global Gathering tickets to choose from, check below for more information on the ticket types and VIP packages offered by Global Gathering 2014.

Third Release – General Admission: This ticket type will cost you just a small £120 plus booking fee. When purchasing these Global Gathering tickets you will gain access to the festival and camping area. It is always a good idea to arrive at the site early to ensure you get the best spot possible, don’t leave it until the last minute else you could find yourself a fair distance away from the main festival site. With this ticket you will be able to access the toilets, showers and all of the stages apart from the VIP areas.

Third Release VIP Admission – Getting yourself VIP Global Gathering tickets to the event will ensure you get a few nice little extras and cost you just £195 + booking fee. You will be entitled to use the VIP car parking area, have a spot on the VIP camping area with a less cramped environment and also access to VIP areas of the festival. This style of ticket will also entitle you to use the VIP showers and toilets to avoid the dreaded festival bogs.

In the real sense at Global Gathering tickets means the wrist band which is offered to you at the entrance of the event venue. You have to wear it throughout your stay. Anyone can ask you to present your ticket at any time during the event. Remember number of tickets available per person does not remain the same.

The organisers can change the terms according to the availability. Also Global Gathering tickets would not be issued to people under 18. Though the prices quoted are for your reference they are tentative, can change anytime.

Other than these privileges, the VIP ticket holders can enjoy and experience more. With a VIP ticket you have all the fun and action. A separate campsite with the most modern facilities and amenities are allotted for the VIP ticket holders. You get to taste few of the excellent cuisine, tea and coffee at the food and drinks stall. You will be identified by the wrist band that identifies you as a VIP.

Few points you need to remember while enjoying camping at the event are:
  • Retain your ticket throughout the event.
  • Check the tickets carefully for any mistakes because there is no refund for the purchased tickets.
  • Only one entry is allowed per ticket, if the ticket is lost or stolen provide the necessary information and get another ticket for a reasonable price.
  • The tickets clearly say that the price includes only the entry fees. You have to pay extra for the transaction and booking fees.
  • Your stay would be included in the ticket, not the travel and food expenses during the stay.
  • For security reasons you are not allowed to transfer the tickets.
Alternatively you can book the tickets over the phone by calling at 0844 847 1551 and 0844 822 2604. Web sites and companies that sell the tickets for the Global Gathering also offer discounts and concession on tickets.

Global Gathering Tickets: Where To Buy

Global Gathering is a huge music gathering where people from various parts of the country travel far and wide to attend the performances of the musicians. You can either purchase a ticket over the counter or book online. Getting your Global Gathering tickets is fairly simple but we do advise you to use official websites only. Every year duff tickets are sold and people are conned for their money, however there are many ways to avoid this.

There are various legitimate websites to buy festival tickets from weekend camping tickets to day tickets. Your Global Gathering tickets should be bought from an official or reliable site, there are many fake sites out there so don’t be fooled. The legitimate place to buy tickets are from the official festival website, you can be sure that these tickets are 100% genuine so you can’t go wrong.

You can buy tickets on the day as well from the box office that is available on the festival site. It is advised that you bring cash as payments. If you choose to pay by card, it can take a long time to process which can cause delays in the queue.

Please be careful when buying Global Gathering tickets from websites; only buy from authorised ticket sites. Ten ticket vendors that you can trust are listed below. Make sure you buy tickets from only these sites.
  • Eventim UK
  • Gigantic
  • HMV
  • National Express
  • Seatwave
  • See Tickets
  • Stargreen
  • Ticketline
  • Ticketmaster
  • Viagogo
The second option is telegraphic tickets. They offer you the tickets for the Global Gathering at the lowest prices. You need to log into the site and purchase the tickets online. You can make the payment with your credit cards and debit cards. You can even compare the prices of the tickets online over different sites that promote the event and decide on the best price.

Global Gathering Tickets: Car Parking Tickets

You will be surprised to find the way the traffic is managed and control during the event days. In spite of the congestion and traffic jams the traffic team helps you to park your car safely in the parking lot. You need to follow the signs to reach the event site safe and quick. You will have a space, as it is reserved for participants.

Take time to drive in and park in the allotted space. If you try to park outside the reserved area or on the gateways your vehicle will be towed away. Those with the VIP Global Gathering tickets must park in the space allotted to them to avoid any confusion. Keep the glove compartment empty and lock all your bags in the boot. Parking is free for all the visitors.

Global Gathering Tickets: Accommodation

Global Gathering event is organized on weekends. So the camping facilities, parking, food and drinks are arranged on the site for all the guests. Every event is time bound and time restricted. The car parking and the box office open at 10 am. The VIP ticket holders are let into the venue by 11am and the general ticket holders can get in by 12 noon. The VIP arena opens at 4pm and the musical programs start at 5pm. After the box office closes at 12 midnight no more events take place and finally by 2am everyone is supposed to get back to their tents. Except for an hour or two differences, the program schedule remains the same for the next day. By 3pm on Sunday the camp site closes for all.

Camping is a free service for the ticket holders. Single day ticket holders are not allowed in the camp. For security and other reasons the participants are supposed to bring tents of the size that is sufficient and not huge ones. Gazebos and Awnings are strictly not permitted on the camping site. Those with VIP tickets have a separate camp site where they are offered site to pitch in. The site is located near the main stage.

Those with special packages are allowed to bring their caravans and motor homes in the site. The campsites are color coded and are located far from the main event area. The campsite will also include fun rides, activities for children and more entertainment facilities. Toilets, water supply, food stalls, supply shop and bars are located within the camp for the convenience of the participants. After the two days busy activities the guests would be tired so to give them time to relax and stretch the event offers time up to 3pm on Sunday to clear the camp site. The whole camp site is secured and fire proof. It is suggested that the guests do not bring any valuables in the camp if at all you have any you may leave them at the lockers which are available on the camp site.

Campsite Information

The range of Global Gathering camping offers simply everything from tents to luxury portable hotel rooms and podules! When attending GG 2014 it is essential you look into where you want to stay for the weekend, this all depends on the tickets you purchase and the amount of money you are happy to spend. If you would like to be part of the Cloud9 accommodation then you need to purchase a VIP weekend ticket which will allow you to choose the accommodation you wish to stay in for the music packed weekend!

With standard weekend tickets, the camping is included; however you will not have the chance to experience the luxury options. The earlier you get to the festival, the better as pitches are not reserved and the later you are the more likely you will have to walk miles to the festival arena. Luxury festival camping is only available at larger festivals including Global Gathering, so if you haven’t tried it out before, now is your chance!

Types of VIP Camping

Cloud9 Camping Package

This festival camping package allows you to pitch your own tent in a designated campsite for VIP ticket holders only. With fast track entry into the festival, and free car parking spot and access to posh toilets and warm showers, please be aware that this price does NOT include your festival ticket. Everyone who wishes to stay in this type of accommodation must purchase a VIP weekend ticket and then purchase this package separately.

Hotel Bell Tent – Various Prices Depending on Size of Party Attending
  • Classic Bell Tent for 4 people
  • Classic Bell Tent for 6 people     
  • Luxury Bell Tent for 2 people
  • Luxury Bell Tent for 4 people
  • Emperor Luxury Bell Tent for 2 people
This festival experience is sure to be relaxing, comfortable and warm if you choose to purchase the Hotel Bell Tent package. Please note this doesn’t include your pass to the event, and anyone who wishes to stay in the luxury festival accommodation will have to buy a VIP weekend ticket before booking their accommodation. The Hotel Bell Tent offers one of the comfiest and relaxing camping weekends you will ever have.

With 100% Egyptian bedding, low level tables, a candle lit chandelier and blow up mattresses, this tent is certainly like no other. Upon arrival of this camping package you will notice a communal lounge with a 24hr reception, scattered cushions and low seats for a chilled and friendly atmosphere. With home comforts to ensure this feels just like your house for a weekend, the Hotel Bell Tents are certainly something worth considering when attending GG 2014.

PodPads – Prices Vary Depending on Size of Party
  • PodPad for 2 people £375
  • Unidomepad for 2 people £535
  • LuxPad for 2 people £625
  • BunkPad for 4 people £725
  • OctoPad for 4 people £875
These are the smallest option if you choose to stay in a PodPad. Catering for two people, these are waterproof, soundproof and secure. These wooden cabins will cost you a small £375 between the two of you, however please not this does not include your entry to the festival. All people who wish to stay in Cloud9 accommodation need to purchase a VIP weekend ticket in order to gain access to these VIP areas. With this ticket you will get:
  • Access to posh toilets and warm showers
  • Free festival lanyard
  • Fast Track entry
  • Car park near to festival site
LuxPad – Similar to the PodPad, a LuxPad offers double the space and a higher roof. This accommodation features the same waterproof walls and roof, soundproof and secure locks, however you have the choice between twin and double beds. These will also come with built in storage for the weekend. This ticket package doesn’t include your festival entry, so please be sure to purchase a VIP weekend ticket before booking your LuxPad accommodation.

BunkPad –
For larger groups of people and BunkPad could be your perfect option. With two sets of bunk beds with 3ft foam mattresses, this is one of the comfiest beds you will ever sleep in at a festival! These are weatherproof, soundproof and secure, but also feature built in chest of drawers, hanging wardrobes and 3 pin power sockets for your personal use. A VIP weekend ticket is essential if you want to stay here and isn’t included in the price.

OctoPad – The OctoPad is the king of all PodPads and offers enough room for a large group of people. The OctoPad supplies you with carpeted floors, 4 single beds, 2 chest of drawers and 2 small tables. Complete with 240v reading lights and 3 pin power sockets for your personal use, the OctoPad is something well worth the money! If you want to stay in this VIP Cloud9 accommodation please purchase a VIP weekend ticket else you will be denied access to this camping area.

Luxury Suite Huts – Global Gathering is proud to offer you luxury suite hut accommodation for this year’s event. Perfect for 2 – 4 people, this is your home for the three days you will be at GG. These insane festival huts simply come with everything you need to make your festival experience a warm and comfortable one! Here are just a few of the things you can expect:
  • Flushing toilet
  • Hand basin
  • Power shower
  • Instant hot water
  • TV and DVD player
  • iPod connection
  • Fridge
  • Coffee machine
  • Beds, linen and towels
  • Coded door entry system
Please remember that this is an accommodation package only, and you will have to purchase your weekend VIP ticket in order to book a luxury Suite Hut for the weekend.

Podules - The Podules are simply known as a hotel room in a festival field. With everything and more you need to keep clean, comfortable and warm, this is one of the most luxurious ways to stay at Global Gathering. Equipped with an en suite, laminate floor, 4ft double bed, fridge, iPod dock, kettle, cups, condiments, air conditioning, DAB radio, bistro table and chairs & much more, the Podules are certainly for VIP’s only! In order to gain access to Cloud9 areas, Global Gathering and the VIP exclusive areas, you must also purchase a VIP weekend ticket as these packages are accommodation only!

The Pimp Bus - The Global Gathering Pimp Bus is simply incredible. Supplying you with everything you would find in a 5* hotel, this is certainly festival camping at its best. After a successful previous year, the monstrous Pimp Bus is back, and this year at an even better price! Some of the incredible features you can expect to find when staying in the Pimp Bus include:
  • Open deck with sun loungers
  • A four-seater hot tub
  • A gas barbeque with seating for four under canopy
  • A sun couch with outside speakers & night lighting
  • Fully controllable air conditioning & heating
  • A walk in wet room with power shower & flushing toilet
  • Designer kitchen with micro-oven, gas hob & fridge
  • A bar with a 21 bottle champagne/wine chiller, an ice maker, a selection of champagne, wine & tumbler glasses, cocktail makers & spirit measures. (Drinks not included)
  • 36” Panasonic HD flatscreen TV with satellite free view
  • Sony PS3 with blu-ray disk player
  • Yamaha sound system with iPod docking station & surround sound speakers
  • Dimmable LED lighting
  • Leather couches on both levels which convert to sleep four (one double bed and two single beds)
  • Wardrobe and storage space supplied with duvets, throws & Egyptian cotton linen
  • Power points to charge mobile phones and laptops
  • Privacy tint windows with black out blinds
When staying in the Pimp Bus you are also required to purchase your VIP weekend tickets in order to gain access to the festival arena, Cloud9 areas and VIP bars.

Festival Line Up

The annual Global Gathering line up is a celebration of the hottest dance music around the world and run every year by Angel Music Group. Since first beginning in 2001, this summer music event has become one of the most popular events on the UK calendar and festivals are now held all over the globe including places such as Russia, Belarus, Poland and of course the United Kingdom.

The festival takes place every year at the end of July and is situated in Long Marston Airfield close to Stratford-upon-Avon. The Global Gathering line up has grown to one of the largest dance festivals in the world, this event now broadcasts the best worldwide dance, trance and house music artists across a massive 16 stages! After winning the award for the Best UK Festival twice, Global Gathering festival 2014 is something you don’t want to miss!

Global Gathering Line Up: Who’s Playing

Year on year the Global Gathering line up sets the bar extremely high with the best dance music acts in the world and most festivals struggle to beat it. With a growing popularity each year, everyone wants to attend this summer music event to catch a glimpse of their favourite music artists in the flesh.

In previous years the Global Gathering line up has seen performers such as Annie Mac, Professor Green, Skrillex, Tinie Tempah and tonnes more take main slots at this global event and this year’s line up is set to be bigger and better than ever before. Attracting roughly 50,000 festival mad attendees each consecutive year, the line up for Global Gathering festival 2014 will certainly not fail to impress.

Global Gathering Line Up: What Else Is On?

The Global Gathering line up is simply all about the music, however you could find yourself spinning and being thrown around on some of the most thrilling funfair rides when attending this event. If you want to escape the music, there is always something to do when you visit this summer music event.

Whether its grabbing some tasty festival grub or simply chilling out, then this event has something for everyone. When attending this summer festival you can expect to be supplied with an endless amount of dance music for the whole weekend, however if you want to rest your ears for a few hours then there is guaranteed to be something for you. Check out some of the awesome entertainment and extras that Global Gathering line up for 2014 has in store for you.

Funfair – Are you daring enough? At any big festival there is guaranteed to be thrilling rides, and if you are an adrenaline junky, then taking on some of the rides in the Global Gathering line up is sure to be your sort of thing. If you want to take in the whole festival experience then going on an exciting ride is a must! From spinning to launching you in the air, GG 2014 will have a adrenaline packed funfair for all of you that dare to take on the exclusive festival rides.

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