Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival

Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset
24th June 2015

Festival Information
The Glastonbury festival is one of the largest and most famous UK festivals in the world, rich with history, culture and a huge variety of popular and alternative music.

Situated on Worthy Farm in Somerset, the festival was founded by Michael Eavis in 1970 and he and his daughter Emily have continued to run it for over four decades to huge success.

Famous for its countercultural hippy vibes, Glastonbury’s first ever big headliner was glam rock band T Rex, but many more artists have played its iconic Pyramid Stage over the years such as David Bowie, The Cure, Radiohead, Kings Of Leon, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Jay Z and many more.

The festival is widely praised for its huge diversity in musical acts, with pop, rock, folk, electronic and even metal and hip-hop stars rocking both the larger and smaller, more intimate stages. There’s something for everyone at Glasto!

There’s more than just music happening at Glastonbury too, the festival boasts plenty of other cultural activities such as theatre, poetry, art, dance tents and comedy. When you need a break from music for a while, there’s still plenty to keep yourself entertained with.

The festival continues to grow year after year and has remained consistently popular with music fans of all ages and from all walks of life. Every single June each year (apart from the odd year off to give the cow’s a rest) everyone looks forward to Glastonbury!

For 2015, yet again there’s an incredibly diverse range of acts hitting the stages, including both classic and modern rockstars as well as some controversial choices.

Here’s the line up:

Pyramid Stage




Foo Fighters
Kanye West
The Who
Paul Weller
Lionel Richie

Other Stage

Ben Howard The Chemical Brothers
Mark Ronson
TBC Jamie T
Catfish & The Bottlemen
TBC Belle & Sebastian
The Vaccines

West Holt Stage

Hot Chip
George Clinton & Funkadelic/Parliament
The Family Stone
Gregory Porter

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Festival Information

Ticket Prices

In order to get your hands on the always desirable Glastonbury tickets, you need to register online to be able to purchase them. You need to put your details into the site to be in with a chance to buy tickets and put a deposit down per ticket you order. It is recommended you do this as soon as possible. There are a limited number of tickets that go up for grabs in October, but there will be more tickets available from the cancelled ones that will go on sale in April 2015.

You will not need to pay a single penny until it's time for people who put their deposits down to pay the full amount for their ticket(s). Once you have purchased your Glastonbury tickets you can then buy a car park ticket.

To register your details for a ticket, visit the Glastonbury website to do so. The Glastonbury tickets you are receiving will have photo identification to stop tickets from being resold. If your face does not match your ticket, you will be refused entry into the festival site, so please make sure you get your OWN ticket!

Glastonbury Tickets: Where To Buy

The only place you can buy your tickets for Glastonbury festival is on the actual website. You need to put your details into the site to be in with a chance to purchase your tickets. Your passport picture is needed to be scanned into the computer and put on the website when you go online to register for your weekend ticket. Simply pay the deposit when you register and if you decide that you do not want to purchase a ticket you will be refunded your deposit with an administration fee deducted.

If you do want a ticket when that date comes around, you will have to pay the full amount. When you go to purchase a ticket from the Glastonbury site, you will be redirected to the ticket-selling website which is where you will need to visit if you have any enquiries regarding your registration and Glastonbury tickets. So for a ticket with your very own face on it, what could be more unique than Glastonbury festival?

Glastonbury Tickets: Car Parking

Car park tickets will go on sale the moment you purchase your Glastonbury tickets; it is not included in the weekend festival ticket price. You have one per car which you stick to your windscreen and will need to be on view as soon as you turn up on the festival site. Once you get there you will be directed to a car park by the stewards on site. Leave the sticker on until you depart the festival, this way you can enter and re-enter the site as much as you like over the course of the weekend.

To get the tickets for your car, campervan or caravans add it to your existing booking - you will need your booking reference number to prove that you have already bought a ticket. The tickets that you add onto your Glastonbury tickets will be sent out at the same time as your festival ticket.

Glastonbury Tickets: When To Turn Up

The festival site does not open until 8am on the Wednesday of the festival. The choice to sleep in your car on the Tuesday night if you travel up before the day the festival opens or travel up on Wednesday itself. Unfortunately, there will be no facilities to use on the Tuesday night and people are to stay in their cars. Campervans are allowed to arrive on the Tuesday afternoon. From 8am on the Wednesday, the gates will be open 24 hours each day the festival is running to allow people with single day tickets to come in.

Glastonbury Tickets: Further Information

There are many different sleeping options available once you’ve got your Glastonbury tickets. From B&Bs to tents, you can have the greatest outdoor experience of your life, or, if you’re not keen on sleeping outside, there are various B&Bs you can stay at with the exception that you will need to book them well in advance as they will get booked up quickly. You will have to bear in mind that most of the Bed and Breakfasts will not be within walking distance. Below is a list of accommodation options available to fellow festival goers:
  • B&Bs
  • Myhab
  • Tangerine Fields
  • The Yurt Company
  • Pennard Orchard
  • Pennard Hill Farm
  • Festival Village
  • Cockmill Hideaway Campsite
  • Camp Kerala
  • Land&Sky
  • Forest Garden Yurts
With all of these options in mind, it will be hard to choose how you would like to camp over this weekend. Whether you’re planning on camping with your mates in the campsites close to all the action or if you fancy camping out in style we know you will have the best festival experience of your life once you’ve secured your Glastonbury tickets.

Get treated in the luxury of the accommodation above, with fine food and unbeatable hospitality. So if you have some cash stashed away, put it to good use with sharing one of these options with your friends or family at Glastonbury festival.

Campsite Information

Guaranteed to become like a second home by the time you leave at the end of the weekend, Glastonbury camping is second to none, offering you the best of the best when it comes to facilities. Known as having the greatest and cleanest festival toilets around, Glastonbury never fails to deliver when it comes to quality.

Make a campsite community feel with revellers nearby and be friendly; you are sharing this weekend with thousands of people, you may as well get to know each other. Something that is important to remember is that NO glass is allowed onsite whatsoever, this is purely for health and safety reasons and Glastonbury camping would appreciate it if you followed these rules for everyone to have fun.

Once again, the showers will be back so you don’t have an excuse not to stay clean. So bring your towel along with you and jump straight in, just be aware of the queues in the morning! With a choice of being right next to where all the action happens or staying in the quiet area where you can get a perfect night’s sleep, just remember that Glastonbury camping will be able to meet your personal requirements.

Glastonbury Camping: Areas And Locations

As the biggest green field music festival in the world, Glastonbury has a load of areas to check out and be a part of. Creating their own theme, you will get a different feel and atmosphere in each zone from the Dance Village to Block9, The Common to the Theatre and Circus areas. Guaranteed to fulfil your full five days with fun and enjoyment, Glastonbury camping at the festival is more than music; it’s a whole world of entertainment.

Here below is a list of areas in which you should take the time to check out when you’re at Glastonbury camping – it truly is an incredible festival.
  • Main Music Stages – Watch high-status artists
  • Arcadia – The place to be for bright colours and all night fun
  • Block9 – Clubs, clubs and more clubs with a hint of disco
  • Dance Village – Dance until your feet drop off
  • Field of Avalon – Pub for all cider drinkers and live acts
  • Kidzfield – Keep your children safe and entertained
  • Leftfield – Go along for a spot of politics
  • Pilton Palais Cinema Tent – Watch new and short films in the mayhem of the festival
  • Shangri-La – Flashy, bright and extraordinarily different
  • The Bandstand – Get up and close to unheard of acts
  • The Common – Bars, circuses, late shows and a whole host of venues
  • The Glade – Trance-y type atmosphere in woods to create that magical effect
  • The Green Fields – A way to learn a greener way of life
  • The Park – A place to relax in this tranquil area
  • The Unfair Ground – Lose your mind in this dark and mysterious side of Glasto
  • Theatre and Circus – Various shows to fulfil everyone’s requirements
  • West Holts – Get a taste of Jazz and treat your ears to a slice of heaven
  • Williams Green – Shop til you drop in this vast area of stalls and stands
With a whole host of diverse areas, where are you going to start? Well, you have five whole days of freedom with no one telling you what to do so go exploring, discover some new acts, grab a bargain or just get lost in the hype, however you spend your time at Glastonbury camping, the areas won’t disappoint you. Whether you’re after a place to dance your socks off or unearth something out if the ordinary, that’s right, Glastonbury has it so make the most of your experience by checking out as many Glastonbury areas as possible.

Glastonbury Camping: Facilities

When at Glastonbury camping you will find a number of different facilities, from toilets through to ATM machines, so whatever it is you’re after, that’s right, Glasto has it. Even though you’ll be a long way from home and camping in a tent, Glastonbury will feel like your native land with luxurious food, a tent to charge your phone, toilets and much, much more.

Guaranteed to give you the best experience of your life, don’t get put off by limited washing, puddles of mud and people having a great of a time while you’re trying to sleep, just join in with the fun and get into the Glastonbury camping spirit. With facilities no other festival has, you can rest assured Glastonbury provides all the necessary services for your weekend of music, fun and lifelong memories.

Toilets - Unsurprisingly you won’t find a vast amount of flushing toilets at the Glastonbury camping site but they do have a choice of outdoorsy type facilities, from women’s urinals to the ‘long drop’ toilets. With more options than any other festival in the world, you will discover toilets dotted all over the site whatever area you are in, so forget about trying to hold it in over the whole weekend, just visit one of the many loos, and be aware of the queues, well there are over one hundred thousand festival-goers. And there’s no need to worry about the cleanliness issue as every block of loos has hand washing conveniences.

If you’re brave enough, the portable loos could be your saviour. Extremely common at festivals, Glastonbury is no different. Found around the site, you will be able to seek out a toilet to use although you will have to wait as there are guaranteed to be queues. Usually including wash basins to clean your hands after, you can be sure your personal hygiene won’t slip too much during this exciting weekend. Cleaned at least once a day, these smelly loos are your only hope - well it’s better than holding it in, right?

With men and women urinals readily available there’s no need to resort to the streams or bushes. First established in 2004, the ‘She/Pee’ womens urinals are popular among the female population. Grab your cardboard funnel and throw it away once you’re done, it’s as simple as that!

Probably the most unpleasant toilets on earth, the ‘long drop’ loos are a festival goer’s worst nightmare. Basically a big hole in the ground with a toilet type box over it, simply sit and do your business, there’s no flushing required. With no locks on most of the doors, be sure to knock and check for feet before entering, otherwise you could be in for an awkward surprise. Although these loos can also get incredibly unpleasant, they come in very handy during your time in the great outdoors, just remember not look down.

The best toilets to use, if you get a chance, have to be the African Pit Latrines. The cleanest loos on site, simply wash them with a jug of water after yourself and hey presto, an easy to use, fresh outdoor loo.

Food - Realising that you will be camping for five days means you have to think about your food supplies, where can you find it? What types are available? How much are we talking? Well all of these questions are about to be answered. Food stalls are readily available all over the site, whether you’re strolling through Shangri-La or even The Dance field. With a variety of diverse food types accessible, your taste buds will be in a festival of their own, exploring the flavours of exotic flavours or original English cuisine. Forget greasy burgers, the food provided at Glastonbury festival will blow you away and will have you coming back for more throughout the years.

Not just about music, Glasto has turned into world of arts, drawing people in from all over the earth mainly because of the many cultural stands on display. Most of the stalls at Glastonbury are actually run by charities so put your pounds towards a good cause. With inexpensive food found in the Green Fields through to the downright pricey dishes located in the centre, you’ll unearth a real favourite. So whether you want to try and buy different foods during this mind-blowing weekend or cook it yourself, make sure you have the best time ever.

If you’re planning to cook throughout the festival make sure you do it SAFELY as over the years there have been many unfortunate accidents but as long as you read through this paragraph, you’ll be a pro in no time. Be aware that you may end up walking from the car park for up to half an hour scouting for a pitch so you need to be ready for carrying your stove as well as your luggage. With firewood available onsite, you will have enough for your cooking requirements. When you come to changing your gas canister, don’t do it inside the tent, serious accidents have happened. Take some snack bars along with you, your energy levels are likely to drop so be sure to have some handy nibbles within reach. So with all this knowledge in mind, eat well, cook safe and try out as much as possible.

Cash - Of course money is an issue when spending time in the great outdoors, but no worries as Glastonbury provides a number of ATM machines that are easily found about the site. NatWest machines have been set up for festival goer’s to use free of charge, five of which are open 24 hours a day, making your Glasto experience cheaper. Accepting all main credit and debit cards, you will be able to withdraw your cash hassle-free. There are also other 24 hour ATM machines scattered across the site, but be conscious that these come with a charge of £2 for each withdrawal.

If you’re going in the dark of the night be sure to take some company with you so you don’t get lost all alone in this huge festival, it can be a very daunting experience. And be prepared for the mass queues, you won’t be the only one wanting to get cash out. Make sure you separate your money and don’t keep it all in one place, losing or having your hard earned cash stolen can be very stressful, especially when you’re in a location you don’t know particularly well. Bear all of this information in mind and you can enjoy festival life to the max.

Telephones - Naturally you will end up taking your mobile phone to Glasto with you, what teenager doesn’t have their phone glued to their palm? Be sure to keep it somewhere safe and take it with you wherever you go or use the free 24 hour lock ups to prevent losing your precious mobile. To stop the juice from draining during unimportant moments such as when you’re sleeping, turn it off that way you can ring your friends or ring home if necessary. Alternatively it might be a good idea to take a spare battery or even phone. However, if your phone is completely dead due to picture taking and constant tweeting there are payphones for general use at the information points.

No matter though, as Orange have set up a magic tent where you can bring your mobile back from the dead. Text, tweet and charge your mobile for free in this one and only area. For every make and network, Orange have teamed up with Glastonbury to provide you festival goers with facilities for your beloved mobile phone. With additional transmitters for super signal strength, your mobile network coverage will be as high as ever under the roof of this tent, so be sure to give it a visit when your phone is running low.

Stalls and Shopping - With an assortment of different stalls, you can shop for gifts and souvenirs for either yourself or a loved one. There are so many interesting stands to look around, time will be the only issue on your hands, you won’t be able to fit everything into five days, but there are always other years. Juggling music, entertainment and general looking around the areas Glastonbury has to offer, take a look at the handy stalls on site. With over seven hundred different stalls offering things from clothing to haircuts, massages to camping equipment and everything in between, Glastonbury is the festival to be at this summer.

Festival Line Up

There’s more than music going on at Glastonbury, with a whole range of entertainment featuring in the Glastonbury line up. Your five days of festivaling will become more of a once in a lifetime experience than days spent rocking out with all your mates in the luxury of your tent. With so much going on, from the Dance Village to the Shangri-La, the Green Fields to Arcadia, this mile and a half long farm will never leave you bored.

From things for adults through to entertainment for kids, Glasto has something for the whole family to enjoy, just make sure you cover as much ground as possible. With over 2,000 acts covering 50 stages, the Glastonbury line up packs a lot more than just music, so be sure to check out the clothe stalls, mime artists, food stands and much, much more.

Featuring the main stages full to brim with music acts and artists, there’s no need to worry about queuing up because unlike other festivals, all of the camping and Glastonbury line up entertainment is situated in one barrier! Whether this is your first time at Glasto or you’ve been attending for years, you can be sure 2015 will smash all previous years.

Glastonbury Line Up: Who Is Playing?

2014 was a massive year for Glastonbury, after coming back from a year's break, so will be tough to beat, but already Glasto 2015 is shaping up to be another amazing experience. With the headliners confirmed and the full line-up almost complete, there's a mixture of modern rock, classic rock, hip-hop and more for music fans to enjoy this summer!

Glastonbury Line Up:

The line up for this year includes huge names such as:

Foo Fighters
Kanye West
The Who
Alt J
Enter Shikari
Patti Smith
Death From Above 1979

Glastonbury Line Up: What Else Is On?

Throughout your festival weekend, there’s more than just music filling up the 40 something stages, you will discover all sorts of shows and entertainment. From circus acts to poetry, cabaret acts to comedy, what more could you want from the Glastonbury line up which is undoubtedly the most diverse festival in the UK.

With so much happening in a short space of time, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to fit everything in. Well there’s no need to worry about that as we’re sure you’ll join in with the entertainment that will keep you happy. Whether you’re after a good laugh or you fancy catching a movie, Glastonbury festival is the music event of the year.

Over the past years, the entertainment has become more and more varied, offering people the chance to be a part of things they never thought they would be. Created for the different and unusual, the Glastonbury line up is to be enjoyed by those who love unique and wacky forms of amusement. For more information, take a look at the list that we have compiled for you here below:

Cinema – Catch all your favourite and most recent full length movies right at the Pilton Palais Cinema Tent. With feature films to watch starting on Thursday and lasting through to Sunday, the Cinema tent is a brilliant addition to Glastonbury line up. Common in music events all over the UK, catching movies has become more of a trend. As the perfect form of entertainment, go along to the Pilton Palais Cinema Tent during Glasto this year.

Circus -  La Soiree circus is hitting the Circus Big Top for Glastonbury this summer, providing a mixture of cabaret, burlesque and acrobatics.

Arts & Crafts - Check out the Green Fields for hippy friendly arts and crafts for all ages, capturing the classic spirit of the festival or even Shangri-La for its mini city of ever changing themes.

The full Glastonbury line up of entertainment and shows will be here when available. So come back when you can to check out the improvements and developments.

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