Daresbury Estate, Warrington, Chesire
22nd August 2014

Festival Information
The biggest dance event on earth, Creamfields festival is where you will unearth the best and new DJs in dance music. Beginning in the year 1998 the site moved to Liverpool from Winchester after its first year. After going global, this event has become the best known festival around the world and has done it effortlessly. Having been held in fifteen different countries, including Spain, Turkey, Australia, Mexico and even Buenos Aires, Creamfields festival is bigger than Glastonbury and Reading put together.

People all over the world can enjoy Creamfields festival it is the biggest clubbing event of the year. With DJ’s who have played before, including David Guetta, Deadmau5, Tiesto and much more, this stunning event should not be missed. Known for bringing legends and fresh faces in dance together to provide you with performances you won’t believe and attended by at least 40,000 people, it’s unsurprising why Creamfields festival is so popular among the ravers of our generation.

Creamfields Festival: Performance Stages

With too many stages to mention, Creamfields is one huge dance party. Covering different genres of music, you’ll catch your favourite dubstep or even feel the vibes or electronic music pulsing through you. Just to give you a taster, some of the layout to this years event looks a little like this:
  • North Stage
  • South Stage
  • AnjunaBeats
  • Size Matters
  • Annie Mac Presents
  • All Gone Pete Tong
  • ToolRoom Ten
  • Cream Friends
  • Pryda Friends
  • Mixmag
  • Hed Kandi Hospitality

Creamfields Festival: Other Entertainment

As well as a huge bill of acts, Creamfields festival is so much more than just great music. With a Vanity van to pamper yourself at and cinema tent to catch the new flicks, the festival doesn’t fail to surprise. Get your hair washed or use the professional straighteners on board because at a small fee it will be more than worth it.

Why not dress up? With the very special fancy dress tent, become a wacky character or have a laugh with your friends. Dressing up is all part of the fun at Creamfields festival; it’s a way to be vibrant, extravagant and completely different from your normal self.

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Festival Information

Ticket Prices

Fancy yourself a bit of a party animal? Then Creamfields is your answer to a raving weekend. The trouble is where can you buy Creamfields tickets and how much will they cost? All you have to do is carry on reading. The information contained here will provide you with the details you need on authorised ticket outlets to camping accommodation options.

Creamfields is the biggest dance festival in the world, taking the event around the globe to fulfil music needs for those who can’t live without a rave. So for Creamfields tickets and more information on types and prices, keep reading through this page.

Hospitality Tickets:
  • 3 Day Camping: £250
  • 2 Day Camping: £220
  • Saturday Day Ticket: £110
  • Sunday Day Ticket: £110
Standard Tickets:
  • 3 Day Ticket: £160
  • 2 Day Ticket: £140
  • 2 Day Without Camping Ticket: £140
  • Day Tickets: £75

Creamfields Tickets: Where To Purchase

Creamfields is the largest worldwide dance festival, offering people from different countries the opportunity to be a part of the most important rave of the year. So it is absolutely crucial you get your hands on Creamfields tickets for the event, and they must be valid.

Many budding fans have been ripped off in past years, expecting to attend Creamfields but never receiving their beloved Creamfields tickets. You MUST be careful when purchasing tickets online. The number of unofficial ticket websites increase every year and with festivals being extremely popular and among all the hype, people don’t realise the danger they are getting into. Creamfields cannot be held responsible for this.

Moving away from the unofficial sites, you can also buy from a number of different authorised websites that will charge different amounts for booking fees. The websites that have been recommended by Creamfields should be the ones you check out and buy from. The Creamfields tickets sites include Ticketline, Ticketmaster and Dontstayin.

So remember, when you go to purchase your Creamfields tickets, make sure you don’t get fooled by unofficial vendors and always buy in safety. Your tickets should arrive through your door within two weeks before the festival. If you need to collect your tickets on the day of the festival, there is a box office ready onsite. Simply make a note of the reference number before you arrive and which ticket vendor you purchased it from.

Creamfields Tickets: Site Opening Times

Once you get to Creamfields, all you will want to do is know when everything is on, but why not get ahead and find out the important details now. It is important for you to know what time the site opens so you know what to book when it comes to travelling and you need to know when all the fun begins!
  • Campsite: Friday Opens Friday 12.00 – Monday 12.00
  • Last Admission: Friday 11pm, Saturday 9pm, Sunday 9pm, Closed Monday
  • Arena: Friday 6pm – 11.30pm, Saturday 12pm – 4.30am, Sunday 10am – 1:30am, Closed Monday
  • Music: Friday 6pm – 11pm, Saturday 2pm – 4am, Sunday 12pm – 11pm, Closed Monday
  • Bars: Friday 6pm – 11.30pm, Saturday 2pm – 4.30am, Sunday 12pm – 1.30 am, Closed Monday

Creamfields Tickets: Camping and Other Information

When planning your camping at Creamfields, there are different options to choose from, whether you’re after standard camping or you’re opting for the luxury alternatives, Creamfields tickets will have it for you. Whether you prefer a plush tent or a miniature home, the options available will blow you away. Have the best festival sleep and keep warm in the comfort of your own getaway, even in the madness of Creamfields!
  • Tangerine Fields: In this area you will find your tents already pitched for you and ready for the weekend ahead. They come in a variety of sizes including 2 man, 4man and 6man tents. In this area you also get the bonus of private hot showers and toilet facilities as well as a pamper parlour, which has hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs inside. Allowing you to experience the festival perfectly, this sanctuary is definitely worth every penny.  For this bonus, you must have official weekend with camping tickets already or else you won’t get access to the campsite all weekend.

  • Podpads: In a podpad you will be able to enjoy your favourite festival scene with the luxury of going back to a warm home away from home. Inside you will find that these quirky homes have carpeted floors, shelving, a lock on the door, windows and curtains, sockets and double/twin beds. Also, the area in which these pads are built is complete with 24/7 security, private toilets, showers and a café allowing you to enjoy your festival to the maximum.

  • Bellepads: The bellepads are 4meter diameter bell tents that are pitched up ready for your arrival. Complete with 4 inflated airbeds, these tents allow you to start relaxing as soon as you get to the Creamfields festival.

  • Unidomepad: These quirky little dome huts allow you to stay comfortably whilst at the Creamfields festival. Inside are 2 high quality single airbeds along with a thick carpet and other interior furnishing. If you want to upgrade your festival lifestyle, make sure you book one of these soon!

  • Luxpad: These funky huts give you more space as well as security for your stay at Creamfields. They are furnished with curtains windows, drawers, shelves, electricity, lighting and built in wooden beds with foam mattresses for extra comfort. Allowing you to experience immense comfort throughout your stay, these luxurious huts are the perfect solution.

  • Bunkpad: This accommodation has space for four adults and has built in bunk beds along with foam mattresses. With a lockable door, shelving, storage space, a wardrobe, windows and lighting, this hut offers you everything you could want from your festival accommodation and more.

  • Octopad: Complete with solid floors and walls, these upgrades to the podpads are perfect if you want more security and comfort. Their large space gives you room for you and three friends to relax in together. Also furnished with carpets, drawers, tables and four beds, you can be sure to have everything you need and more.
If you have any queries or you require any further information on the above accommodation types, visit the official Creamfields tickets website or check out the authorised accommodation options websites. They will supply you with the initial costs and what you should expect from the option of your choice.

Campsite Information

Situated in Daresbury, you can enjoy wonderful views and spectacular landscapes. Where you will be sleeping for the entirety of the weekend, Creamfields camping area offers you safe and secure fields to camp in.

With loads of facilities that will come in very handy over the duration of your stay at Creamfields camping site, all of the bare essentials can be found in the campsite and the festival site. Packed with toilets you’d expect to find at a festival from portaloos to long-drops, all of the loos found here have hand washing facilities, so you keep the germs at bay.

As well as this, you will come across First Aid tents and general stores for all of those vital necessities. Guaranteed to keep you safe and make you feel secure, the campsites have security dotted around the whole of the Creamfields camping site, so if you witness any illegal or unusual activities, the security guards will be on hand to help.

Although there is plenty of fun to be had at Cream, the Creamfields camping areas offer little in terms of entertainment, mainly because it will all be happening in the main arena! Staying up until 4am, you can party long into the night and scout out your favourite festival bar. If you’re a party animal, this is the perfect festival to be at.

For those of you who have food on the brain, there’s no need to bring any cooking essentials along as you can purchase cheap meals from the many stalls and stands located around the site. Apart from this, if you have booked yourself a luxury festival retreat then you will be in for a surprise.

In the premium Creamfields camping site you will have full access to the exclusive toilets and deluxe showers, making you feel like a festival King or Queen. Whatever your camping arrangements, you can rest assured that you will have the greatest festival experience thanks to Creamfields.

Creamfields Camping: Areas and Locations

Catch all of your favourite DJ’s and artists in one space; the main arena. The home land for all acts, you will be glued to the main stage, not wanting to take your eyes off for a second, just in case you miss anything. With acts such as David Guetta and Tiesto once taking to the stage, you can expect 2014 to be one of the best festivals yet.

Situated within the main arena, you will come across a number of toilets, but remember, there will be queues, but a festival toilet is better than no toilet right?! If you need camping essentials or equipment, there is a camping shop onsite to supply you with anything you may have forgotten or broken during the weekend festival. In addition to this, there are information tents scattered around the site to help you with any problems or issues you have during your stay at Creamfields, after all, you want it to be an unforgettable experience for the right reasons.

Amongst all of these facilities, there are numerous food stalls to indulge in. Whether you’re after something with a kick or something subtle, you can expect to find a number of options to feast on. With late night entertainment lasting until the early hours of the morning, you can enjoy the many bars and tents providing you with electronic music that will have you dancing for hours on end.

When staying in a campsite with a load of other festival-goers, you want to know you and your belongings are kept safe. That’s where Creamfields security guards come in. Patrolling the campsite 24 hours per day, if you happen to hit any problems or issues regarding your safety, simply let them know and they will do everything in their power to help. Situated next to the main arena, you only have a short walk until you’re surrounded by the Creamfields festival madness.

With toilets in every campsite, it won’t be long before you come across a multitude of cubicles and portaloos. In every toilet area, you can look forward to the clean hand washing amenities so there is no excuse for dirty hands. If you’re staying in luxury accommodation you can expect luxury toilets and showers waiting for you. Unlike the rest of the festival facilities, you’ll get 5 star treatment from the stewards and staff at Creamfields.

With hot showers so you can scrub up and look your festival best in the morning, all of the other festival-goers will stare at you in jealousy! However, if you’re not staying in luxury conditions, you can still have the time of your life in the standard camping zone. With a generous amount of food stalls set up around the campsite, you won’t have to hear from your rumbling tummy again for the duration of Cream.

Whether you’re after something within a tight budget or if you feel like splashing out, then the multitude of food options will have you spell bound. From tasty nibbles to proper meals, make sure you stick to your normal food routine, even at Creamfields. As if this wasn’t enough, if you happen to injure yourself or your friend has been wounded, you can always visit the First Aid tent. So no matter which campsite you find yourself in, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and stay safe during Creamfields festival.

Creamfields Camping: Facilities

Although the toilets at Creamfields are cleaned thoroughly throughout each day of the festival, they still get incredibly obnoxious. Making you want to bring a gas mask along with you, just hold your nose and once it’s out of the way you can go back to partying! Of course being in the middle of the great outdoors means there will be a lack of flushable toilets, you will be grateful for even the worst of toilets. Guaranteed to be queues, just stay calm and patient; remember everyone is in the same boat. With portaloos, long-drops and urinals onsite, you won’t be short of loo facilities at Creamfields.

With the showers available in the luxury campsite for premium campers, you can enjoy that fresh feeling in the morning before you start raving and partying with your mates. Getting that A list treatment, these showers at Creamfields are better than home. So remember that even in the festival conditions, you can get a fresh hot shower whenever you want.

With foods from all over the world, Creamfields will supply your taste buds with exciting new flavours and interesting snacks. From the general burger van to posh nosh, you can enjoy the real taste of festival food. With organic foods and vegetarian options, Cream has hit the nail on the head when it comes to meals. From breakfast alternatives to different dinner choices, experience the eating out atmosphere in the middle of this crazy festival.

The perfect place to chill out with an ice cold brew in your hands, the bars positioned around the site will have coming back for more throughout the weekend. Benefit from the late night entertainment and catch up with friends and discuss the highlights of the festival so far. Get your party head on and shimmy on over to one of the many bars. So in the heat of the sun, grab yourself a refreshing beverage and escape the debauchery of the festival.

Festival Line Up

The biggest dance festival in the world, the Creamfields line up is back for 2014 and is even bigger and better than ever before. If you thought last year’s event was good, you won’t believe what this year has in store for you. Providing all of you hardcore ravers with acts such as David Guetta, Steve Angello and newcomer Yasmin, the Creamfields line up is part of the perfect festival to go to if you want to get your rave face on.

Creamfields Line Up: Who’s Playing?

Want to know who’s playing in this year’s Creamfields line up? Considered one of the best line ups this dance music festival has ever seen, you can expect a whole host of famous names and DJs to perform. Previous years included The Chemical Brothers, Mark Ronson, Paul Oakenfold and Armin Van Buuren. Take a look below to find out what this year has in store for you.

Friday: TBA

Saturday: TBA

Sunday: TBA

Creamfields Line Up: Other Entertainment

The music within the Creamfields line up is undoubtedly the main attraction but when you need a short break from the loud music, there are other areas and entertainment options to enjoy. With a whole site packed with things to do, there’s no chance of you getting bored at this dance music festival.

After adding an extra day for revellers, Friday nights Creamfields line up is full of things to do during the night before the artists and DJs commence. Before you get down and rave your heart out, don’t forget about the other entertainment that will make your weekend an unforgettable one.

Silent Disco’s:
There will be three silent disco’s happening on Friday night to get you hyped and pumped for the forthcoming weekend. Hosting the silent discos is the That Mixmag Thing, which was also a part of 2011s Creamfields line up. Another will be the Union Silent Disco, which shows bass driven electronic music in all its unique forms.

Come along and party hard, well you need to get in the spirit of things before Saturday. If you’re off to Creamfields this year, you can also expect the Snatch Arena Silent Disco from label head Riva Starr to finish off the night with a collection of devilishly diverse sounds. Other appearances in the Creamfields line up include Jaymo & Andy George, and Brookes Brothers.

Cinema: In addition to the Silent Disco’s, you can look forward to a Cinema on Friday night. A selection of clubbing classic films will be available to watch. More information will be here when available.

Funfair: Step away from the crazy crowd for a while and spend a few hours on the wild rides. As well as the selection of different rides you can go on, stalls are also available to visit and win prizes from There will be three silent disco’s happening on Friday night to get you hyped and pumped for the forthcoming weekend. Hosting the silent discos is the That Mixmag Thing, which was also a part of last year’s line-up.
Another will be the Union Silent Disco, which shows bass driven electronic music in all its unique forms. Come along and party hard, well you need to get in the spirit of things before Saturday. If you’re off to Creamfields this year, you can expect one brilliant line up of artists, that’s for sure.

Cinema: In addition to the Silent Disco’s, you can look forward to a Cinema on Friday night. A selection of clubbing classic films will be available to watch. More information will be here when available.

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