Bloodstock Festival

Bloodstock Festival

Catton Park, Walton-On-Trent, Derbyshire
7th August 2014

Festival Information
The Bloodstock festival is a popular outdoor music event in the UK, geared towards fans of heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll. The metal masterminds who developed this event are Paul, Rachel, and Vicky Gregory and Vince Brotheridge. Paul and Vince originally met back in 2001 to collaborate on a web design project, but in the process they discovered their similar passion for heavy metal.

It was not long before they got to work and created AMust4Music LTD, which would become their mother company responsible for the direction, organization, and promotion of the Bloodstock festival.

Paul Gregory of the Bloodstock festival did not hesitate to put his art skills to work on designing the festival icon, The Derby Ram, inspired by local Derbyshire folklore about a beast ten yards tall who, upon being slaughtered, spilled enough blood to drown a man.

The image Gregory designed would serve as representation of their origins in Derbyshire as well as a sign that all metal fans would be attracted to. Through a fan-based competition, the illustrated beast was given a name, S-tan. S-tan would be the Bloodstock Open Air festival symbol and emblem for years to come.

Bloodstock Festival: Where It All Began

The first Bloodstock Open Air festival was a day indoor event held in 2001 and was headlined by the band Saxon, a five piece that made their start in South Yorkshire. Gregory had previously designed album artwork for Saxon, providing him the opportunity to build a relationship with Saxon band members. This proved useful in gaining Saxon's support needed to put the first Bloodstock Festival in motion. Sixteen bands participated in the first Bloodstock Open Air festival line up and approximately 700 metal-heads attended.

The audience grew each year since the first 700 attendees of the 2001 festival; however the indoor venue maintained a 2,500 people maximum capacity limit. Gregory wanted the fan-base for Bloodstock to continue growing and wanted space to accommodate a larger capacity. An outdoor festival would allow for a 10,000 people maximum limit.

Gregory and Brotheridge continued the annual indoor metal music event while developing the outdoor venue. Children of Bodom, a metal band straight out of Finland, was part of the indoor line up in 2004 and was very well received by fans so they were brought onto the line up as headliners at the 2005 Bloodstock Open Air festival.

In 2007 the Bloodstock Open Air festival became a three day heavy metal experience instead of the two day event it had been since 2003. The Bloodstock production team achieved their goal to double the 2006 audience of 2,000 attendees and celebrated the attendance of 5,000 metal fans for the 2007 event. Part of this success may have been contributed to the fact that 2007 was the first year that the metal music event got advertisement outside of metal magazines. TV and radio media began promoting the festival to a wider metal fan base. In addition, one of the largest record stores in the UK, HMV, agreed to advertise Bloodstock Open Air festival as well as sell tickets.

The 2010 Bloodstock Open Air festival was quite an achievement for the AMust4Life production crew, which makes preparing the 2014 event that much harder. However, for a team that has ten years under their belt, it’s a challenge they will embrace. The three day tradition continues outdoors on the 9th of August ‘til the 12th in Catton Hall. There is an 85 band line up spread out across three stages: The New Blood Stage, Sophie Lancaster Stage, and the main Ronnie James Dio stage (named as a tribute to the deceased frontman of metal band Heaven and Hell) at the Bloodstock Open Air festival.

Bloodstock Festival: Stages

There are three main stages at the Bloodstock Open Air Festival; The Ronnie James Dio Stage, Sophie Lancaster Stage and New Blood Stage.

The Ronnie James Dio Stage – Named after heavy metal king Ronnie James Dio himself, this is the mother of all main stages. We can expect big things this year with acts like; W.A.S.P, Immortal, Therion, Grave Digger, Rhapsody of Fire, Kreator and Motorhead. 

Sophie Lancaster Stage – This stage was set up in memory and support of Sophie Lancaster, a young girl who was attacked and murdered by a group of teenagers, simply because of the way she dressed and looked. It has allowed us to raise awareness about prejudice and violence in society. Acts that perform on this stage aid in the foundation that has been set up for Sophie and support the slogan ‘Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere’.

New Blood Stage – This stage is essentially a platform for all upcoming acts and fresh new talent. It allows unknown performers to get a name for themselves and gain a reputation with one of the toughest crowds out there.

Bloodstock Festival: Other Entertainment

The Bloodstock Open Air Festival has more to offer metal-heads than the rocking heavy metal line up. Since the festival is an outdoor three day event, ticket purchase can include camping on the grounds beginning as early as Thursday the 11th of August until Sunday the 14th of August. Festival attendees can pitch a tent or can pay to park a campervan.

Fans attending the event also get to experience the entertainment hosted by The 4 DJ’s of the Apocalypse, Bloodstocks resident DJ’s since 2007. Entertainment includes the popular Rock & Metal Karaoke, Air Guitar Tournaments, dress-up competitions, cinema screenings and games. There will also be opportunities for you to meet and greet with performers at Bloodstock Open Air festival!

So with such a fantastic history and record of awesome performers and successful events, get yourself to Bloodstock Open Air in 2014.
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Festival Information

Ticket Prices

One of the first things people think about when you start to consider a festival weekend is the price and types of tickets. The Bloodstock Open Air festival brings together some of the top metal music artists in circulation. There are a variety of ticket types to choose from, ranging from day passes to full weekend camping passes. Tickets are now already on sale for the event, so head over to the official website to snap yours up now.

Bloodstock Festival Ticket Types

Some of the tickets that will be available are as follows:
  • Adult Weekend Ticket: This ticket allows you to have full access to the festival site for the entire weekend and also ensures you have a camping pass for the weekend. With this ticket you’ll be able to enter the site earlier on the Thursday and leave later on the Monday. Costs £137.00.

  • Child Weekend Ticket: This is exactly the same as the adult weekend pass, but is at a cheaper rate for children. This ticket costs £39.00.

  • Campervan Pass: To spend the weekend living out of your awesome campervan you can purchase a valid pass to ensure you’ll get a plot. These tickets cost £50.75.

  • Car Parking Pass: If you’re bringing a car to the festival make sure you get a ticket for it beforehand! It’ll cost £16.25 for the whole weekend and guarantees a space for you inside the festival car park.

  • VIP OPTIONS: VIP options include a reserved pitch at £267, ready pitched tents with various packages, for example; £298.50 for two people. There are other options and you can book for more than two guests, but we suggest checking out prices on the website beforehand. In addition, there is ample parking, and VIP attendees also have their own entrances.
As the metal music roars on and as one rock band after another takes the stage, it does not matter whether you’ve got a VIP ticket or not, because the experience will be just as awesome!

Bloodstock Tickets: Where To Buy

We always encourage people to visit the official festival websites for the main ticket information regarding the event, as these will have links to other outlets and the most trusted sites to buy tickets from.

Tickets are already on sale for the Bloodstock Open Air festival of 2014 and the most direct and efficient way to get these is to head over to the main website. Other secure and trusted ticket outlets to consider are; See Tickets, Ticketmaster, Ticketweb, HMV, Gigantic, alt-tickets and Ticketline. With any purchase, please ensure you check out all of the details before you pay.

At the Bloodstock Open Air festival, if you’ve decided to drive you’ll need a car parking ticket, which you can either purchase online or at designated shops. With this ticket you’ll be able to come and go as you please from Thursday afternoon until Monday afternoon.

If you don’t manage to get one before that date, don’t panic! You can also purchase tickets from the car park entrance at the actual event, but it will cost you more and you won’t be guaranteed a space. Don’t take a risk and make sure you are prepared; it’ll save a lot of hassle and stress on the day.

Bloodstock Festival: Opening Times

The Bloodstock Open Air festival will begin at midday on Thursday 7th August. With or without tickets, those who turn up before this designated time will be turned away. The car park opens at midday on Thursday too and closes on Monday afternoon. By noon on Monday 11th August you should have all left the site. If you haven’t you’ll be ushered out by stewards who need to start clearing up and gearing up for next year!

If you don’t wish to stick with the standard festival option of camping on site, or maybe fancy a little bit more luxury, there are alternative accommodation options for you to choose from in the local area. There are many surrounding towns with places to stay, for example; Litchfield, Burton and Trent are just a few that are close by. You can get from these places to festival either by rail, bus or on foot. The best way to find out what’s on offer is to have a look on the internet and browse the surrounding area.

Campsite Information

When thinking about where to go for a weekend of madness and amazing bands, the Bloodstock Open Air Festival may be the best place for you, if you can handle it! The progression of the event enabled it to get much larger, add more stages, and extend the duration from one day to a weekend spree.

Anyone attending will be able to enjoy a wide range of live bands along with other forms of entertainment throughout the entire weekend.  Bloodstock provides you with a top class campsite which allows you to stay in the middle of the atmosphere from start to finish. You’ll also have the option of purchasing a campervan pass so that you can live in your vehicle for the festival weekend.

There are many great things going on at the Bloodstock Open Air festival, as well as the awesome selection of bands that play the entire weekend long; resulting in this being a great place to bring your friends even if they are not yet a hardcore metal fan.

Bloodstock Festival Camping Areas

There are four main campsite areas to choose from depending on personal preference;
ASGARD, VALHALLA, MIDGARD and HEL (this is the designated quiet campsite).

When attending this music event it is important to know where the best places to stay in the area are. Many people decide to camp, saving time as they’re already there for the various shows without having to travel back and forth for all three days. They offer something called VIP camping packages, which give you many bonuses in addition to the three day camping privileges. With this particular package one gets a full weekend of camping including midday on Thursday all the way through to midday on Monday.

In addition to the VIP option there are also many other choices to consider for camping on site. If you plan to pitch your own tent you can reserve a patch of grass and an area to park your car nearby; however, this camping is only until Sunday night. For many in attendance this is more than enough and they wish to keep it simple. With the many options available at the Bloodstock Open Air festival, everyone who wants stay on site will be able to.

Deluxe Camping At Bloodstock Festival

The other options available to VIP camping members at the Bloodstock Open Air festival include a car park pass, access to their hospitality area, access to private restrooms and hot showers, private food areas, a free T-Shirt and many more. When the time comes for the bands to start the signing session, those with a VIP pass get priority access to the bands!

Another option is the tipis, which are not only more durable than a tent but will provide you with more defence from the standard British rain. They are conical shaped and made from canvas, allowing them to withstand all weather conditions and also be incredibly adaptable. Alternatively you could take the extra classy option and stay in a mini yurt! These have little bonuses such as carpeting and lanterns, but also include one to two air beds for added comfort.

Other Facilities

  • ATM’s - Don’t panic, there are ATM’s on site if you need to grab some emergency cash. However, expect to pay a small fee for each transaction. Foreign cards will not work on the in site machines, but should be accepted at most stores and stalls. We strongly recommend getting cash out beforehand, or using the ATM’s outside of the festival arena.

  • Cloakroom - For your most prized possessions, we advise you to lock them up in the cloakroom for 100% security. You’ll be able to find this service inside the main arena and be free to store any of your belongings in here for a whole 24 hours a day. You can get your ticket for the cloakroom before the event and swap it for an access wristband when you arrive. To give yourself peace of mind, we strongly recommend getting one!

  • Lost and Found - It happens to the best of us and we have that moment of sheer and utter panic. Where’s my phone, keys, wallet, etc?! Try and keep hold of your belongings as best you can, but if worst comes to worse and you do lose something, head over to the lost and found tent inside the Rock Society Tent. There are some good people out there who will bring your things to this area, so it’s well worth stopping by if you have lost an important item.

  • Food - As with every festival there will be tons of food stalls to choose from, offering you an awesome range of fast food. Common facilities include; burger vans, Mexican food, Chinese, Breakfast bars and fish and chips stands. Food is expensive so be prepared to pay.

  • Drink - Again, like other festivals, free drinking water is provided around the entire site, so make the most of it! No drinks can be taken inside the festival arena, regardless of whether or not it is an alcoholic beverage. You’ll find bars inside the arena which serve a variety of soft and alcoholic drinks, but please bear in mind that these will also be pricey.

  • Toilets - Toilets can be located all over the festival site, including inside the arena and camping areas. Don’t expect luxury, else you’ll be disappointed! They’re not in a terrible state and are perfectly acceptable for festival standards, as long as you abide by the rules and try to keep them as clean as possible.

  • Showers - The showers at Bloodstock Open Air are pretty darn snazzy! Each one is equipped with a mirror and they all function with hot running water. There will be a small fee for the use of these to ensure they’re kept looking lovely. All campers can use the showers if you wish to, and you’ll be able to find them in MIDGARD.

  • Disabled Facilities - There is a disabled car park which allows you to park closer to your campsite, but you must hold a blue badge in order to stay here. Inside the arena you’ll find platforms to aid with seeing over the crowds and catching a glimpse of your favourite acts. As well as disabled toilets there are also plenty of staff on site to help with any queries or problems.

Festival Line Up

Metal music lovers, Bloodstock Open Air is one the most important dates for celebrating metal music, so with the line up constantly becoming bigger and better, it is time to prepare yourselves for the time of your life. Known as the UKs biggest independent metal festival, you’d be mad to miss out of this wicked summer event.

With over 12,000 heavy metal moshers attending in previous years, this is not only celebrating the music, but also making new friends with the same interests and taking in the one of a kind atmosphere. Taking you to a whole new world of metal for four days across 4 stages with tons of attractions, Bloodstock metal festival is the hottest event on the calendar for all metal rockers.

Who’s Playing At Bloodstock Festival?

Broadcasting metal music over several years, Bloodstock Open Air festival is always a hit. With around 100 top metal acts performing each year and also new and upcoming bands and singers, you can see the way in which metal music has changed the industry over decades.

For just a small ticket price, you will get to experience head banging crowds, thrilling rides, metal markets, oh and of course the four stages that are at the event. These will be home to some of the best performers over the weekend, so be sure to check them all out and you may get within an arm’s reach of your idols! Confirmed so far:

Ronnie James Dio Stage – TBA

Sophie Lancaster Stage – TBA

New Blood Stage – TBA

What Else Is Happening At Bloodstock?

If you want to escape the music at Bloodstock Open Air for a few hours, then you can be sure to find something to keep you entertained. With your weekend ticket, you not only gain a pass to the UKs best heavy metal festival, but you also get access to one of the biggest metal markets on UK soil.

With tons of merchandise, clothing and accessories to show off your love for this music genre, this festival is certainly not just about the music. As well as markets, stalls and metal karaoke, you can also take part in thrill fun fair rides and taste new foods from around the world. With such an insane line up each year, we very much doubt you will get bored of the music, however if you want to take a break from moshing, there are plenty of unique activities to take part in.
  • Metal Karaoke – Show the pro’s how it’s done on the metal karaoke! Not only is this a good laugh when you’ve had a few to drink, but it also broadcasts your talent if you think you’ve got what it takes to change the music industry. Completely free to take part, this is your chance to perform on a real stage, live, in front of thousands of people! Solo, or with a few mates to remember the festival experience for life, give ‘Metaloke’ a go at this year’s festival and you never know, the crowd could go wild.

  • Cinema Screenings – If you want a chance to relax after three days of moshing and getting extremely muddy, then Bloodstock’s got it covered. With cinema screenings each night after the entertainment dies down and regular periods of the day, you and your mates can have a festival cinema experience with a few beers to carry on the night.

  • Fancy Dress – Of course every festival has to have a fancy dress competition, and at Bloodstock Open Air, you can take part in one of the largest fancy dress events in the UK. With around 12,000 metal mad attendees each year, Bloodstock’s fancy dress is like no other. This year the theme has been set as... Demons, trolls and goblins! Several competitions will commence over the weekend, and the best dressed will take home VIP weekend tickets for next year’s festival as well as a grand total of £100! Runners up will cash in on standard weekend tickets for Bloodstock 2014 and £50 cash. Take in the whole festival atmosphere here at Bloodstock this summer and get involved in the fantastic fancy dress events!

  • Air Guitar Competitions – We all know that metal music lovers love to crank up the volume on the TV or Radio when a song comes on and pretend to strum the guitar, so at Bloodstock you have the chance to show others what you are made of and participate in many air guitar competitions over the weekend. With free entry and anyone can apply, just simply head over the stage and be prepared for a head banging competition like no other.
So for a weekend full of fun and hardcore non-stop action, don’t miss out and make sure you get a ticket for The Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2014.

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