Robin Hill Country Park, Isle Of Wight
4th September 2014

Festival Information
Starting out back in 2004, Bestival was founded by the well-known Rob da Bank and has become one of the most celebrated festivals in the UK. Attracting at least 50,000 people to the beautiful Isle of Wight, the festival has some of the best acts on offer from Dizzee Rascal to the new sensation Ellie Goulding.

With a pop and electronic feel, escape to the diverse music event this summer and take home some permanent memories with you. If you love dressing up and acting that bit different, then Bestival invites you to come. With their themed fancy dress day held every year, join in with the colourful array of fans and be part of the fun. Figures have successfully increased since its first stint in 2004 making Bestival a truly energetic and thriving festival to be a part of.

With six stages, Bestival is jam-packed with sparkling acts and bands that haven’t been forgotten. Uncover music you never thought you’d like and soak up the dynamic atmosphere. Lose your mind in their bars and relax under the branches of the Wishing Tree. Whatever your reason for becoming part of the thousands of supporters, you will be in a wonderland of fun.

Originally attracting up to 10,000 people in 2004, the festival now draws in over 50,000 people and has become one of Isle of Wight’s most popular music events. The event is known for providing a selection of different foods, including vegetarian options. In addition, due to its chic atmosphere Bestival manages to come up with new and quirky ideas each year such as an inflatable church in which festival-goers can marry in.

Over the years Bestival has been trying it’s hardest to grow to be a Carbon neutral festival, encouraging festival-goers to become green and help the environment by taking public transport to the event and cleaning up their own rubbish. On top of this, the festival’s crazy and wacky approach led them to keep a day back especially for fancy dress and in 2005, Bestival tried to set a new Guinness World Record for as many people in fancy dress at one festival.

Between 2004 and 2011, Bestival has added new areas for festival-goers to visit. These include the purposely placed Restival where people can rejuvenate and relax after acquiring aches and pains, the Jestival for people who like to laugh until they cry and watch some of the current and legendary comedians to date and last but far from least, the efficient Breastival where mothers among the event can breast-feed their children in the privacy of an exclusive Yurt. With all of this and more, it’s no wonder the number of attendees at Bestival increases every year.

Bestival: Performance Stages

Main Stage – Where the headliners of Bestival hang out and play for your viewing and listening pleasure, the Main Stage is the place to feel the tunes pumping through your body. For an earful of The Prodigy, Roxy Music, Passion Pit, Soulwax and a load of other music genres, the Main Stage will leave you feeling full.

Big Top – Feel the heat rising with top acts taking to the stage in the Big Top. With last year’s line up including The XX, Jonsi, Tinie Tempah and Delphic, expect this year to be huge. Guaranteed to have an unforgettable line up, the Big Top is where you need to be.

Bollywood Tent – Designed by the extremely talented Josie da Bank, the Bollywood tent is where you can check out the hottest DJ’s at the moment and where you can grab yourself a colourful cocktail, or two. For raving music and fruity drinks, the Bollywood tent is the place to be for a night of fun.

The After Burner –
The perfect place to hang out for high-status acts and DJ’s, the After Burner should not be missed by any means. Brought to life by a whole load of special effects and impressive lighting, the spider is certainly worth the wait. Great for whoever you are, the After Burner turns into the best dance arena you’ll discover at any festival so while you’re there check it out.

Rock N Roll Stage – A collective of funky and out-of-this-world music, the Rock N Roll stage is dedicated to the electric side of the music industry. Having played the platform for countless groups, the Rock N Roll stage has seen music genius from New Young Pony Club through to much talked about Crystal Fighters.

Bestival: Other Entertainment

For entertainment ideas, why not join in with the fancy dress themed days Bestival has to offer? Known for being the wackiest and wildest festival, dress up as your favourite character or be inspired by the many fancy dress faces around the site. With one day especially just for dressing up in ridiculous costumes, this festival is a world away from all the others.

Wanting to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere, Bestival is where you will have the time of your life. Full of weird and wonderful entertainment, there’s no way you could get bored. If you have kids, there’s no need to panic as we have The Kids Area where your child(ren) can enjoy activities from space hoppers to the Treehouse Theatre Company. Bestival has a team of trained and trusted child minders, giving you that extra peace of mind.
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Festival Information

Ticket Prices

To be in with a chance to get your hands on Bestival tickets, you need to be alert, quick and have a computer that won’t let you down. As these tickets sell out almost as soon as they are available, it is important that you grab one the day they go on sale, otherwise you’ll be hearing stories about how your mates had such a good time while you were stuck at home. With different Bestival tickets types available at various prices, it is vital you get your paws on the one best suited to you.

Bestival Tickets: Prices and Types

Thursday Entry Tickets:

Adult Ticket: £195
Student Ticket: £180 ( This applies to full time students only and you must have a valid NUS or ISIC ID when buying your tickets at the box office as there is no other student ID accepted)
Teen Ticket (13-17): £127
Child Ticket (12 and Under): Free (But you must have a ticket and be accompanied by an adult who is over the age of 21)

Friday Entry Tickets:

Adult Ticket: £195
Student Ticket: £180 ( This applies to full time students only and you must have a valid NUS or ISIC ID when buying your tickets at the box office as there is no other student ID accepted)
Teen Tickets (13-17): £127
Child Ticket (12 and Under): Free (But you must have a ticket and be accompanied by an adult who is over the age of 21)

Bestival Tickets: Where To Purchase

Bestival tickets are available from a wide variety of websites; you just need to make sure they are legitimate before handing over any money. For years and years people have been falling into online ticket scams so you need to make yourself internet aware.

If you have bought a ticket from a website that happens to look unauthorised, Bestival cannot take any responsibility. The best thing to do is ring up your bank and let them know what has happened, that way your card or payments can be cancelled, you won’t lose a single penny and you can still be in for a chance to own a Bestival ticket – easy!

The Ticketline is a great place to buy official Bestival tickets if you are desperately searching for some. You can either visit their website or call them on 0844 888 4410 for availability and prices. So for legitimate tickets, we recommend you check out Ticketline today.

Bestival Tickets: Campervans and Car Parking

Planning on taking your campervan along with you to Bestival this year? Sounds like a good idea, and with our campervan tickets things couldn’t be simpler. At just £95.75 for Bestival tickets for each campervan, you get a pitch with enough space for an awning if needed and even for a few tents. Regrettably, there will not be any electricity or water available.

The plus side is that you will in a nice, warm and dry campervan while the rest are staying in a tent. Your Bestival tickets must be on show at all times throughout the weekend to prove your campervan is allowed in the site. It is important to note that no cars are permitted in this campsite at any point. If you are driving to this festival, the cost of parking is a small £11, which is brilliant for a festival as big as this one.

Bestival Tickets: Opening Times and Further Information

It is good to plan your festival weekend out so these timings will help when you arrive. The festival car park will open on the Thursday at 10am sharp to allow people to get spaces and get the traffic moving. It is also critical that you plan your journey to be able to get to the festival at a reasonable time. The car park and box office will open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9am sharp, to allow you to leave and come back to the festival as you wish.

It is important for you to know that after 12am (midnight) on each night, you will not be allowed in to the festival site. To permit you to get ready and pack your stuff away, the campsites will finally close at 2pm on the Monday, so the clean up mission can begin. Car parks will ultimately shut at 4pm on the Monday, but please be conscious that the traffic will be hectic and long, so it would be best to leave earlier in the morning rather than later in the afternoon.

When camping at Bestival, you don’t want your general two man tent, you want to go all out there and splash out on some lavish camping options; why not? It’s only once a year right? With alternatives ranging from Podpads through to tipis, luxury camping has never looked this good. With more choices available than ever before, your Bestival tickets will provide you with nothing but the best for accommodation. So leave your tent at home, just bring your tent and clothing, the rest is all done for you.
  • Hearthworks Tipis – Having played a part at Bestival before, the Hearthworks tipis are a popular accommodation choice at this raving festival. Offering you space and comfort, you can spread out all you want after a hard day of partying and share with your mates. Coming at set prices, you can book anything between a small and a giant tipi, depending on how many people will be sharing. You can either choose to have them unfurnished or furnished for an extra fee. For full prices and how to book, visit the Bestival site.

  • Eve’s Tipis – If you fancy something with a quirky look, with space and interesting design features, Eve’s tipis are just what you need. Like no other tent you have seen before, Bestival tipis are second to none. Wide and airy, the large tipis have enough room for up to 10 people to share at a time. Furnishings are available for you at an extra cost. Check the Bestival site for more details and information.

  • Yurts – Yurts are roving structures that first started out on Central Asia and have been used for thousands of years since. The perfect festival home, Yurts come full furnished and are incredibly watertight, making sure you get the most out of your money. Designed to be fun and different from all other accommodation, these little gnome type homes are the solution to a festival weekend.

  • Cloudhouses – Created to be cute and pioneering in the festival accommodation market, Cloudhouses are the new and wonderful in boutique camping. Bigger than it looks, Cloudhouses are just right for Bestival, helping to maintain the vibrancy of the festival landscape. Fitted with a watertight groundsheet, you won’t discover any leaks or seeps. Guaranteed to make your festival experience better than ever, Cloudhouses are the choice for you.

  • Squrts – Extremely colourful and enjoyable for any festival-goer, the Squrts are what you need to gain a perfect night sleep. Having been hand-made, the Squrts are one of a kind and supply you with the ultimate in boutique festival camping. Small on the outside but offering you plenty of room within, the Squrts will give you the perfect sleeping accommodation.

  • Belles – Belles are extremely well-ventilated and spacious as well as clean and crisp. Freshly decorated and coming with a queen sized air bed, covered in comfortable bedding and various other bedroom furniture, it will be like you never left home, apart from the fact that you are at one of the BIGGEST festivals of 2014!

  • Yurtels – The ultimate festival accommodation solution, Yurtels are just like your 5 star hotel room. Coming with a king size or twin bed plus a genuine mattress, you can get the ultimate night sleep in the luxury of this light and refreshing Yurtel. The Yurtel also comes with towels and toiletries to make you feel extra festival special. Get treated like a VIP in the luxury of a Bestival Yurtel.

  • Podpads – These hut type structures may look like a home for a hobbit, but they have more space than as appears. Solar powered by the panels on the roof in the shape of a fun sunflower, the Podpads are innovative and new in terms of festival living. Just like a miniature home, they come fitted with curtains, windows, two single beds or one double and are weather resistant. Sleep with peace of mind thanks to the interesting and quirky Podpads.

  • Bellepads – In a Tipi formation, the Bellepads offer accommodation your old tent can’t offer you. With room available for up to four people, the Bellepads come with a fitted groundsheet to prevent leakage and keep you dry while you sleep. The most amazing thing about the Bellepad is that they have already been constructed by the time you arrive to the festival.

  • Tangerine Fields – Any festival-goers dream, the Tangerine Fields offers you the freedom of staying in a ready-made tent. Simply book online and turn up to the festival, your tent will be awaiting your arrival. You can book for 2, 4 or 6 men, just check online for full prices and further information. You can split the costs between you and your mates; how’s that for an idea?

  • Campervans – The ultimate mobile home sleeping experience, your campervan is worth bringing along with you. Forget muddy living and uncomfortable sleeping; sleep in a proper bed and live life like you would at home. Please note that cars are prohibited in the campervan field. For 2014 each person will have extra space for a tent or an awning.
For additional information on any of the above options just visit the Bestival website. Don’t forget to book the best camping Bestival tickets today.

Campsite Information

With six campsites in the Bestival camping area there will definitely be enough room for you all to fit in. Packed with facilities to use throughout the weekend, you’ll feel right at home in the Bestival fields. Mud, sun and a sea of tents is just what the Doctor ordered. With fancy soil toilets and gleaming festival showers, Bestival is second to none.

With tons of facilities dotted around the whole Bestival camping site, there will be a toilet within reach wherever you are. The campsites are co-ordinated by colour so you will find it easier to remember exactly where you left the tent, or if you have a particularly poor memory, you could always write your colour down somewhere secure. But with so many identical tents, how are you going to know which one is yours? Well it would an idea to stick some form of unique sticker or distinctive flag on it, that way you’ll spot yours in an instant amongst the hordes of Bestival camping festival-goers.

If you’ve selected a boutique Bestival camping option, you can enjoy the use of the premium toilets and showers. And you won’t believe your eyes when you see the Lost Horizons Sauna. You will be treated like a festival King or Queen in this site, so make sure you make the most out of feeling like Royalty. Whichever camping option you’ve gone for, you can rest assured you will always have the best facilities available.

Bestival Camping: Arenas and Locations

Main Arena
After months of constant whispers and rumours, you can catch the full line of acts in this one festival site; the main arena – not far from the Bestival camping site. Home to the main stage, you will be hovering around the main arena for hours on end. Full to the brim with practical facilities for both men and women, the main arena is almost better than home.

With so many attractions to be discovered and tried by all will keep you entertained; you won’t know where your time went. One thing is for sure; you won’t get bored while at Bestival camping. Created for the wacky and outrageous, the festival is known for its prestigious fancy dress themed days, so it wouldn’t be complete without a dressing up tent and catwalk to show off these impressive costumes.

With a colourful vibe you can expect plenty of bright and outlandish tents covering the main arena site. Grab some official band merchandise from the many stands and stalls, but be quick because these sell out like hot cakes amongst those camping at Bestival.

Club Dada
For those of you who want to experience the festival life of the 23rd century, this is for you. In this area you will find they have a night for every generation, on the Friday they are giving you some electro swing with sounds from the 20s through to the 50s remixed. On Saturday this is the place to be if you want to listen to some amazing beat boxers and then Sunday gives us some brass band remixes. Allowing you to experience a different side to the festival life, make sure you head to Club Dada!

Come Dancing Spiegeltent
This incredible arena at Bestival is a place that will truly finish off that festival experience. The mirrored room allows you to learn new dance moves during the day, whether it is the Tango, Break Dancing or even the Waltz and then at night you get to show off all of those moves you’ve learnt at Club Dada – you’re sure to head back to the Bestival camping site absolutely knackered!

Big Top
This is the second stage of the festival is the home to cutting edge live music. This where we advise you to go if you want to listen to some incredible music live!

Bestival Camping: Facilities

Throughout the festival weekend you will come across a load of facilities you never would’ve thought existed at a festival. With plenty of food stalls to compost toilets, Bestival camping isn’t known as a unique festival experience for nothing.

  • Toilets - At Bestival, you will come across a number of typical toilets including the most hated long drop and the debuting compost toilets. Back once again for another year, the extremely hygienic compost toilets are easy and safe to use. Quickly becoming the festival favourite, these toilets have left people with smiles on their faces. Watched and cleaned continuously by the staff and stewards at Bestival, you can be sure the loos you are about to enter aren’t as bad as you once pictured in your mind.
  • Showers - Even in the madness of the Bestival fun, it is still necessary to maintain a high-standard of hygiene. With hot showers scattered around the campsite, pack your swim wear along with your towel. There is nothing quite like a morning Bestival shower to wake you up and get you smelling fresh. For those of you who are obsessed with staying clean, even in the conditions of a festival, these showers are like a dreamland. If you were lucky enough to wind up in the luxury camping zone, you will have full access to the premium showers, more could you want?
  • Water - No festival would be complete without the full usage of water pumps. Spread around the site, it is guaranteed you won’t have to walk too far without spotting one of these. Free to use whatever time of day you finish, the water pumps will supply you with the freshest of drinking water that has been tested, so you can fill up your plastic bottle with that added peace of mind. For when you’re dehydrated and out of cash, these water pumps are just the thing for you.
  • ATM Machines - Want to withdraw your hard earned cash whenever you need it over the course of the weekend? Then the ATM machines placed all around the festival site will be your saviour. Available 24 hours a day, you can withdraw your cash whenever it is needed. It would be practical for you to hide some of your money and your card, that way if you end up losing or misplacing your cash you, will always have a back up.

  • Food - After being known as a truly one of a kind festival, you can expect the food to hit the same expectations. What’s more is that Pizza Express happen to be on site, providing you with all the pizza you could imagine. Dine out when in the middle of the festival lunacy or grab quick bites in between shows or performances. One way or another you’ve got to keep your hunger levels down. From posh cuisine to your standard burger van, Bestival get it right every time when it comes to fulfilling peoples personal taste bud requirements. With different prices available at different food stalls, you can expect to pay anything between large sums of cash to small amounts. Whatever you decide to munch on this weekend, make sure you go for something daring.

  • Bars - Whenever you fancy an alcoholic beverage during this crazy festival, just pop along to one of the numerous bars onsite. With a selection of different drinks, from soft to alcoholic, Bestival will be serving some of the finest and most popular beers from around the world. On a boiling hot day, all you want to do is kick back under the shade, with a chilled pint in your hands chatting to mates. By night time the bars of Bestival become a place to gather and party hard until the sun comes around again. For the boring bit, you will need to take valid photographic ID along with you to prove you are over the age of 18, otherwise Bestival bar staff will turn you away.

Festival Line Up

As one of the biggest and brightest festivals on the Isle of Wight, Bestival is somewhat completely unique. Having played host to the best acts in the music industry, from The Prodigy to Dizzee Rascal, Bestival is more than worth the trek. With all your favourite music in one place, why miss the most incredible music event of the year? This might be your only opportunity. So if you have a ticket, you can anticipate a bill of acts that will make you scream out loud and jump around the room with joy.

What’s more is that you can enjoy a whole list of entertainment as well as great music at this year’s Bestival. There’s a chance to dress up on Saturday with a theme to follow or you could just go as whatever you like; you don’t have to be like everyone else. With tons of entertainment to check out and become a part of, Bestival is the festival to be at this summer. Mark this event on your calendar as the event of the year and have your ticket at the ready.

Bestival Line Up: Who's Playing?

With the headliner already being confirmed, you can expect to find an amazing line up for the 2014 event. In previous years we have seen many acts including Klaxons, Massive Attack, The Prodigy, Dizzee Rascal and many more mind-blowing bands. Complete with over six stages in a variety of different areas around the site, you can be sure to find music to fit your taste. Whether you’re after a bit of dance music to get your body pumping to rock bands to get you hyped up for the weekend, Bestival is the most unique music event found around the UK. For a line up and a sneak peak at what you can anticipate for 2014, take a look below..

Confirmed acts include: TBA

Bestival Line Up: What's On?

At Bestival it’s not just about amazing music, it’s also about having a great time and doing things you wouldn’t do in a normal day to day situation. With so much to get up to and discover, explore the different areas around the site. Find your favourite form of entertainment and get down to things you never thought you’d have the chance to do. With bar upon bar, tent upon tent, there’s so much fun to be had at Bestival just waiting to be unearthed. Whether you want to be a part of the fancy dress parade or you’d rather be relaxing in the cinema tent, this music event will have all you need for the perfect festival weekend. So check out the list of entertainment and times we have compiled below...
  • Fancy Dress – Kicking off the weekend perfectly, there’s nothing better than a bit of dressing up and a parade to show off all of your fantastic costumes. With a theme suited to every year, you will have plenty of time to come up with an outfit. Alternatively you can go in any fancy dress costume of your choice, whether it’s a character from a TV show or a rockstar, make sure you’re part of the magnificent parade. Starting in the Fire Field and marching all the way through to the Fantasy Field, gain some lifelong memories with your friends or family. To help you in your time of need, the Dressing Up Tent is once again back to come to your rescue. Found right by the Bollywood Bar, go along to add that much needed detail to your costume or get a whole outfit. Whatever you need, the team at the Dressing Up Tent will be more than happy to help.

  • Cinema – If you’re tired of music and fancy a change of scenery, why not venture over to the cinema tent for a film? Catch the latest in movies or watch some of your all time favourites. Put your feet up and  relax with your friends after a hard dancing and rocking out session at the main stage. Before going back to your tent and getting an early night, join in with all the festival fun and frolics.

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