V Festival

V Festival

Hylands Park, Writtle & Weston Park, Western-Under-Lizard
16th August 2014

Festival Information
Born in 1996 V festival is held at two different locations, Chelmsford and Staffordshire, annually for manic music fans. With the same line-up, the two destinations share the performing bands. Wanting to give more people the opportunity to enjoy the festival, two locations were chosen to make it more available for a demanding audience.

First starting out as a two day event, V festival turned into a proper music festival with areas for fans to camp, the enthusiasts can enjoy plenty of other entertainment, plus loos and a large selection of food. Mainly known for rock, other genres of music are now found to create an eclectic feel and to be more pleasing towards a wider audience. For great laughs, top music and entertainment you won’t get from home, make V festival the adventure of your summer.

Originally V festival was planned by Jarvis Cocker of Pulp and started out as a two day outdoor event being held at Victoria Park in Warrington and Hylands Park in Chelmsford. These destinations gave people in both the North and South an opportunity to see the band play. After this idea was accepted, plans went ahead to add other bands to the line-up and creating enough space for people to camp. In 1997, the Northern addition of the event needed more space so it was moved to Temple Newsam, Leeds and was later moved to Weston Park, Staffordshire where V festival has stayed put.

Formerly V festival was known with the year date and the V for example V98, the concert changed its name in 2003. Booking British acts as well as bands from all over the world, V is known for its pop approach to music. As the cleanest music event in the UK, V festival should not be missed by anyone.

V Festival: Stages

V Stage – The stage where all the leading names in music perform their biggest tunes and watch them on this magnificent stage, it will be a moment you will remember forever.

4Music Stage – Artists and bands playing this year’s 4Music stage include some of the biggest names of our time.

Nissan Juke Arena –
Getting a name for itself, the Nissan Juke Arena hosts some unsurprisingly big names on its stage, so this one is definitely worth a look.

Virgin Media Union – A blend of both new and familiar bands, this stage offers you an eclectic range of music to meet the needs of a wider audience.

V Festival: Entertainment

While at V festival you will come across some areas that will provide you with hours of enjoyment. Whether you want to take a break from the mass audiences and loud music or just fancy a change in scenery, the areas below are what you need to check out. From NME to Kit Kat and Gillette to Bacardi, there are many places to keep your spirits up. So when you have the time to pull yourself away from the high-status acts, go on a wander and take a peek at these areas found around the V festival site.
  • Nissan
  • Lucazade
  • Absolute
  • Gourmet Garden
  • Ovi by Nokia
  • Kit Kat
  • Muller Rice
  • Pringles Xtreme
  • V Inspired
  • Coca Cola
  • 4Music
  • Strongbow
  • JagerMeister
  • Virgin Media
  • NME
  • Big Fish
  • MAC
  • Bacardi
  • Gillette
  • V Healthy
Like the look of these V festival attractions above? Get yourself a ticket and make your way to one of the greatest music events in the UK. With the NME signing tent where you can see your favourite bands of all time or visit the Just Dance Disco Park and get your dancing shoes on. So with all of this and more, the entertainment at V festival won’t leave you disappointed.

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Festival Information

Ticket Prices

If you’re planning on going to V festival this year, read through this information for the latest on V festival tickets pricing and types. There are day tickets available as well as full weekend tickets on offer, whether you’re after a day of amazing music or weekend packed with top acts. If you’re a true fan of the latest music, discovering new acts and having the time of your life with your mates, V festival is the ultimate. Considered one of the cleanest festivals around the UK, V festival tickets are the ones that everyone wants.

V Festival Tickets: Types

For those who only want to be a part of the festival for one day, V festival tickets are available for either the Saturday or Sunday alone. The main arena will be opened at 12pm and will close at 11pm once the last band has left the stage. It is NOT acceptable for anyone to camp when they only have a day ticket and must leave the festival when the day is over.

You are allowed to use the car park provided if you are driving and are permitted to use any of the facilities, stalls and everything else once inside the arena. When you turn up to the festival it is important that you go through gates 1 or 6 so your V festival tickets can be verified and scanned.

For those of you who wish to purchase V festival tickets for the weekend but don’t like the thought of camping out then these tickets are perfect for you. You will be sent you wristband in the post and, if lost, stolen or damaged, these cannot be replaced. You can’t give your wristband away as it is personal to you and gives you access to the arena for the weekend.

Once you have bought weekend V festival tickets with camping you will be sent your wristband through the post. It is important that you wear your wristband so that you can get into the festival campsite and main arena. You should not put it on any sooner than the day of the festival to ensure it does not get damaged and stays in top condition before entering. Your wristband will be scanned when you enter the site.

Remember that as soon as the band has been attached, it can only be taken off by cutting through it. It is vital that you DO NOT take your wristband off during the weekend as you can face being evicted from the site and will NOT be allowed back in. These V festival tickets cost about £185 – so getting kicked out is likely to be even more painful!

V Festival Tickets: Where To Purchase

When you go to purchase V festival tickets it is advised that you research all official and unofficial ticket websites before you actually buy them. This is so that you are not at risk of any dodgy or unofficial ticket touts. If you do fall into the trap of a con website, V festival cannot do anything to help you so please be sure that when you plan to buy tickets that you check for official websites and touts beforehand. Different websites and touts will charge different prices for the tickets you purchase as well as the booking fee.

V Festival Tickets: Car Parking

If you’ve decided to drive to V festival this year then you must have car park V festival tickets for each car. These can either be bought in advance or on the day (although they will be more expensive). It is advised that you DO NOT park on the roads as your car will get towed. The car parks for V festival will open on Friday 16th August at 10am sharp, so plan your time and journey well.

For the most important part of the festival, you need to know what time the arena opens so you can enjoy the greatest acts in music and get to the front of the crowd. It will open the gates to its many fans at 12pm on both the Saturday and Sunday, with the last act finishing at 11pm. After the main arena close for the night, there is loads of exploring to be done and entertainment to join in with. Hang out at The Village where you can catch a movie, as well as great food and refreshing drinks. If you’re after a thrill, the fun fair is right up your street, offering you hour upon hour of enjoyment; you’ll be like a kid in a candy store.

The place where you get your kip, the campsite will be open from 10am on the Friday and sadly close at 12pm on the Monday. In here you will discover facilities for washing, re-filling your water bottle and doing your business. If you can’t get enough of the entertainment, our late night options will have you up most of the night. Or you could go back to your tent and have a load of fun with your mates, just make the most of your festival experience.

V Festival Tickets: Camping & Vehicle Information

When thinking of V festival and camping, mud, rain and uncleanliness will probably come to mind right? Well not anymore thanks to the impressive luxury camping options found at V. Forget your sleeping bag and ancient tent, invest in something more comfortable, and well, something that feels a little more like home. Waiting for you as soon as you arrive to the festival, all you have to do is book one beforehand and jump straight in, there’s no setting up involved whatsoever.

Found just on the border of the campsite, the extravagant camping is in a private area. With a devoted entrance and kept guard by security, you can sleep knowing you will stay safe. Created so you have first-class toilets, heated showers and all the peace you could want, V’s boutique camping is the way forward. The accommodation options for Hylands Park and Weston Park are:
  • Podpad: The new and pioneering way of sleeping in the great outdoors, leave your tent and hassle of putting it up at home. All you need to bring is your ticket, change of clothes and your sleeping bag; simple! Appropriate for two people only, the Podpad has storage for your personal items, airbed type mattresses and is built with a 12V socket inside to charge your phone. To keep you feeling safe at night, a lock fitted to the front door. What’s more is that after your eco-friendly journey, you can now stay in an eco-friendly home.

  • Luxpad: Created by the people who designed Podpads, the Luxpad has more space to give you more of a homely feel. Made for either two or four people, you can have single, double or bunk beds. The Luxpad comes with bedroom type furniture so you can keep your personal items safe and as if you are at home. Found in the Luxpad are small lights and lock to keep you feeling safe while you sleep. With comfortable mattresses for the perfect night sleep but you must bring your own sleeping bag.

  • Octopad: From the people who brought you the Podpad, the Octopad is now available to sleep in during your festival weekend. The future for posh camping, this accommodation can sleep four people. With enough space for four people, you will find four single beds (two can be pushed together to create a double), with comfy mattresses and sheets, but your own sleeping bag is required. Coming with furniture such as a wardrobe, drawers and a space for your muddy wellies, the Octopad is the perfect home away from home.

  • Yurtel Yurt: A camping experience like no other, the Yurtel Yurt is better than a five star hotel room. Bigger on the inside to how it looks on the outside, the Yurtel Yurt will look like a palace compared to your two man tent. With luxurious bed linen, storage for all of your clothes and little touches like chocolates waiting on your pillow. For two people, the Yurtel Yurt has everything your bedroom at home will, it will just be better! Camp in style at V this year by booking a one of a kind ‘tent’.

  • Hearthworks Tipis: Made for two to four people, the Hearthworks Tipis are right up your street if you’re into quirky outdoor type camping. Supplied with a waterproof groundsheet, carpet and little details such as sleeping bags, cushions and airbeds for the best sleep amidst all the festival madness, the Hearthworks Tipis are one in a million.

  • Hearthworks Yurts: In a circular shape, these traditionally designed yurts are the ultimate in luxury camping. To stop the water coming through and you getting soaked, there is a groundsheet fitted to the floor. Coming with all the sleeping equipment such as sleeping bags and airbeds, you and your friends will be enjoying the best sleepover ever.
More Options for Weston Park
  • Squrts: Quirky little homes for your festival weekend, the Squrts are designed for two people. Bright and vibrant, these are exceptional and the best camping experience of your life. Coming with waterproof groundsheets for a dry night sleeping, the Squrts are comfortable and have a homely appeal. It is important that you remember to bring your own sleeping bag and airbeds if needed.

  • Cloud Yurts: Appropriate for four or even five people, the Cloud Yurts have changed over the years to fit in with the present style. All Cloud Yurts come fully furnished with rugs, cushions and a table to keep your small personal items on. Although, you must remember to bring sleeping equipment such as sleeping bags otherwise you could be in for a chilly weekend.

  • Belle: Just like a mini home, the Belle is what you need at the end of a long day rocking out. This new and innovative answer to camping out at V festival, the Belle has a queen size airbed for luxury sleeping as well as lavish bed linen. Including bedroom furniture to keep your clothes like you would at home and a socket for you to charge your phone, this extravagant tent is worth booking for your festival experience.
For more details on all the above camping options, take a look at V festivals Official website to find out how to book and order.

Campsite Information

Where you will pitch your tent and remain for the duration of the festival weekend, V festival camping areas have all the facilities you will need. Known as the posh fest, V is a world away from festivals such as Reading or Bestival. Taking pride in the fact that it is clean, well kept and safe, this pop festival is perfect if you have a phobia of mud. Well there will be mud, except it won’t be on you.

With the amount of showers and cleaning facilities scattered around the V festival camping sites, you will stay clean and tidy. As well as this, there are a substantial amount of toilets that include hand washing amenities, keeping the germs at bay. V festivals team of cleaning minions work long hours to make sure your toilets for the weekend stay clean and hygienic. Just one word of warning; remember to bring plenty of loo roll.

Why spend ridiculous amounts of money on something as vital as water? Fetch your refillable plastic water bottle and transport it to one of the many fresh drinking water points in the V festival camping site. It is important for you to keep the campsite area as tidy as possible, with the recycling and rubbish facilities you don’t have an excuse. Get green this festival season and help the environment by cleaning up any litter found around the site. So what are you waiting for? With all this helpful information it’s time to go and get packed for the party festival of the year.

V Festival Camping: Key Areas

Where some of the biggest names in music perform, the main arena is close to the V festival camping areas and plays host to the Main Stage. Having had bands from the Kings of Leon to Madness, The Prodigy to Florence and the Machine, grace the stage, wait until you see what V Festival has in store for 2014. But enough of getting you all hyped up and squealing with excitement, it’s time to get down to the necessary points and practical information for V.

Just like the V festival camping site, there are tons of facilities to be found within the main arena, a sigh of relief for those of who thought you’d have to hold it in until you got back to the campsite! There are toilets dotted all around; well with thousands of you attending V festival couldn’t have just the one set of loos. What about money? Luckily for you, there are ATM Machines all around the site to provide you big spenders with your hard earned cash, but there’s always a price to pay so expect queues.

Once you have your money in your fist, the V festival camping site is your oyster. You can rummage through the merchandise stalls for official band clobber or you could splash out on some fine cuisine. Whatever you decide to throw your cash at, just remember you are at V festival, this chance may not come around again. So it’s about right that you check out the many attractions found at V from The Mansion through to Walls Cafe. You can even visit the Virgin Media tent to bring your beloved mobile phone back from the dead. With facilities and entertainment to blow your brain, V festival 2014 is set to be huge.

V Festival Camping: Facilities

Throughout both the festival site and the V festival camping site, a number of facilities are available to use from toilets to drinking water. Why not grab a hot shower first thing in the morning and freshen up to get you into the festival spirit. With the amount of facilities available at V festival, you will feel right at home. Pop down to grab some cool band and festival merchandise from one of the many stalls situated on the site. With so many facilities to use, V festival is one of the most hygienic festivals in the UK.
  • Toilets (Arena and Campsite): The festival toilets at V consist of portaloos, long drops and urinals which are located in both the arenas and the campsites. All of the loos are consistently cleaned, sanitised and refilled with toilet roll. Although they do get very unpleasant, unfortunately these toilets are your only option unless you choose to try and hold it in over the course of the weekend. As the poshest festival around the UK, V festival needs to meet those standards so you can be sure the toilets are kept to a top standard. Please do your best to keep the loos as clean as you can after using them, other people will want to use them too.

  • Showers (Campsite): Showers at V are signposted so you can see exactly where they are. They have hot running water but you may want to wake up extra early to be able to use them as there will be a huge queue. You can find the showers just outside the campsite so there isn’t a long walk until you can scrub yourself down.

  • Drinking Water (Arena and Campsite): Drinking water can be found at the standpipes dotted around the arena site and the campsite. The water is free and should be placed into a plastic drinking container, no glass is permitted anywhere on site. The bottle should be no larger than one litre. If you don’t want water from here, you can purchase water from the stalls and stands.

  • Rubbish / Recycling (Arena and Campsite): Around the site you will come across many bins, please make sure you throw your rubbish and waste into these as it will make it easier for staff and help the environment. The bins are emptied constantly throughout the week to help keep the festival clean. There are also separate recycling bins in the campsite, so make sure you use them.

  • ATM Machines (Arena): If you want cash there are a number of ATM machines in the arena site. You will need to prepare yourself for queues though as there are thousands of people on site who will want money to be able to buy food, drink and merchandise. Take a friend with you if you’re going in the dark, make sure you don’t get lost alone; the festival site can look very scary at night when you’re all on your own.

  • Mobile Phones (Arena): There will once again be a place for people to charge their mobile phones free of charge and regardless of their typical network. The fabulous people at Virgin Media will supply you with juice for your phone so you can thank them for full battery life in the middle of V festival. This is located in the arena site.

  • Merchandise (Arena): Throughout the arena site you will come across merchandise stalls, these sell 100% official v festival merchandise as well as band merchandise. Don’t be fooled by any other stall selling ‘band merchandise’ as that is not what you will be getting. For true quality and certified products, just visit one of the official stands.

  • Noise (Arena): It can get very noisy at V festival due to the loud live music being blasted over the stages, so ear plugs may be a vital item to take with you. Remember to give your ears a rest at different periods of time so your hearing can go back to normal. Your ears are an important part of your body, so please have fun but look after your delicate body parts.

Festival Line Up

The best in pop music events, V festival weekend is what should be circled on your calendar this year. Guaranteed to put on an event like never before, you can expect to find an awesome V festival line up on every stage that will tickle your fancy. Within the main area you will come across four stages, providing you with bands and music genres found from around the world.

Playing host to the mainstream bands and biggest artists in pop, the V festival line up is no stranger to huge acts including Kings of Leon, Kasabian, Florence and the Machine and even The Prodigy. Asides from the a-list line up of pop stars, V also has an assortment of attractions for you to be a part of and for you to be able to say to your mates ‘I was there’. Set in two destinations in the UK, both sites will fulfil your entertainment needs. Wherever you live in the country, make sure you’re one of the many thousands at the 2014 event.

V Festival Line Up: Who’s Playing?

Guaranteed to bring you a V festival line up you won’t be able to resist, the four stages situated at V will satisfy everyone’s personal taste when it comes to music. From mainstream bands to new acts, V festival has a bill of names you would’ve seen and heard of before.

With both sites swapping acts between days, you won’t miss a single thing thanks to this year’s V festival line up. For the biggest names in pop stick yourself in front of the main stage or if you’re after bands you can’t restrain yourself from listening to, the Virgin Media Union stage is worth visiting. With four whole stages full of bands you play non-stop on your iPod, make the time to watch a set, or two, at each stage.

Previous events have included acts such as Pet Shop Boys, David Guetta, Skunk Anansie and even Ellie Goulding. For a full music V festival line up, take a look below and make a note of the artists you must see at this year’s V festival...

Announced so far for the V festival line up 2014: TBA

V Festival Line Up: Other Attractions

With a range of attractions featured in the V festival line up, it’s not just music you will find onsite. From Virgin Media to the Walls Cafe, you will want to make time for all of it. When you’ve had a hard day rocking out to your favourite music, take a load off and treat yourself to a cold pint. Or if you want to carry on partying long into the night the many bars around V should satisfy your needs. Guaranteed to keep you busy throughout the festival, make sure you check out the attractions on offer below...
  • 4Music – Back to V festival for 2014, 4Music will be giving you guys at home plenty of music entertainment as much as the revellers at the event. Able to catch on C4 and 4Music, you will be able to catch highlights, live sets and interviews over the V weekend.

  • Bacardi – Where you can get refreshing drinks and put you in the party mood, Bacardi has returned yet again to V festival. Grab your favourite cocktails and keep coming back for more over the course of the weekend. The face of rum, you can revitalize your taste buds and we guarantee, you will keep going back for more.

  • Carling – For the best refresh experience, Carling is the beer of choice at V festival. We know that when you’re miles away from any supermarket you will need to get your alcoholic beverages from somewhere. Well there’s no need to worry as you can enjoy Carling in every bar found at V festival.

  • Coca Cola – For recharging your batteries and reviving your taste buds, pop along to the Coca-Cola Happiness bar where you can relax and chill out with friends. On a hot day we know the best solution is a chilled cola, so when you run out of energy and you need something to rehydrate your body. So get your body back to working order by either visiting the Recycle Garden or the Coca-Cola Happiness bar.

  • Gillette – This year at Weston Park, you guys can enjoy a clean shave and you girls can benefit from a foot massage. All of the services available at the Gillette tent are free, so pop in to look your best at V festival or receive a relaxing foot massage after all that time on your feet. With free samples to try and use as well, you can truly benefit from this tent.

  • Just Dance – Found at the Hylands Park site, hop aboard the Just Dance Disco Bus to burn your energy off, if you have any left that is. Let your body move to the beat and dance to your heart’s content. With classic songs and feel-good tracks, you won’t be able to keep your feet still.

  • Kit Kat – The greatest place to relax at Weston Park, the Kit Kat Chunky Music Break Stage is where you need to be headed. Put your feet up, enjoy a Kit Kat and watch some of the resident DJs. Or become a performer with the apt Rockaoke entertainment and belt out your beloved tunes. Situated in the main arena, you can’t miss the Kit Kat stage. So what are you waiting for? Pop along as soon as possible.

  • M.A.C Cosmetics – As one of the largest make up companies on earth, the M.A.C Cosmetics tent can be found among the cluttered site of Hylands Park. If you’re after a new look, the staff at M.A.C can give you a full make-over, just how you want it. Make sure that no matter where you are you are looking your best, especially at V festival.

  • Muller Rice Stand – During your time at V festival there will be a time when you need to get a light snack to rid you of your hunger, for this we give you the Muller Rice stand. You can try samples and enjoy the delicious taste of the nation’s favourite yogurt.

  • Nissan Juke – The third stage at the festival, you can catch music like Dubstep and D&B. Guaranteed to get you jumping and your heart thumping, let beats pump through your body. With an unbelievable line-up, the Nissan Juke stage is like no other, reflecting the sporty outlook, enjoy the tunes being blasted out.

  • NME – In the thick of the festival, NME is once again back at V. Getting the experience so you guys at home know exactly what is going down, keep visiting the website for highlights, updates and news. Or if you’ve already booked a ticket and are off to V festival this year, visit the NME tent for signings and seeing your much-loved bands in the flesh right before your eyes. So while you’re at V, pop along to the NME tent, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Strongbow – The favourite drink found at V festival, Strongbow will restore your taste buds and bring them back to life. Get your paws on an ice cold pint of Strongbow during your packed day. Take a load off in the comfortable seating, catch some incredible DJ sets and party hard into the night. At both Hylands Park and Weston Park, you festival revellers won’t miss a thing whichever site you’re at.
With all of this entertainment and more, why miss the V festival line up in 2014? Make sure you get your ticket in time for the biggest music event of the year and join in with all of the amazing amusements. Don’t waste any more time and get ready for a whole summer of fun with V festival.

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