T In The Park Festival

T In The Park Festival

Balado, Kinross-Shire, Scotland
11th July 2014

Festival Information
Held in Scotland, T in the Park festival has been running annually since the year 1994. Supplying fans with a mix of indie, dance, rock and electronic music, T in the Park is worth the travel if you’re unfortunate to live so far away from the area. With prestigious artists headlining the festival, this event is part of your fantastic summer. Starting out as a two day music event, the increase of numbers lead them to add a third day to T in the Park festival, not that we’re complaining!

It was reported that T in the Park festival moved locations to Balado, Kinross-shire, in 1997 to provide more space for acts and festival-goers. Returning every year with bigger and better acts, T in the Park has seen the likes of Kings of Leon, Green Day, Garbage and The Chemical Brothers to name but a few. It is known that numerous acts that have played at T are often shared with Oxegen, the music festival in Ireland held on the same weekend. Back again in 2014, you can expect this year’s T in the Park festival line up to blow you away.

T in the Park Festival: Stages

Main Stage – Where the biggest and legendary music acts have played, the main stage is the place to position yourself for the duration of the weekend. Providing a festival experience like no other, the T in the Park main stage will blow you away. Supplying you with bands you never thought you’d get the chance to see live and with only a few feet separating you and the stage, if you’re at the front, you will be in amazement. Bands and acts such as Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M, Foo Fighters and even The Who have played sets at T in the Park.

Radio 1 / NME Stage – The stage where all the indie bands and popular artists of the world play tracks for your viewing and listening pleasure. Guaranteed to leave you pleading for more, the Radio 1 stage sets a magical tone and enhances your musical knowledge. For people who are into current music, join in with the mass crowds at this year’s T in the Park.

King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent –
Based on Glasgow’s renowned venue, the King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent has seen some of the most famous bands from around the world. With artists including Doves, Snow Patrol and Electric Six to have taken to the stage, King Tut’s Tent is great for people who love a bit of variety when it comes to music.

Slam Tent – With a light display that will have you stunned, set out just like a club, you will soon forget you are in the middle of a festival in the Slam Tent. Where you can catch the best DJ’s and electronic acts on earth, performers such as Fatboy Slim, Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx have all taken to this glorious stage.

Red Bull Bedroom Jam Futures Stage – Speaking for itself, the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Futures Stage features tomorrow’s bands, artists who are to become the next big thing in the music industry. Watch this space.

BBC Introducing Stage – Where the best of the unsigned acts put on unforgettable performances. The BBC Introducing Stage collates bands and artists acquired from the BBC and recent music shows. The freshest music on the block can be found here, so when you’re at T in the Park be sure to visit this tent.

T in the Park Festival: Entertainment

At T in the Park festival you won’t just find brilliant music, you can enjoy films at the cinema or get a thrill from the fairground. A special day is held just for dressing up in ridiculous costumes and making a fool of yourself; Fancy Dress Friday! It’s time to dig out and dust off your ancient fancy dress costume and bring it along so you can join in the fun at T in the Park.

Pull out all the stops, wear the most eccentric outfit you can find and be as silly as you possibly can. What’s more is that there prizes to be worn for the most outrageous costumes on site. There are usually themes for each year, the 2014 T in the Park festival is still in talks, but you can think of your own costume for the time being.

Moving away from the silliness, T in the Park festival has a fun fair which will be awaiting your arrival. The classic ride you see at a fun fair is of course the ever so popular Ferris Wheel for you to get a view of the whole festival. New to the alternative rock music event last year, the Wild River Log Flume is the ultimate way for you to cool down after hours of constant rocking out. With loads more on top of all this, explore the fun fair at T in the Park festival when you get a chance.

The cinema at T in the Park festival is always a top favourite, so did you really think they would forget about it? Not a chance! Last year festival-goers got the choice of watching Hot Fuzz, School of Rock and Wayne’s World 2. With this year’s list of films waiting to be chosen, have a thought of the types of films you’d want to watch at T in the Park festival.

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Festival Information

Ticket Prices

Want to know where you can buy the much-wanted T in the Park tickets? We have all that information covered here. This detailed page will tell you where you can buy your tickets and how much they will cost you. Whether you’re after one day of music or a full weekend of festival fun with camping, T in the Park should not be missed by any means. With all of the best acts expected to perform and the best entertainment a festival ticket can buy, check below now for more information...

T in the Park Tickets: Day Access

  • Friday – Gives you access to the arena for the entire day, but you must leave the site at the end of the day. The price of this ticket is £75.
  • Saturday – Gives you access to the arena for the entire day, but you must leave the site at the end of the day. The price of this ticket is £82.50.
  • Sunday – Gives you access to the arena for the entire day, but you must leave the site at the end of the day. The price of this ticket is £82.50.

T in the Park Tickets: Weekend Access

  • Weekend without Camping – Gives you access to the arena for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You must disperse the site by the end of Sunday. The price of this ticket is £184.
  • Weekend with Camping – Gives you access for the whole of the festival site including the campsites for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The price of this ticket is £194.
  • Weekend with Camping + Thursday – Gives you access for the whole of the festival site including the campsites for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These price of this ticket is £215.
For more information on tickets, prices and types, just visit the T in the Park website.

T in the Park Tickets: Where To Buy

When going to purchase T in the Park tickets from a website, how do you know if they are legitimate or not? Most of the time you can’t tell, which is why searching for tickets online can be risky, but in this present age, the only way is the web. Each festival usually has an official partner ticket tout, and in this case Ticketmaster is your number one hope.

Supplying you with genuine T in the Park tickets for the festival, they will be sent to you at least a week or two before the music event to prevent loss of ticket. If your tickets do not arrive in this time scale because you have bought from an unofficial website, T in the Park cannot be held responsible. So when you’re searching for tickets online, it is absolutely vital you stay clear of dodgy looking sites and buy only from authorized ticket vendors.

Now you know where to buy and where not to buy your T in the Park tickets, the regulations must be followed and read through carefully. You must bring valid and in date ID i.e. Passport or Driving license, along with you to the festival for proof of age. If you are under the age of 16 years old, you must obtain a full festival ticket and go along with an adult over the age of 21 years old in possession of a full festival ticket. T in the Park is not suitable for any child under the age of 5.

T in the Park Tickets: Car Parking and Camping

Arriving to T in the Park by car? You will need to purchase one of the car park T in the Park tickets to be able to get a spot in the car park. Available from the partner ticket site Ticketmaster, these passes cost £18.50 each and you will need to keep it on display in your car at all times over the course of the weekend. To stop illegal activities and odd goings on, there will be car park inspections at different points during the weekend.

To help you remember where you left the car, every car park is allocated a number so it would be a good idea to keep note of your car park somewhere safe. There are certain rules and standards that T in the Park need to stick to in order for everyone to have a good, yet safe, time at the festival.

Spending your weekend in a home on wheels for 2014? No problem as with one of the campervan tickets you will be allowed access to the campervan field. These tickets are for the campervan ONLY and will allow you one space of 7m x 7m in the field, unless you require a bigger area, you will then need to purchase two passes. Just remember that each person that turns up in a campervan must have genuine T in the Park tickets on their person.

Fancy yourself a weekend full of luxury? Then book one of the many luxury camping options T in the Park tickets has on offer for you. Forget your usual campsites with overcrowding and hardly enough space to walk, grab yourself a spacious home for the weekend at a small cost. Share with friends or get a pad for yourself, whatever you decide, just know that as soon as you turn up to T, there will already be accommodation waiting for you.

If you hate lugging your camping equipment around with you and are useless at putting up tents, the Tangerine Fields are any festival campers’ best friend. You can choose from 2, 4 or 6 man tents, so you and your friends can share the space and split the cost, saving you money and peace of mind knowing the tent won’t collapse due to your unskilled handy work. Leave your old sleeping bag at home as the Tangerine Fields tents come with all the equipment you could need for a full weekend. For added comfort, the area in which these tents are located includes premium toilets in addition to showers.

Coming as a package, you can purchase a Residence camping package for your T in the Park festival weekend instead of having to get tickets and accommodation separately. The best part about booking yourself a Residence package allows you access to the Lounge Cafe and Bar situated in the luxury camping area. This site also gives you right of use for the premium toilets as well as the hot, fresh showers. This package will include a weekend camping festival ticket (Thursday night is included), a VIP pass and a parking space for your car in the residence car park. For more information and details on how to order yours now, visit the official T in the Park website.

Campsite Information

Opening its gates on the Thursday evening, if you happen to have a weekend ticket with the Thursday added, you can pop along early and set up your pitch. Getting you the best area for your tent in the T in the Park camping area, you should be proud the extra £10 was put to good use.
Forming a sea of tents, the T in the Park camping zone becomes like a hometown for your weekend of festival fun. With around six separate campsites signposted with different colours, after you’ve been partying hard and having a few too many drinks, you should find it easy to remember where you placed the tent. If you’re the sort of person who can’t sleep with lots of noise around them, then the quiet campsite will help you sleep easy; you can create your Zs without any interruptions.

Alternatively, get stuck right in the middle of the action in the red T in the Park camping site situated amidst the bar and the cinema, in addition to the many other attractions found in the campsite. When the music ends in the main arena, it’s time to take the party back to campsite whether you want to run along to the fun fair or grab a burger or pie at the Healthy T area. Now the excitement is setting in. T in the Park is one of the most entertaining and fun-filled festivals in the UK, just make sure you are part of the 2014 event!

T in the Park Camping: Areas Of The Site

Filled with entertainment and attraction after attraction as well as practical facilities, the main arena has a mix of everything you could want in range of your T in the Park camping site. Where you will come across the glorified main stage, the main arena will have you begging for more over the weekend. With around 7 music stages onsite, your music needs will be fulfilled. From rock to pop, acoustic to jazz, T in the Park will cover all of your musical needs. With toilets scattered around for males and females, first aid tents for emergencies, recycling facilities and many ATM machines, T in the park is prepared for you.

After a thrill? The fun fair situated at the heart of the main site could be just the ticket, and it’s not far from your T in the Park camping area either. With the classic Ferris wheel, cop an eyeful of the festival in a way you never thought you would. Or maybe you’re after something that will get your pulse racing, the thrill rides at T will give you just what you’re looking for.

On a hot day there’s nothing better than having an ice cold beer in your hand, taking the first sip and relaxing on the fresh green grass or a picnic bench at your T in the Park camping site! With bars hiding in the main arena, it’s your job to hunt them down. Of course, you need to bring valid ID along with you because unfortunately if you do not look over 21, the bar staff will reject you. So, if a weekend of debauchery, craziness and non-stop fun was what you were after, that is exactly what you’re going to be getting at T in the Park.

With six areas to choose from, you won’t need to worry about the mass festival population fitting in. You will have your own elected T in the Park camping spot where your tent will be erected and will remain that way for the length of the festival. And don’t worry, you won’t be made to do your business in a bush, there are several toilets spread out across all camping sites.

If you’re the type of person you can’t stand getting a speck of mud on you, the showers based around the T in the Park camping sites will draw your attention and will have you up and out of your cosy sleeping bag at the crack of dawn. But what about food? Let’s put it this way, you won’t starve! From stalls to stands, you will come across delicacies you would find at home and foods you never thought you’d eat in your lifetime. If you want more information on all of the facilities at T in the Park, scroll beneath and read on.

T in the Park Camping: Facilities

Toilets - For men and women, you will come across the conventional festival toilets. With portaloos, long drops and urinals for both genders, that’s right, female urinals, there will be no need for you to resort to a bush. Checked and cleaned regularly by the T in the Park stewards, you can be sure that the loos will be kept to the highest standard. Coming with hand washing facilities there is no reason for you not to wash your hands, and with thousands of people using the same toilets, keeping your hands clean will become second nature!

Luxury Toilets - Where you can do your business in full privacy and business, even in the craziness of a festival, the T in the Park Refresh Pamper Stations are definitely worth a go. For a minor charge, you can have full use of the plush toilets and luxurious hand washing facilities. There are two Refresh Pamper stations; one in the campsite and one in the arena.

Showers -
Onto something a little more refreshing now, the showers. There’s nothing better than a warm shower first thing in the morning to get you started and ready to rock n roll. Certainly not the best showers in the world, no festival showers are heavenly, but a clean body will certainly make you feel better. Not everyone uses the showers and takes only the essential baby wipes and dry shampoo, if you like smelling fresh then these are the perfect solution. So bring your towel along with you and get sparkling clean. Oh and don’t forget your swimwear.

Luxury Showers - Part of the Refresh Pamper Stations, the showers are a world away from the other showers available throughout the site. Make your hair festival glamorous with the hair care items such as straighteners and dryers. You can get all this for a small charge only. The best part is, you can go back and visit it any time you like. There are two Refresh Pamper Stations; one in the campsite and one in the arena.

Water - Throughout the festival site, both the main arena and the campsite, you will come across fresh drinking water pumps that you can use any time of the day. After being tested, the water is 100% acceptable to drink. Simply keep your plastic water bottle and refill it whenever you like. The water is free and would be more economical for you.

Food - Smell the glorious food wafting under your nose and grab something delectable from one of the various stalls on the T in the Park site. Forget your normal burger van; T in the Park has gone all out to make sure your taste bud requirements have been filled. From classic Scottish dishes to posh nosh, dig into the food of your choice available at different prices. So come along and tuck into your favourite meals from around the world.

First Aid Tents - If you or one of your friends has an injury, stay calm and pop along to one of the many First Aid tents on site. Qualified to deal with most injuries, the staff at the First Aid tents will do everything in their power to get you back on the mend. Anyone with a wound should visit one of these tents immediately so someone can deal with it as soon as possible, rather than you living in pain all weekend.

Festival Line Up

It is true that you will see some of the biggest bands play in the T in the Park line up, but if you need a break from the loud music and ocean of heads, take a look around the site where you will enter a wonderland of entertainment. Just like a kid in a candy store, you won’t know where to start.

Set up in a vast area, it will take you the whole weekend to experience everything, well at least you won’t get bored. From a date at the cinema to thrill rides at the fairground, there’s no excuse for you to get bored at T this year thanks to such a packed T in the Park line up.

With a day set aside for fancy dress, put your thinking cap on and come up with the wackiest costume of all time. Let loose and give everything a go in this year’s T in the Park line up and stand out from the crowd. Get involved in all of the entertainment and don’t forget, this could be a once in a lifetime experience, make the most of it.

T in the Park Line Up: Who’s Playing?

As T in the Park is the biggest music event that happens in Scotland each year, you can expect to find a T in the Park line up that will make you squeal with excitement. With a mix of genres from rock to pop, alternative, electronic and much, much more, if you have an eclectic taste when it comes to music, there’s nothing you won’t enjoy at T in the Park.

Having had the likes of Muse, Eminem, Jay Z and The Big Pink to have graced the main music stage, your dream line up is what you will get from T in the Park line up in 2014. With eight stages, the Main Stage, Radio 1/NME Stage, King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent, Red Bull Bedroom Jam Futures Stage, Slam Tent, T Break Stage, BBC Introducing Stage and the Bacardi B-Live Stage, there’s certainly something to tickle your music fancy at T this year.

T in the Park Line Up: Confirmed Acts

Confirmed so far are: The Arctic Monkeys

T in the Park Line Up: What Else Is Happening?

As if the bill of acts wasn’t enough to keep you satisfied, you can experience some of the best entertainment you will come across at a festival within the T in the Park line up. With a day especially for fancy dress only and a cinema where you can catch some of your favourite films, T in the Park never fails to impress.

Whether you want a break from the crazy crowds or loud music, you can be sure that scattered around the festival site you will stumble upon attractions to keep you fulfilled. What’s more is that the entertainment  in the T in the Park line up during the day gets even better at night, with DJs playing sets in the bars, you can get your fix anytime over the weekend. So we have compiled a list of entertainment you can’t miss...

Cinema: Fancy a date at the movies? Well now you can thanks to the new and impressive cinema found in the campsite. For late night relaxation and entertainment, a film could be the answer for you. With a list of movies to choose from, vote for the ones you want to see at this year’s T in the Park. Last year the lucky revellers got to watch Hot Fuzz, School of Rock and Wayne’s World 2 so make sure you vote for the one you want, remember, every vote counts. Starting on Thursday at 5pm, the Cinema will carry on throughout the festival so it doesn’t matter what day you fancy going along to watch your movie of choice.

Fairground: Get a thrill from the many rides in the fairground situated in the main site. Complete with a Ferris Wheel so you can get the best view of the festival and a Log Flume so you can cool off in the heat of the sun, the fairground will have you feeling like a kid again. If you’re brave enough to handle it, the thrill rides will certainly give you the excitement you’ve been looking for. Leave your inhibitions at home and join in with the rest of the revellers at this year’s T in the Park. If you get queasy or you can’t stand big heights, it would be advised to watch your mates from below and watch as they get spun around or catapulted in the air. Make sure you come by and check out the almighty fairground at T in the Park this year.

Fancy Dress Friday: The only day over the weekend dedicated to dressing up and making a fool out of yourself, Fancy Dress Friday is the only excuse you need for dusting off your old Elvis Presley costume. Join in with everyone else and make sure you come up with the most original, amusing or iconic outfits of all time. Whether you and your mates go as a group or you all want to dress up as individual characters, setting a day for fancy dress has become something of a ritual at festivals in later years. Brightening the festival up and making your weekend worth it, dig out your favourite costume or come up with an idea of your own. Whatever you decide, just make sure you’re one of the many people dressed up at this year’s T in the Park.

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