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Passionate about music? Then youíll love our top 100 albums, which are regularly updated with the latest hit albums from some of the top names in the music industry. Each one is easily available for download through iTunes so in just a few clicks you could be downloading your new favourite album directly to your PC or Mac. Pop, rock, metal, hip hop, rap and countless other genres are all here and all ready for you to download via iTunes so start browsing and donít miss a single note!

Welcome to the Blue Bananaís music chart in association with iTunes, the only place to get the latest music, TV shows and apps. Our selection of downloadable content is sure to get your mouth watering, with huge rock anthems, big club bangers and awesome pop tunes all available for your delectation. No matter what genre you are into and no matter who your favourite artist is, our selection will cater for you. As soon as you find what you want, you can buy it directly from iTunes so that itís in your music collection. If you love the sound of this collaboration, you love Blue Banana and you love music, browse through our fantastic music library now.

Music Chart with iTunes and Blue Banana

While music makes up a massive part of the new Blue Banana collection, youíll also be able to access a whole host of other content that iTunes has to offer. From TV shows to films and apps to music videos, you can enter a world of fun when you browse the latest charts. Every day youíll be able to access a new selection of tracks from the biggest names in the business, plus see what everyone else is into. Once youíve downloaded something from iTunes you can just stick it on your iPod, phone or computer and listen away to your heartís content, all thanks to Blue Banana.

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Music has always been at the heart of what Blue Banana does, so this link up with iTunes is just a logical step forward. By offering a whole load of songs to our customers, weíre offering you a chance to combine what you love most: music and clothes. And you might ask why weíre doing this? Well, we know how hectic life can be now and you want to get all your things in one place. And because we love clothes and music and we want to help you out, we thought why not offer the two together? By teaming up with iTunes we can do that, and soon youíll be heading straight to Blue Banana when you want the latest rock anthem in your collection.