Polished Titanium 1.2mm Circular Barbell
Polished Titanium 1.2mm Circular Barbell

A jestrum piercing in the commonly used name for a vertical medusa, an unusual lip piercing that is growing in popularity. A variant on the vertical labret, this piercing is very much like a medusa but uses a curved barbell as body jewellery rather than a labret stud. The piercing is done vertically, with two holes exiting above and below the lip, allowing for both ends of the body jewellery to be visible. The placement of this lip piercing is very important as an off-centre jestrum piercing will make any natural asymmetry of the face even more prominent. There is less space on the top lip for a jestrum piercing than a vertical labret and there are similar dangers that body jewellery can lead to gum and tooth damage. If you notice any problems like this then youll need to speak to your piercer as the piercing could be misplaced or you may need to remove your jewellery.

Aftercare of a jestrum piercing can be challenging as you need to treat this body modification as both an oral and lip piercing. You also need to look after two separate holes, cleansing both with a saline solution twice a day (and were sure it goes without saying that you wash your hands first!). For the inside of the mouth, keep in mind that anything you eat or drink will come into contact with the piercing as it heals so its advised that you dont smoke, drink alcohol and avoid spicy foods until the initial healing is over. This will allow the piercing time to recover and will help your body modification heal much faster! As with all lip piercings, a jestrum may swell a great deal initially, so your piercer should give you a larger curved barbell initially to compensate. In some cases however, this jewellery may not be large enough and if you see that your body jewellery is sinking into your lip then go back to your piercer for advice. It also means that if, when the swelling goes down, this piercing becomes uncomfortable you can always return to your piercer and ask for smaller jewellery.

A less common piercing, a jestrum combines the instant appeal of lip piercings with the new variants of vertical piercings. If you want a medusa piercing and are looking to give it an extreme edge then you can find out whether your piercer is comfortable with vertical piercings as well. If youre willing to deal with all the issues lip piercings have and double it then this body modification is an excellent variant on a popular piercing.

Jestrum Piercing Tips
  • A jestrum consists of two piercings that thread one curved barbell above and below the lip. This is both a lip and oral piercing so cleanse the outside holes twice a day with saline solution and rinse out mouth with PH neutral mouthwash when needed.
  • Jewellery should allow for swelling, return to piercer if you jewellery seems to be sinking into your skin or disappears from sight.
  • This body modification can only be worn with a curved barbell
  • Relatively rare piercing so ensure that your piercer is comfortable and knowledgeable with it.

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