In season all the time, white skinny jeans are the perfect asset for any wardrobe.

Crisp white skinny jeans are one of the best things a person can wear, whether you’re hanging out with friends or heading for a night out.  A good pair of skinny white denim jeans can hug you in all the right places and provide a slimming look that is guaranteed to grab you plenty of attention.  To make sure the look works, you need to grab a pair of skinnies that are made to the highest standards, and here at Blue Banana we’ve got just the thing.  Found in our women’s skinny jeans range, they provide a clean look to any outfit and are perfect for a summery feel or to rock something different in winter.  Nothing goes better with white skinny jeans than a pair of biker boots or some classic high tops for that understated image.

Ever the staple of rockers, white skinny jeans are now fair game for everyone, from celebrities to the high street.  Seen in just about every shop window, including our own, skinny white denim is staging a mini revolution and urging us to say no to boring blue.  And we have to admit, there is something refreshing about a lighter pair of jeans.  And they are just as versatile as other skinny fit jeans, capable of being teamed with a t shirt and hoodie or something a bit classier for the evening.  But let’s not get carried away ladies; white skinnies look sexy on guys too, as you can find out in our men’s skinny jeans section.  Go for the stretch look and they can make a guy look lean, mean and ready to rock.  If this image is something you want, grab a pair of white skinny jeans now!

Now there are bound to be some of you thinking ‘white skinny jeans? No thanks’.  If that’s you, think again!  They are the height of fashion now and the image of Johnny Borrell (Razorlight front man and white jeans fanatic) squeezing into them is long gone.  Instead, Hollywood’s biggest stars and fashion’s brightest lights are the ones we idolise in a pair of skinny white denim jeans.  Some of them that have rocked the look include:
  • Lindsay Lohan – Copy Hollywood’s biggest party animal by going for the ripped look.  Adding a rough edge to white skinnies, they’re perfect for a rock image.
  • Megan Fox – An A-list fashionista, she sports a classic summer look.  White skinny jeans in their simplestform can’t be beaten.
  • Rihanna – Always on top form, she knows how to make white skinnies work for a night out.  Teamed with some killer heels and a bit of leather, she’s definitely one to follow.
  • Russell Brand – Bit of an odd one out but we didn’t want to leave the guys out.  Not afraid of rocking some white denim, he teams them with a simple tee to make it work.
Choosing the right pair of white skinny jeans from our range shouldn’t be difficult as we’ve got top quality brands that provide the very best.  Whether it’s Monkee Genes or our very own collection, there is guaranteed to be a pair of white skinny fit jeans that is right up your street.  Whether you’re looking for the stretch style or something that’s super skinny, we promise you can pull off the white image with no effort at all.  Sure to be in fashion for some time to come, and provide a look that is fresh, clean and guaranteed to get you noticed, white skinny jeans should be a wardrobe staple.
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