Filthy Gorgeous London Magnetic Nail Polish

Check out Filthy Gorgeous London magnetic nail polish if youíre looking for a style that will really set your nails apart. Filthy Gorgeous is a cosmetics company that focuses on nail varnish and beauty treatments for girls on the go and has been in business since 2009.

Give Your Nails That Rock N' Roll Look With Filthy Gorgeous London Magnetic Nail Polish

Set up by three friends who all have extensive experience in the beauty industry, this relatively new brand has created a range of 30+ nail varnishes, including their appealing magnetic nail polish. This metallic nail varnish creates unique effects thanks to the magnetised iron oxide pigments in the nail varnish itself and can be achieved in three easy steps:
  1. Apply a single coat of the vivid metallic nail varnish
  2. Use the magnet concealed in the nail polish top by holding it over the wet nail varnish for around 5 seconds. 
  3. Check out the amazing nail effects created by this Filthy Gorgeous London magnetic nail polish!
Available in three colours, Filthy Gorgeous London magnetic nail polish is a completely new range of nail varnish that offers a stylish colour and unique nail effects. No two versions will be exactly the same and this distinctive form of nail varnish has already been commended in top cosmetics and beauty magazines such as Look, Grazia and Reveal.

Filthy Gorgeous London nail polish has been making waves since they first brought out their own brand, with stars such as Jessie J enjoying their long lasting colour that stands out loud and proud. For stunning nail effects that embody the pure rock chick that girls and guys love, check out Filthy Gorgeous London magnetic nail polish. 

Try Out For Yourself A Stunning New Look With Filthy Gorgeous London!

Whilst Filthy Gorgeous London magnetic nail polish is not the only brand to take advantage of this new innovation in nail effects, itís undeniable that this professional quality brand gives some of the most striking effects. The magnet being concealed in the nail varnish lid also makes this choice of brand convenient so you wonít have to look around for a magnet before you can get this attractive nail effect.

Designed to appeal to a range of styles, you can give yourself a different design each time you experiment with this magnetic nail polish and combined with the famous Filthy Gorgeous London quality of colour, your nails will be turning heads all day and night. Add a Filthy Gorgeous London top coat to your magnetic nail polish to ensure the effects last for as long as possible. 

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Filthy Gorgeous London Magnetic Nail Polish

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