MMA Clothing

The collection of MMA clothing has been around for several years ever since the sport became known worldwide. Offering t shirts, shorts, personalised mouth guards and anything you can think of, MMA apparel is available almost anywhere you go.

Support Your Favourite Sport With Awesome MMA Clothing

Mixed martial arts is known as a full contact combat sport and has been around since the early 1900s where we can relate back to the old name ‘Pankration’. Brought to the United States in 1993, MMA has become one of the most popular martial arts sports existing. Made popular by UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), the largest promotion company across the globe, this sport is still becoming more popular day by day.

MMA clothing can be purchased almost anywhere you go including online, in stores and even at fights. Items of clothing that the fighters are advised to wear include:
  • Mouth Guard
  • Shorts
  • No Top (For Men)
  • Sports Bra (Women)
  • Groin Protectors (Men)
In professional competitions, the only MMA clothing that is allowed to be worn includes the list above. However, when coming into the ring you can show off whatever you like and with a wide range of MMA t shirts available, fighters like to show their sponsors off. Some of the most popular brands that stock this clothing includes Tapout, Sprawl, Silver Star, Hayabusa, TCB Fightwear, Jaco and many more.

If You Love One Of The Most Extreme Sports In The World Then Check Out MMA Clothing!

MMA apparel is not only worn by the professionals, but also the public can purchase their clothing. Whether they want to show their support for a favourite, or simply love the sport, then you can easily do this using MMA clothing. After getting its name ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ in 1995, much of the apparel features the iconic MMA logo which is recognised all across the globe.

Although MMA clothing and fighting is popular in several countries around the world, two of the most popular places are America and Japan. MMA fighting for women is not as big a deal as with men, however, there are several women fighters who are icons, and mainly originate from Japan. In a fight the time includes three rounds, each are five minutes long, this was established to avoid competitors building up their strength in a long time period whilst little action was taking place.

MMA apparel is worn by fans and professionals when entering the ring, usually they have sponsors if they are high in the championship and wearing their personalised MMA clothing means they can show off their sponsors.

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MMA Clothing

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