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Wearing Trivium t shirts is a well know known way for fans to get kitted up in some of the most metal Trivium clothing to ensure they're not only ready for their insane concerts, but also they can show off their love for this wicked band.

The heavy metal band formed in 1999 when some of the members were still attending school and they performed their music in local clubs, slowly building their career and fan base. Recording their first demo ‘Ember to Inferno` saw the band get signed by the Life Force record label and released their debut album later on in 2003. This album saw Trivium t shirts hit the shelves and got band members prepared for their first tour, which was alongside Machine Head.

Trivium T Shirts Are Still In The Ascendency After A Decade Of Music!

Releasing their second album ‘Ascendancy` in 2005 added further to the Trivium t shirts sales and got them selling fast. Everyone wanted a piece of this awesome band’s style and wanted to wear their tees for the numerous tours they were planning that year.

After extensive touring of their second album, and big breakthrough, the band began the recording of ‘The Crusade` which sold 32,000 copies in its first week alone. This was the start of a peak in the band's career and got Trivium clothing flying off the merch stalls and online music stores in an array of different countries.

Substituting three members throughout their career, the band now designs the Trivium t shirts, writes the music and performs the songs as:
  • Matt Heafy: Lead Vocals
  • Coney Beaullieu: Guitar
  • Paolo Gregoletto: Bass
  • Nick Augusto: Drums

Worship One Of The Biggest Bands In Modern Metal With Your Trivium T Shirts

Throughout their career, the band have produced five studio albums, 11 singles and 12 music videos. Their achievements have had a big impact on the sales of their Trivium music t shirts and their passionate fan base can't get enough of the group that have become one of the mist popular in modern heavy metal music.

Making their mark on the music industry, Trivium have recently released ‘In Waves`, which as expected sold amazingly well and once again got Trivium clothing selling in stores all over the world so that people everywhere could be ready for their next tour. With the band still really popular, there's never been a better time to get a Trivium tee.

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Trivium T Shirts