DC Shoes Bristol Shoes (Cobalt)
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Give your feet the support they deserve with a pair of DC trainers!

The collection of DC trainers has been provided for us by the American company since 1993 and every last range of DC footwear has been full of high quality shoes, giving them their reputation that people know about worldwide. Starting off as Droor Clothing, Ken Block and Damon Way sold their name and began their highly successful DC shoes that has now become a brand name known all over the globe. Complete with DC trainers that are predominantly made for extreme sportswear, you can always be certain that a pair of their shoes will be created with the comfort and support you need when indulging in action sports.

Becoming a subsidiary for Quicksilver in 2004 saw DC trainers bringing in a whole new range of customers and providing ranges for women, men and children. They stopped selling just DC footwear and began a long line of:
  • Snowboards
  • Snow Boots
  • Outerwear
  • Accessories
  • Apparel
The expansion in their company got more people interested in DC trainers and eventually the company became sponsors for snowboarders, BMX riders and skateboarders all over the world. Everyone became familiar with DC footwear and also relied on them for all of their extreme sports clothing, this is still happening now as everyone knows that when you buy from their store you will get a high quality purchase you can rely on. Their DC trainers are all manufactured with nifty features that will help to give your feet even more support and flexibility than normal footwear; the majority of their collection has padded tongues and collars along with vent eyelets for more air flow around your feet.

Launching their new range DC Life in 2010 saw their DC trainers becoming immensely popular as they were aimed at a wider audience with music, art and fashion inspired designs. Becoming a renowned action sports brand, DC have been able to produce an immense amount of DC footwear and apparel that has swept the globe and got them to become one of the best in practical and stylish footwear. Selling a completely reliable range of DC trainers, this company have expanded their business over the last 18 years and become an effortless brand that will always have unforgettable ranges that bring the best in comfort, practicality and style.
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