Staind T Shirts

All of the Staind t shirts have a unique design that promotes alternative albums, signings and concerts for the band. Their rock image gives fans a look just like Staind and gives the band the publicity that makes them world known today. 

Together for 16 years, the band formed in 1995 doing cover songs in small-time clubs for one and a half years, until they finally put out their first CD recordings. After making their big breakthrough with their debut album, fans began to want more than just their music, and soon official band t shirts deigned by the group followed.

Band Tees Designed By Staind, Just For The Fans

After working together for so long, Staind t shirts have always been designed from ideas that band have put together, making concepts for new tee designs easier. Unlike some other bands, Staind have always worked in the same group creating a more relaxed atmosphere with:
  • Aaron Lewis: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Mike Mushok: Lead Guitar
  • Johnny April: Bass
  • Jon Wysock: Drums
When they self-released their first album ‘Tormented` in 1996 it only sold a disappointing 4 thousand copies, but not long after, they performed a concert alongside nu metal group Limp Bizkit which got Staind t shirts on the shelves and the band recognised in the public eye.

Their second album ‘Dysfunction’ was on a major label with Flip Records. It had a slow road to success but eventually hit No 1 on the Billboard top 200 six months later after its release. As soon as they hit the top of the charts their official t shirts flew off the merch stalls and everyone wanted to support this American rock band.

Support This Hugely Popular Band With Staind T Shirts!

They developed their style and began promoting albums with new tours and started selling Staind t shirts at their events and in shops all over the country. This turn in their career widened their fan base and got their third album ‘Break The Cycle` at No 1 selling, 7 million worldwide and 712 thousand in only the first week.

Carrying on with new tours and releases, Staind t shirts were selling immensely fast and fans were going crazy for their rock music & insane style, and after their promotion on Fuse TVs 7th Annual Drop, Staind were at the centre of the media eye. Bringing new collections of official t shirts to the shelves for the release of their sixth album ‘The Illusion Progress`, Staind were on top and with their 200 signed CDs promotion going on, there was no doubting they were making their mark on music history.

Completing their seventh album for the end of this year, there is sure to be a new range of Staind t shirts following, so all fans of the American band can get their Staind fix soon enough.

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Staind T Shirts

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