Disturbia T Shirts

The huge collection of Disturbia t shirts is perhaps one of the most loved in the alternative clothing industry. Made by the renowned Disturbia clothing company, they are bright, colourful and great to wear. Tees are the main focus of this business, founded in England in 2003, but there is also a wide range of other apparel to suit your needs. 

When the company was first formed, the message on their designs was a lot more political, however, in the past 8 years the business has been running this has changed slightly and doesn't focus on politics, war or other such influences as much. All Disturbia t shirts are designed by leading tattoo artists and silk screen printed by hand so you can be sure there will be no top the same available anywhere else.

Frank Major, the owner, used to design most Disturbia t shirts himself when the business first started. Over the years the brand has evolved and Disturbia is partnered with some of the best freelance artists such as Godmachine and Drew Millward. As well as their huge success with all of their tees they have also attended the Bread and Butter tradeshow in Berlin, one of the largest street wear trade shows in the world.

Since starting up in 2003 Disturbia's tees quickly became a favourite wardrobe item for rock musicians like Slash, and even went on to produce three very exclusive Disturbia t shirts for the electronic band The Prodigy which sold out in just a few days!

There are over 45 designs in the Disturbia t shirts range which are made to the best quality and certainly unique. With the immense range of tees on offer you can expect to find graphic t shirts for all occasions, whether you are going for a few drinks with your friends or a day out with your family.

With one of these on you can expect to have heads turning and you'll finally be getting that attention you deserve. Disturbia t shirts include designs such as:
  • Travis Bickle
  • Death Valley
  • Wipe Out
  • Burn Out
  • Wounded Knee
  • Zoltar
If you 're looking for a Disturbia t shirt that is full of great colours and will make you stand out, then you're sure to find a style for you. With Disturbia's designs coming from some of the best freelance artists in the UK there is no surprise their t shirts keep going from strength to strength.

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Disturbia T Shirts