Disturbia Vests

A selection of Disturbia vests is just one of the great ranges produced by this English contemporary graphic clothing company. Founded by Frank Major, their main focus has always been t shirts but they also produce a range of other clothing and accessories.

Get Some Casual Vests With A Difference From Disturbia!

One of their other main lines is their vests, quite similar just with no sleeves so you can show off your tattoos or muscles! Disturbia vests tend to feature designs from their t shirts such as:
  • Death Valley
  • Travis Bickle 
  • Wipe Out 
  • Kalma
  • Voodoo Chile
The Disturbia vests made by this clothing company are all made with 100% cotton to ensure the best quality and comfort. Although the vests are made out of high quality material and designed by some of the best freelance artists in the UK, the prices are kept low to ensure that everyone can purchase one.

One of these items is essential for the summer this year, perfect for wearing to the beach or the pool. To be sure that they are pleasing all of their customers, new Disturbia vests are designed and manufactured as much as possible.

The ranges of Disturbia vests sold are for both men and women, and many designs are exactly the same for both. A large number of the vests are black with the designs printed on top, however, there are a few which are grey or white to keep you cooler during the summer months.

Stunning Graphic Printed Vests Fit For A Rockstar To Wear!

Clothing that is made by Disturbia has been worn by many musicians and bands such as Slash and The Prodigy, who made three exclusive t shirts with the brand which sold out in just a couple of days. With this kind of pedigree, it's not hard to see why Disturbia vests and apparel are so popular.

With a new collection of Disturbia vests just being launched and welcomed enthusiastically by fashion icons and musicians alike, their main aim was to keep the quality but the prices affordable. With more and more success each year, they produce some of the most advanced and visually pleasing vests in the UK. 

With 8 years of valuable experience in the clothing industry they certainly know what their customers want and keep designing new Disturbia vests products all the time.

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Disturbia Vests