Famous Stars and Straps Shoes

The FMS shoes line is an offshoot of the Famous Stars and Straps clothing brand, producing footwear under the company's logo. After being in the clothing industry for more than 12 years FSAS are good at knowing what people like.

Fresh Urban Shoes With An Alternative Edge From Famous Stars & Straps

FSAS update their clothing, accessories and footwear collection every season so there is no need to worry about keeping up with the fashion with this brand.

FMS shoes come in a range of styles including:
  • AMP Low Top - The Amp low top shoe category consists of several pairs of FMS trainers, all with reflective synthetic upper, custom cup outsole construction, soft and breathable material and two extra pairs of laces provided.
  • AMP High Top - The FMS Amp high top shoes are beautifully created with elastic tongue straps, which are to provide maximum comfort, and durable soles for a long lasting product.
  • OG High Top - All of the OG high top shoes feature a neoprene-lined toe box which will add more comfort, custom packaging and box and a full length Eva insole.
  • OG Low Top - All of the FSAS shoes coming from the OG low top range feature full length Eva midsole's for maximum comfort, free key ring with the shoes and a custom FMS logo on the inside of the tongue.
  • Future High Top - Future high top trainers include features such as vulcanised outsole a padded tongue and collar for max comfort, custom FMS limited label inside tongue and extra laces to supply new looks without new shoes.
Not only have FMS shoes been worn by thousands of fans worldwide, they have also been spotted on celebrities such as Young Money, Alex Q and Javier Nunez. The shoes designed and created by Famous Stars and Straps are made to the highest quality possible using an excellent range of materials, however, the prices of the shoes are still kept low so that everyone in society can purchase a pair.

Get Some Shoes With Attitude From Famous Stars & Straps & Etnies

With most of the FMS shoes on offer the customer will receive one or more new sets of shoe laces to provide new looks. This range produced by Famous Stars and Straps will have heads turning and get you that attention you deserve.

The FMS shoes are both formal and casual so you can wear them anywhere, whether you are going for a family day out or a night out with your mates.   If you are looking for the most fashionable, highest quality footwear this season, then FMS shoes have something for you.
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Famous Stars and Straps Shoes