Cuticle Removers

Tidying, loosening or removing cuticles can be a bit of a chore but with cuticle remover tools itís made that bit better. When youíre tending to your cuticles youíll want to try to avoid using inappropriate tools or even worse, yanking and pulling at your cuticle skin. With just a few simple purchases you can apply professional nail care to your daily routine using luxury but affordable cuticle tools.

Tools for removing cuticles can consist of cuticle clippers & nippers, cuticle scissors or sharp cuticle knives. Every item in Blue Bananaís cuticle care tools range has been vigorously tested within professional nail care environments, be it by salons or stay at home nail technicians.

Performance, durability and aesthetic appeal is massively important for busy nail art technicians, meaning adopting and using nail and cuticle tools in your daily routine will undoubtedly improve the appearance of your cuticles, nails, fingers and hands!

Cuticle Remover Tools Will Have You Shaping And Cutting With Ease

Cuticle cutting tools have been specifically designed to ensure pin point accuracy and minimise the chance of any cuticle removal issues. Many of the cuticle tools come complete with an anti-slipping design to help you keep an all important steady hand. Beauty tools like the metal cuticle knife can include a double-ended function with a pusher at one end and a cuticle knife blade at the other.

Clippers and nippers require strong yet flexible attributes helping you to manage clean clips, the same goes with cuticle scissors which are used for precision cutting.

Once you understand how caring for your cuticles can affect the growth and health of your nails youíll more than likely want to try to accommodate a few quick minutes of cuticle care into your daily routine. Knowing that you have all the cuticle remover tools available it makes caring for your cuticles a lot more efficient and a therapeutic experience. Itís not just your nails that require TLC! Cuticle skin acts as an important guard for our nails to flourish.

Caring For Cuticles Is Essential For Healthy Nails So Why Not Bag Some Cuticle Remover Tools To Do The Job?

  • High Quality Removers Ideal For Both Home & Professional Use
  • Scissors, Nippers & Blades Available For Cuticle Trimming
  • An Essential Tool In Any Nail Technician's Arsenal
Blue Banana not only sell cuticle care tools to help improve the health and longevity of your nails, but we also stock beauty products such as nail polish, nail glitter and nail art designs which allow you to decorate after youíve completed your important nail maintenance.

From All That Jazz cuticle balms and oils to nail glitters bursting with sparkling colours, come and get involved in our health and beauty product range, you won't look back unless of course it's into a mirror!

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Cuticle Removers

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