Metal Cuticle Pushers

Bring luxury and quality to your nail care routine using a metal cuticle pusher. It isnít only professional nail art technicians or beauty therapists that can apply nail care tools to their surroundings. If youíre looking down at your nails and cuticles, thinking that they could do with some TLC, then some cuticle care tools are just what you need, including a brand new cuticle pusher.

Cuticle pushers enable you to push back the overlapping cuticle skin that seems to grow from the bottom of the nail plate and into the middle of your nails. Pushing tools for cuticles force back the skin to relieve tension as well as help the appearance of your nails.

We all need cuticles to influence our nail growth but sometimes cuticle care can go unchecked and itís often overlooked compared to nail art decoration or nail shaping. Cuticles are equally as important as nails, caring for cuticles will also affect the way that you nails grow, perform and look.

Push Back That Overlapping Cuticle Skin Using A Metal Cuticle Pusher

It doesnít take an experienced nail technician to use cuticle pushers because theyíre one of the easiest nail care tools to use. Metal or steel cuticle pushers are the perfect choice for tough and hard cuticles. A metal cuticle pusher offers extra durability and strength for when you go to combat your wayward cuticles and metal pushers also have a gleaming professional finish for extra style and aesthetic appeal.

Many metal pushers use a double-end construction, hosting a rounded cuticle pusher on one end and a sharp tip pusher on the other. There are tips to make cuticle pushing that bit easier no matter what design youíre using Ė you can either submerge your fingers in a small bowl of warm water to soften the skin or apply cuticle oils, balms or removers to eradicate that crusty hardened cuticle skin.

Push For A Healthier Set Of Nails Using Professional Metal Cuticle Pushers

  • High Quality Metal Cuticle Pushers
  • Ideal Tool For Keeping Good Care Of Healthy Nails
  • Prepares The Nails For Fabulous Manicures
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Sometimes itís the little adjustments that make the biggest difference.

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Metal Cuticle Pushers

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