Green Lantern Hoodies

Wearing DC Comics clothing is a great way to show your support to iconic superheroes, new into the DC Comics range comes some cool Green Lantern hoodies. Green Lantern is a superhero that perhaps gets overlooked, and being compared against Batman and Superman there is no wonder why. Having said this, Green Lantern has a very loyal fan base, all of which would love to rock Green Lantern designed hoodies.

Green Lantern uses his powerful ring to transform his ideas into green energy using the strength of his willpower. Heís a protector of peace, justice and unity, being a firm member of the Green Lantern Corps. This superhero group are there to retain the order of the intergalactic realms and now is your chance to join them on their journey with some wicked Green Lantern clothing.

Green Lantern Hoodies Will Have You Gleaming Like An Emerald

Itís a hard task to keep the intergalactic worlds in order, especially when youíre feeling chilly. Youíre trying all your might to work your powerful green ring but your fingers are numb and you just donít have the dexterity. To aid you on your journey through space, and to keep you toasty and warm, just chuck on your Green Lantern hoodies and your superhero powers are sure to be restored.

Zipping yourself up with some Green Lantern tops can have you flaunting your favourite superhero. Youíre sure to stand out from the crowd wearing Green Lantern gear. Because Green Lantern isnít Batman or Superman your beaming green light will sting the eyes of any doubters.
  • Official DC Comics Merchandise Green Lantern Hoodies
  • Iconic Design Perfect For Passionate Superhero Fans
  • A Great Gift Ideal For Those That Appreciate The Overlooked Hero

Show Love To Your Favourite Ringed Hero With Green Lantern Hoodies

This is the perfect opportunity for you to kill two birds with one stone. The cold months deliver unsavoury weather, weather that ceases your crime fighting chores. But not to worry, you can now wrap up warm with some Green Lantern hooded tops whilst also declaring your admiration for the special green hero.

You can show your biggest enemies that you truly mean business and that even the coldest of winds won't put you off your heroic routine. DC Comics hoodies are always made with the most comfortable and durable materials. Just like the superheroes do, the hoodies will serve you well and stand the test of time. They'll keep you looking strong, cool and extremely powerful.

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Green Lantern Hoodies

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