Converse Padded Collar

Youíve more than likely heard of Converse All Stars boots or the low-cut Ox trainers but as for the Converse Padded Collar ranges, it may have slipped under your radar. A padded collar offers further protection, cushion and sponginess. It also gives Converse shoes added structure, attitude and style.

For years people have been rocking the traditional Converse models such as basketball players, Nirvanaís front man Kurt Cobain and US rapper The Game have all donned a pair of classic converse shoes. However, the padded collar brings a whole new complexion to Converse styles. It displays a chunkier charm compared to the relatively streamline and lightweight original.

The Converse Padded Collar Is Bigger Than Ever

Off the back of many years of success, first within sport and then popular culture, Converse shoes have always tried to keep up with the latest trends. The demands from such a fashionable and image conscious society have helped Converse evolve their brand into a much more fashion savvy outlet. Converse now produce shoes in a vast array of colours, sizes and styles. One of the newest and most successful styles is the Converse Padded Collar.

A padded collar is often associated with skateboarding. It aids the skaterís movement with reinforced protection, touch and support. Converse have taken this style and adapted it to their own shoes, the padded collar can be commonly found within their mid-top and hi-top selections. The brand new collars give a broad and authoritative spin on the classics and seem to be embraced by people across the globe. More and more Converse shoes are now being created with extra wadding and buffer.
  • Classic Converse Style Footwear With Additional Padded Tongues
  • Unique Designs Ideal For Casual Wear On All Occasions
  • Great Variety Of Colourful Styles To Suit All Tastes & Moods

Why Pick A Converse Padded Collar?

A padded collar has the ability to hug your feet and ankle, surrounding them with a buoyant yet strong padded protection. This is not only great for active people or when you awkwardly step off a curb but it also provides added style and coolness to everyday wearing. Itís a Converse design thatís been amplified and elaborated for both comfort and character.

Often you donít know whether a shoe is good enough until you try it on. If you were blindfolded and asked to try on a pair of padded collar Converse shoes you will have nothing but praise for its feeling and ultra comforting touch. When the blindfold is removed and you look down to your brand new trainers, and you see the famous Converse emblem, youíll again have nothing but praise.

Converse shoes have long been dedicating time and effort in producing top quality footwear. As well the shoes mechanics theyíve always kept one creative eye on the latest styles, bringing out fresh designs for the masses to embrace - this special sentiment doesnít seem to be stopping with padded collar Converse models. If anything it just makes Converse even prouder.

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Converse Padded Collar

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