DC Jeans

A pair of skinny jeans is an essential part of any fashionable person's outfit these days, so why not add a high quality pair to your wardrobe with DC Jeans? From the famous skateboarding company DC, these jeans are premium quality and designed to look both stylish and endure an active lifestyle.

Available in a choice of popular colours, our DC Jeans are some of the best skinnies we have in our extensive collection. When you wear a pair of these beauties you know you’re guaranteed quality and you can be confident you’re going to look awesome.

Whatever Your Scene, Wear DC Jeans

Our DC Jeans are not only top of the range in Blue Banana’s collection of awesome skinnies, but their casual style means they’re suitable for any kind of outfit or look. Whether you’re a punk, skater, into the indie scene or just an avid follower of fashion, you can’t go wrong with a pair of DC Jeans.

The DC Jeans we have available come in the two most popular shades, both black and indigo blue, so you won’t be without a fashionable pair. Seeing as they’re made by DC Shoes, a company famous for building high quality skate clothes and shoes that are built to withstand damage and last for years, you can be sure these skinny jeans will be there for you in the long term too.

Complete Your Desired Style With DC Jeans

  • High Quality Skinny Jeans
  • Black And Blue Colours Available
  • Perfect For Any Scene Or Desired Look
DC Jeans are not just high quality, affordable and stylish - they can complete any kind of alternative or casual look outfit. The beauty of skinnies is that they’re highly flexible and can be worn with all kinds of different items of clothing. They go perfectly with shirts, dresses, tops, hoodies and also many kinds of footwear from fabulous high heels to awesome trainers.

At Blue Banana we have the perfect selection of other clothing and footwear to match that new pair of jeans. You could try taking a look at our amazing selection of Tops and T Shirts, huge range of hoodies and even finish your look with flair in classic Converse shoes.

The possibilities are endless, but all gorgeous outfits start with a pair of skinny jeans, so why not make them a pair of DCs?

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DC Jeans

DC Shoes Rebound High LE Boots (Brown)
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