Etnies Jameson

From the famous skate shoe company, the Etnies Jameson is one of the more colourful and fashionable models from the brand. These shoes are not only just for the hardcore skaters, but anyone with a sense of style and taste in great footwear.

The Etnies Jameson is one of the most popular shoes from the skateboarding shoe company and itís not hard to see why. With a low-top, good durability, a large variety of colourful and creative designs and optimal design for both comfort and fashion, its reputation is deserved. Suitable for wear with many outfits and for different purposes, theyíre stylish and flexible.

Stand Out In The Etnies Jameson

The Etnies Jameson will not only comfort your feet in whatever situation you may find yourself in, but also make you stand out from everyone else with its broad range of styles and colours. Available colours range from bright red and aqua blue, to the less attention grabbing but no less appealing, black and green. The more adventurous of shoe connoisseurs can also indulge in a pair with a leopard print interior or multi-coloured exterior.

The Jamesonís distinct look gives it an edge over other skate shoes, being not only practical and durable, but also fashionable. It can be the perfect finish to many outfits worn with skinny jeans and chinos, not just for skating, but for gigs, casual wear and social events. You donít have to be a skater boy to enjoy the charm of the Jameson.

Etnies Jamesonís Are Eco Friendly Too

  • Durable And Stylish Skate Shoes
  • Great For Casual Wear
  • Looks Great With Skinny Jeans
The Jameson also has the benefit of being a part of a special eco-friendly scheme with its alternative model, the Jameson 2 Eco. The Eco design is part of Etniesí "Buy a Shoe, Plant A Tree" campaign and Blue Banana has these very special shoes in stock. With every purchase of these shoes Etnies plans to replant a tree in an attempt to improve reforestation. The shoes are also made from recycled materials so you can wear a pair of Jameson Ecoís whilst feeling good about yourself and the world.

The Etnies Jameson is not only a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes, with a great variety of styles to suit everyone, but a green choice. You can feel good whilst looking good, knowing you have a great pair of shoes that donít ruin the earth. The Jamesonís are essential footwear for any fashion and ecologically conscious skater or consumer.

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Etnies Jameson