Inked Clothing

You may already have some neat artwork done on your body but you can now improve your designs with some sweet inked clothing. There’s plenty of tattoo inspired designs for you to wear with pride whether its cool tattooed symbols, skulls or fantasy characters, you can now gain the complete inked look with some masterful clothing.

If you’re like so many people and have become addicted to getting tattooed then why not marry your desire for body art with some fresh new threads, give your body a rest with some creative inked clothing.

Inked Designs On Quality Clothing

There are brilliant designs to be discovered and just like tattoos they’re unique to their style. From pensive, moody and atmospheric artwork to a more brash, colourful and vibrant tattoo design. Staying true to the tattoo, the designs and graphics are beautifully reminiscent of the real deal.

Many of the t shirts provide amazing shading, illustrations and characters that wouldn’t look lost on the arm of a devoted inker. It really doesn’t have to be on your body for you to make a big artistry statement. There’s some iconic inked clothing to be found out there.

From cult classics such as the Mario cartoon to t shirts demonstrating a darker side - with skulls, horns and skeletons, inked clothing is a fab way to display extra love for tattoo art. There is something about the graphics used on the t shirts and vests that truly encapsulates the tattooed look. You can imagine someone making a passing comment "that looks like a tattoo.”

Clothing That’s Had The Inked Treatment
  • A Massive Range Of Inked Clothing With Tattoo Art Inspired Prints
  • Big Name Brands Such As Affliction, Sullen & Spiral Direct
  • Perfect For Anyone That Appreciates Tattoo Art Or Has Alternative Style
Credit the authenticity and accuracy of the inked clothing artwork. Many of the Gothic style designs stick to their sombre origins displaying a real melancholy and despondent feel; it’s a well received look on the skin so why not incorporate this into your clothing. A lot of the inked clothing can be worn with a variety of clothes - from skinny jeans or shorts, to a smarter style underneath a blazer or swish jacket.

You don’t have to be a tattoo hungry soul to wear a selection of inked clothes, as mentioned before, the designs can be utterly mesmerising and can be just the answer to your dull wardrobe woes. Not all of the styles are dedicated to an avid inker but many of the designs resemble the finest artwork found in the most professional of tattoo parlours.

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Inked Clothing

Affliction Malibu Canyon T Shirt (Brown)