Manic Panic Amplified Hair Bleach Flash Lighting Kit
Manic Panic Amplified Hair Bleach Flash Lighting Kit
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avoid chemicals that effect your hair & scalp with ppd free hair dye

One the biggest struggles if you react badly to chemicals is finding PPD free hair dye, but it is possible to combine a great colouring experience with natural products which do not include PPDs.

Although itís true that many of the brands on the market today, the Manic Panic range of hair dyes are certified as PPD free, meaning you can colour away to your heartís content!

Perform A Patch Test With PPD Free Hair Dye

Even though the Manic Panic range is all PPD free hair dye, the best way to test that you are not allergic to the colouring product is to perform a patch test, which is a very simple way to prevent discomfort later on.

Grab your PPD free hair dye and select a small area to test, ideally behind the ear. Wash the area and dry thoroughly before covering it with a thin coat of the dye. Allow this to dry and leave it for 24 hours, at which point you should examine the area for any irritation. Obviously, if there are any signs of problems then the dye should not be used to colour the hair.
  • Prevent Allergic Reactions With PPD Free Hair Dye
  • A Great Range Of PPD Free Hair Dyes From Brands Such As Manic Panic
  • No Reduction In Vibrant Colour & Long Lasting Effect

Be Confident That PPD Free Hair Dye Can Do The Job

Even though itís lacking a certain chemical, the PPD free hair dye from Manic Panic is most definitely ready to do the job, no matter how bright you want your hair to look! From Electric Lizard green to the neon Electric Banana, there is no colour that you canít achieve using the brilliant Amplified and Classic ranges.

There are even certain PPD free hair dye shades which react to UV light or glow under black light. The wonderful chemical free hair dye is semi permanent and relies on natural vegan colouring which sits on the hair strands, rather than penetrating deep inside.