Crazy Colour Semi-Permanent Hair Dye 100ml (Bubblegum Blue)

change your hair colour easily by choosing from a great range of top hair dye brands

Want to change your hair colour to something vibrant and eccentric? Or do you fancy dyeing it a natural tone? Either way, there is a whole spectrum of colours available out there from brands such as Stargazer and even Manic Panic.

There's a huge range of quality hair dyes from brand names you can trust, each providing unique shades that will either enhance your natural hair colour or make it look truly extravagant and out of this world.

Want To Know How To Change Your Hair Colour?

If itís time to change hair colour to something more eye catching and attention grabbing, then donít be afraid to do it in the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of kits available to change your full head of hair easily. For both men and women, hair dye can be used to create a new look or it can cover greys so you keep your natural colour. If itís your first time dying we suggest you go for a recognised brand.

When youíre prepared to change hair colour and youíve got the bottle at the ready, be sure to have read the instructions and information provided thoroughly. If youíve gone through this process before then youíll know exactly what to do and may even have picked up a technique along the way.

If youíre a beginner, it might be best to get a friend or parent to help, unless youíre feeling brave and want to go solo! Another important thing to take into consideration is whether you want a semi-permanent or a permanent colour.

Deciding On The Right Shade Before You Change Your Hair Colour

  • Change Your Hair Colour To Something Bright, Dark Or Extraordinary
  • Choose From A Great Range Of Quality Hair Dye Brands
  • Feel The Benefits Of A Whole New You!
Before you actually change hair colour you need to do your research and find out whether a temporary or permanent colour is best. Depending on how long you want the dye to last, there are also wash out options available if you want to change your hair for just one night or a couple of days.

Itís not just the length of time youíve got to think of either, now you need to find out which colour would suit you, which is why you should head online to find a makeover tool. Once youíve chosen your dye, follow the instructions and change your hair to something truly unique and stylish!

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